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Updated June 7, 2012, adds car rental number #11

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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Great Lakes Mission Statement


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Milwaukee: Water Healing Ceremony

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin, June 7 - As if we needed more convincing, our Spirit guides showed us today once again who is in charge of driving our boat. Not Elizabeth and I, that's for sure.  We thought this would be a nice a leisurely day to sleep off our jet lag and get ready for a Great Lakes Water Healing Ceremony tomorrow morning, June 8.  Huh!  Sleep? We did not get around to that till late afternoon.  As for the ceremony. The Spirit had a different idea about the time and the place. They wanted it here and now. And so we obliged...

When we walked up to our rental car at the Chicago O'Hare airport at 5:47AM this morning, I had a hunch this would be another special day.  I just didn't know in which way. Our car was waiting for us in parking spot #11 !!! (for those of you not familiar with it, #11 is the Masters' number. And it has been the most significant number throughout my life - see Masters #11 in Altzar's life). Guess that was a way my Masters guides and teachers were let me know they were with us on this trip.

We arrived in Milwaukee early this morning after an easy drive from Chicago's O'Hare airport on a beautiful cloud-free morning.  The Solaris sun was rising in the east over Lake Michigan. The Moon had not yet set in the west.  We felt as if we were entering Milwaukee through a celestial portal.

Since neither of us has ever been to Milwaukee before, we let the car decide where to go.  We just pointed it toward the lake. We parked at Veterans Park and went for a walk. It was a little after 7AM. The city was just starting to wake up. We took a long walk through a beautiful park which felt great after 12 hours of flying and airports.  The temperature was 62F, but the air was quite warm in the sun. And then we stopped for a moment to take in this breathtakingly beautiful scene.

I told Elizabeth I would take a shot of it and with her in it so she could do a painting like this eventually. The left two shots every everything already in them - even the frame. The right one could be captioned "Morning Serenity."

As we approached the lake and the Milwaukee marina, the local sentient being started to show up and welcome us to their home. First, the squirrels. Then the swans. Then the ducks...(eventually, the fish also joined them, but you'll have to wait for that part of the story a little while longer).  So the land, air and water Elementals all seem to know we would be coming and prepared a wonderful welcome for us. (Which means, of course, the Spirit arranged it so).

And then just as we were getting tired enough to need a break, this quaint coffee roasting shop showed up, housed in a lovely 1888-era building.  The coffee was delicious.  The break was welcome.

Divine Guidance to Water Healing Ceremonial Site, Time

After a long walk back to the car, we thought we would drive northward along Lake Michigan in search of a bed and rest place for the rest of the day. We did not farther than a mile in that direction when something made me pull over and park the car again. "Let's go down to the lakeshore here," I said to Elizabeth.

When we climbed over the little dunes, we we saw a lovely sandy beach.

That pile of rocks behind Elizabeth (middle right) drew me like a magnet.  Soon we began to understand why as the magic unfolded.

"What's that?" Elizabeth said, pointed to the lake.

I looked in that direction and saw a dark shadow.  "Probably some moss," I said.  The penny had still not dropped - that I am here to RELEASE THE SHADOW" from Water element so that a new crystalline Water can flourish on new Blue Star Earth. But when the penny dropped a couple of minutes later, it sounded like a gong or a church bell. "Boeing!!!"

For now, I walked over toward the shadow to ascertain by hypothesis. Suddenly, the shadow began to move. Toward me!  Then I realized that was a school of big (3-4 ft) dark fish, probably carp.  Yet the water here was clear and shallow - hardly suitable for fish of that size. 

Take a look at th above pictures.  And yes, there was a little bit of moss, too. But it was green, not dark and gray like the Shadow. THAT'S WHEN THE PENNY DROPPED.

"Oh my God," I said to Elizabeth.  "Do you realize what this means?  This is the Shadow that is coming to us to remind us that it is ready to be released.  This is where we need to do the ceremony.  And now."

Just as I turned around to back to the car and bring my shamanic to the lakeshore, I looked down on the ground. Right next my foot, I saw the most beautiful natural stone heart I have ever seen.

"Yes!" I said excitedly as I picked it up. This is the confirmation. Master Sanat Kumara told me on June 5 that a new Kulla would present itself to me here. So they don't want us to wait till tomorrow. We'll do another ceremony tomorrow with all of our Stewards of the Earth.  But today is the day we are supposed to release the Shadow from the Water."

And so it was.  Check out this short video about it...

Great Lakes Water Healing: Milwaukee at Lake Michigan (June 7)


After that, we did go for our intended ride. And we did find a motel in a cute little town of Mequong. And we did find an ideal place for tomorrow's healing ceremony - at the Vermont Park (see the Photo Album).  A group of high school kids were frolicking in the grass. One girl came over to us and asked if we would want her to take a picture of us.  Which was very sweet.  This is where are are planning to do our morning water healing ceremony tomorrow, June 8 at 9AM Central.

As we then chatted with the young people, we learned that today was their last day of school. And they were celebrating it together with the lake and the forest and the grass and the birds and the bees.  Not in a shopping mall or in front of a TV.  I told Elizabeth how pleased and impressed I was.

Fast-forwarding to later this evening, after taking a nap this afternoon, we did have a delicious Southwestern (Mexican) dinner in the little town of Mekong.

 I told Elizabeth, "now that we've had southwestern food, in Phoenix, we can order some Wisconsin dairy meals." :-)

Rest of Milwaukee & Mequon Photo Albums

At Vermont Park lookout

At Doctors Park

Water was frigid, but that did not stop these young people from playing frizbee in it

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