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Updated July 18, 2012 - adds McDowell Photo Album

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes (2), Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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McDowell Mtn Mission Statement

Mozart Gave Me a Push Up the Mountain, Masters, Stewards Joined in at Apucheta Summit

McDowell: Magic in 111F+ Heat

PHOENIX-SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, June 17 - By the time we parked the car at the Gateway Saddle trailhead in Scottsdale's McDowell Mtns, the heat of the day had reached its peak.  Ostensibly it was 111F in shade - at the Phoenix airport where the "official" temperatures are taken.  Over here in the wilderness of the desert, it might have been a few degrees hotter.  Which means about about 160F in full sunlight.

Tammy had already felt a little lightheaded even before we finished the Camelback ceremony an hour and a half earlier. So she wisely opted to stay in the air-conditioned car while Janet and I tackled the sizzling McDowell Mtn.

The first part of the trail was a piece of cake.  I told Janet it would get harder after a while. I did not want her to set her bar too low and her hopes too high. I also told her to watch her every step. This is pristine wilderness. And other hikers have reportedly seen wildcats, rattle snakes and other deadly desert dwellers.

"Like scorpions," Janet suggested.

"No, you don't have to worry about scorpions," I said. "They are nocturnal."

I also told her that in nearly thirty years of hiking some of the wildest trails Sonoran desert has to offer, I had never seen a rattle snake or a wild cat, or a scorpion.  But I did see them in the city, though, including about a 7-foot rattlesnake in my first year at the Grayhawk, Scottsdale home's back yard.

When the trail started to climb, we paused a few times to take pictures of blooming Saguaros and to catch our breath.

"How much farther?" Janet asked.

"I don't know," I said. "We're maybe half way there."

"Now I am feeling lightheaded," Janet said.

We found her a nice flat rock and the shade of a Palo Verde tree under which to sit down.  We first scoured the surrounding area to make sure there were no "unfriendlies" in the neighborhood.  I was torn about what to do. We came here to do ceremony not just hike.  And that many of our fellow-Stewards of the Earth would be participating in it through sacred space.  I could not let them down.

I could not let the Spirit realm down, either. Master Sanat Kumara said he would be waiting for my phone call when I get there and would make sure I got the satellite connection to do it.  All of which meant I should press on till I reach our goal.

On the other hand, I felt bad about leaving Janet alone. She was literally in no man's land... in the middle of nowhere. What if she needed help? Then I realized we both had cell phones.  And that the signal was still acceptable.

"You go on," Janet said as if reading my thoughts. "I'll stay here and rest a while. Then I will come up and join you."

So I explained to her exactly which way the trail went and where the critical fork in it was. Take a left turn, and you face an almost certain death by dehydration.  Take a right turn, and you end up at Gateway Saddle, right under my Apucheta.  Since we were obviously the only two people on the mountain today, there is no way I could miss her there.

So I wished her good luck and pressed on.  As it turned out, she never did make it past that spot. But both she and Tammy were with me up there at the Apucheta Summit the whole time in sacred space (see Janet's Summary).

Along the way, I was gifted a fruit of the Prickly Pear cactus (left). The higher I got up the mountain, the smaller that hill looked down in the valley that's shaped like a pyramid. Eventually, I reach that fork in the trail I was telling Janet about (right). As you can see from the sign, Gateway Saddle was only half a mile away. It seemed like the longest half a mile I have ever climbed.  That's because it was probably still another 500 ft up in elevation. 

What helped were beautiful views of the valley below and the company of the tall and proud Saguaros. And then somebody else joined me on the trail, evidently to give me a push.  It was a Master who left his body over two centuries ago.  I am a musician and yet have never regarded myself a singer. So it took a few minutes of spontaneous singing (humming) on the trail for my left brain to register that I was actually doing it.  And then I recognized both the Master and the tune. It was Mozart's Clarinet Concerto.

That's when I actually turned on my camera and started recording my humming while actually walking the trail. I have since added my own recording of that piece on piano and flute as background sound. Here is now that video clip...

Mozart in Heat: On McDowell Mtn in 111F Weather (June 17)



At the Apucheta Summit

Less than five minutes after the above video ended, I reached the Gateway Saddle.

