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Updated July 7, 2012 - adds Cher's Special Prayer

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes (2), Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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It will take me some time to review and edit the raw video footage from and write the stories about our amazing U.S. mainland healing pilgrimage. So rather that have you wait for a complete "movie," I will start posting the "trailers" about each ceremony.  And not necessarily in any particular order. So we will continue our video journey with the two Phoenix area healing ceremonies - on Camelback and McDowell Mountains.

Sedona Mission Statement

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Sedona: In Concert with Ambient and Sentient Beings

SEDONA, Arizona, June 13 - Wednesday, June 13, was the longest day of our U.S. Mainland Healing Journey.  We started it early and finished late.  Our two-hour drive from Phoenix to Sedona was very enjoyable.  The I-17 connected two of my favorite places in my home state of Arizona. I had not been back since moving to Maui in March of 2009.  And Elizabeth and I had not been back to Sedona together since October of 2008. So we had many happy memories to share during our drive.

Our Sedona "hostess," my dear friend Cher Lyn, showered me with wonderful shamanic gifts when we all met at a coffee shop near the sacred place where we were planning to do this morning's ceremony. You will notice me wearing some of them later on in the video you are about to see.

Elizabeth was the "official photographer." She did an outstanding job of filming a very moving ceremony.  At one point or another, everyone shed a tear during it. The 13-min film you're about to see has been edited down from 34 different video clips she had made! They totaled more than 45 mins in total. Our ceremony took over an hour.

As you will see, we were joined in our ceremony by all sorts of sentient beings, including butterflies, hummingbirds... Even a chorus of Cicadas piped in as if on cue during the releasing part of the ceremony and at a couple of other poignant moments.  Of course, all our fellow-Stewards of the Earth were also present in sacred space with the five of us.

And so without further ado, here's...

Sedona Healing Ceremony by Stewards of the Earth (June 13)


And now, here are some still shots from our brief visit to Sedona...

Sedona Photo Album

I said to the four SOEs who participated "live" in Sedona: "It has been an honor and a privilege to do this with you."  And I also want to thank the rest of our family of SOEs who joined us in sacred space that day during this amazing healing experience.

Cher's Special Prayer

HAIKU, Maui, July 7 - Interesting how things sometimes happen that seem strange at first. Yet when we eventually see the full story, we begin to understand the reasons our guides and teachers arranged it so.  Here's a case in point...

One of the most moving moments of our entire U.S. Mainland Healing Journey took place in Sedona on June 13.  About midway through our ceremony, I had just finished playing the Blue Star Concerto to activate the seeds of the Tree of Life, the rock painting that my friend, the Sedona-based artist Cher Lyn had painted.  When I was finished, I asked if anyone else wanted to speak. When nobody volunteered, I turned to Cher and said: "Cher, do you with to say something to the Spirits?"

"Yes, thank you," she replied. "I am just wiping my tears." 

She then proceeded to do one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. I did not understand a word of it as it was in a Native American language. But my heart did. And it brought tears to my eyes.

Sadly, when I edited the video clips from Sedona during the making of the Sedona Healing Ceremony film, I could find that segment of the ceremony. There was only a short clip of the very end of Cher's special prayer in which she says "Amen" and gives thanks. I included that portion, of course, in the film. But I was saddened that the full version of her beautiful prayer was not recorded. It was a consolation of sorts, of course, to know that the Spirit did receive it as did all of us who were present there in person.  I also recalled how Youtube messed up my first upload of that film, cutting it off after just 2 minutes (it was actually a 13 min film). So there were obviously some strange things going on with those Sedona videos.

Well, this morning I got an email from Cher asking me if there was a reason her prayer was not included in our Sedona ceremony film. I explained to her what I have just shared with you above.  I felt bad about it but could not use something I didn't have. Then something made me go back to the original camera files (not the clips the iMovie software used). And lo and behold... there they were.  Three short clips waiting to be (re)discovered like treasured family jewels that had been lost and then miraculously recovered.  

That's when I also realized that there was a reason I did not see them the first time: They were meant to stand by themselves. And so now with this as a preamble, here is...

Cher Lyn's Special Prayer in Sedona (June 13)


After I had posted this video, I asked Cher to explain its meaning to me.  Here's what she said:

Hi Bob, thanks for your seeking. Its not feeling necessary for me anyway for you to make a sole focus on my prayer, and I thank you for asking about the meaning, it's very special to me. 

Mahai'a is a Northern Cheyene word meaning Sprit-Helper. Sol/sole' the Sun, and Le Mu is for calling in the Mother Mu, Lemuria.  

The prayer song was a gift that came to me from Mt. Shasta, while on vision quest last summer over the Solstice.  I am told to sing in honor and gratitude, when calling in Spirit helpers. So far it is the second prayer song ever gifted to me from Spirit. 

Many blessings Om Mahai'a... love Cher

To which I replied:

My dear Cher, you may not have felt it was necessary to make a sole focus on your prayer, but the Spirit evidently thought otherwise. Wasn't it marvelous how all the pieces fell together into perfection? I was actually thinking about you saying that - that everything is happening in perfection as you did last summer when you were on your quest for a new home.

Thank you for your explanation about the prayer's origin. That's fascinating that it was gifted to you by Apu Shasta (mountain spirit of Mt Shasta). It makes it all the more special. No wonder I also felt it so deeply while you were doing your chant.



And that's all she wrote for now from our Sedona Healing Ceremony.

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