You can see the Apucheta Summit from there in the left shot. It looked easy to reach. It was actually the hardest part of the trail. Because there is no trail up that hill. The ground is rocky and unstable. Thorns everywhere. Risk of fall or misstep was great even when the body is a lot more rested than mine was at the time. Furthermore, I only wore shorts. I had actually packed my jeans keeping this portion of our hike in mind.  While still in the parking lot, I suggested to my two hiking companions that they put on their long pants for the McDowell trail. They said they didn't bring any.  So out of solidarity, I left mine in the car, too.

Which is why I knew that, as klutzy as I am everywhere, even in my office, I knew that I would get through all this today unscathed. I felt the presence of my Spirit guides and teachers the entire time I was on McDowell Mtn.  They gave me wings when my legs were failing (as shown below).

So before I headed up that final Apucheta Summit hill, I thanked my guides for their support so far and asked them for one more favor: to help me find the Palo Prieda, as Elizabeth and I have named it, our Stone Tree. 

It is a Palo Verde that literally grew out of the rock.  I felt it was a sacred tree.  I knew it was about half way up to the Apucheta but have never been able to find it on my own. It seemed that every time I saw it, the tree found me.  You can also see Elizabeth and I there in early 2009.

I took a few wrong turns after that, but eventually found myself at the Summit. Finally! The summit is very narrow, full of sharp jagged rocks (right). So one has to be careful where one steps all the time. But the views from it are spectacular. Take a look at these panorama shots I took:

Spectacular panoramic views from my Apucheta - toward the valley to the West (above).... and to the East (below) toward Thompson Peak.



The first thing I went to look for was the Dove atop my Apucheta.  Yeah! It was still there, though somebody or something had knocked down the foundation rocks on which it sat three and a half years ago. A new barrel cactus was growing right next to it instead, with some dried out desert grass in between. 

"Good sign," I thought. "Plant people joining the Stone people."

You can also see Elizabeth and Star, my Kumarian brother, there back in 2009. There is the Dove back in Jan 2009 in the far right shot.

Alas, the second smaller Apucheta in the shape of the Dolphin was gone. Something or somebody must have knocked it down.  You can also see Star above between the two of them back in March 2009.  Elizabeth said she had also placed a message there for me before she left Arizona to join me in Hawaii. I could not find it, either.  But I had no time to look very long. It was already after 4PM and I thought I'd better start doing what I came here to do - the Healing Ceremony.

Healing Ceremony with Sanat Kumara, White Eagle, Hawk Shadow

In preparation for this mission, I had a conversation with Master Sanat Kumara on June 5. Star was the channel (Mission Statement: U.S. Healing Ceremonies (June 5). Here's an excerpt from that conversation to do with McDowell Mtn ceremony:

McDowell Mtn Healing Ceremony - Sun, June 17, 4PM AZ/Pacific, 6PM Central time,  7PM Eastern - at my McDowell Mtn apucheta in Scottsdale, Arizona

  • The purpose of this ceremony is to give praise and thanks to my last sacred site in Arizona before moving to Hawaii. And also to anchor, re-initialize and re-activate it and connect it via the Ceke lines to other sacred sites in our global network.

  • SANAT KUMARA (6-05-12): "At this time, you are to contact the vessel through whom I speak, which is your brother Star Rising, and you are to do that ceremony as you are doing this ceremony this day."

  • ALTZAR: "I hope that there is a cell phone connection there. Master Sanat Kumara, I will depend on you to facilitate that."

  • SK: "Then I will make it so."

Naturally, this was a do or die time for my cell phone connection. Without it, I could not call Star, nor reach Master Kumara. But before I did that, I wanted to do a brief on camera intro. So I turned on my camera and started talking.  Suddenly, my cell phone rang.  I could not believe my eyes when I saw Star's name in my called ID. 

Synchronicity was absolutely uncanny.  Star certainly could not have known I was ready to talk to him. But Master Kumara evidently did. So not only did he indeed "make it so" (meaning, facilitated the cell phone connection on a desert mountain top in the middle of nowhere, but he even made Star do the dialing once he realized I was standing on the Summit and my camera was rolling.  To me, that moment was the highlight of the day and one of the best moments on this entire Healing Journey.

And the best part for you? It was all caught "live" on camera. So you can also experience this magical moment - raw and unedited.  Here it is... (this video also includes my opening of Sacred Space at the Apucheta). 

Pay special attention to the wind (Spirit's blessing) which picks up as soon as I start to film, and then accelerated even more when Master Kumara joins me via the cell phone. I recall it nearly blew me off my feet.  I lost my balance for a second, which is why the camera gets shaky at that point.

Also, pay special attention to something quite extraordinary that happens at about 2:30 mins into the video.  When I turn to the face the Sun in the west during the opening of Sacred Space, the sun's rays shimmer in an amazing PINK, GREEN, WHITE and BLACK color blend.   Ever seen black and green sun rays? I have never seen anything like this before.

By the way, Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and of the Ray associated with it. Maybe that's what the new Solaris Sun (after the May 20 Solar Eclipse) was communicating to us in this Inti Taiti blessing/message for our final healing ceremony: That Solaris Sun's Heart is Green and Pink and Black and White.  And that the Black and White are right next to each other and are blended together as another sign that there is not longer any Duality - that Black and White both come from the same Source.

And now, here's the full video...

McDowell Healing Ceremony: Introduction and Master Kumara's (Star) Call (June 17)



Extraordinary Solaris Sun Rays

And now, take a look at this series of extraordinary still shots of the new Solaris Sun ray colors which I have just lifted from the above video:


And now, here's also a video of the moment when White Eagle and Hawk Shadow joined our Healing Ceremony:

McDowell Healing Ceremony: White Eagle's Greeting (June 17)


There will be more videos over time. For now, here are some final shots I took at the Apucheta Summit before heading down the mountain.


I finished the ceremony at 5:08PM. The two middle shots represent our (Stewards of the Earth) offerings I had left at the Apucheta.  The coral Heart of Maui that came from the Baldwin Beach on the North shore is now safely nestled under the Dove atop the Apucheta (middle right). I made my way down the mountain playing my flute. As I approached the spot where I had left Janet. I saw her stirring.

"I think I may have dozed off and had a nap," she said. 

Guess my flute woke her up.  Better than some other "unfriendly" desert creature, I suppose. On our way down, we chatted amiably about all sorts of things. I told her I had saved my last bottle of water for the Apucheta Summit and have been walking on empty since. When we finally reached the parking lot where Tammy was waiting for us, I confessed why I kept chattering the entire way down the mountain.

"It helped keep my mind off that half gallon of water I had in my car," I explained.  Everybody laughed.  Maybe that's why I also spontaneously played the flute? [I realized that just NOW].

About an hour and a half later, back in civilization, you can see yours truly before Janet, Tammy and I went into that frozen yoghurt place in this shopping center for some badly needed refreshments (right).

That's when I also listened to the phone message Star had left me while I was still on the mountain. He explains in it why our cell phone connection was breaking up. You can now also hear it yourself:

Star's Phone Call - Aftermath (an .MP3 sound file)


And that's all she wrote for now from our McDowell and Camelback Healing Ceremonies.  To be continued with some more video footage.

By the way, on the right you can see my new Eagle T-shirt which we got in Wisconsin. I thought that was especially poignant in light of the comment a lady made at Mesa Verde when she thought I was Joe Walsh of the Eagles, a music group. :-)

 * * *

Summary by Janet Hunter

After a brief respite (following our Camelback climb and ceremony), we traveled on to McDowell Mountain, on the outskirts of town, a true wilderness area. We saw no other hikers here (in contrast to the many we saw at Camelback) until our descent from the mountain. I only made it half-way up this second mountain, but, like Tammy, I sent my spirit on up the hill with Bob for the ceremony. As I sat under the shade of a Palo Verde tree (whom I thanked graciously for the shade he shared with me - right shot), I realized that Bob was supposed to do this last ascent on his own. I felt the beauty and grace of the mountain as I waited for Bob to return. It was very peaceful and meditative to sit in the stillness of the mountain. I saw a couple of doves flying very close to me, heard a creature running behind me, and then I saw a white bird in the sky. I thought, can that be an eagle? But eagles aren't white, are they? I discovered when Bob returned that White Eagle had made itself known during the ceremony. Apparently, I had the good fortune of seeing its manifestation--wow! 

By Janet Hunter, June 18, 2012


McDowell Photo Album


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