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Updated July 8, 2012 - Great Kiva: Great Experience

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes (2), Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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It will take me some time to review and edit the raw video footage from and write the stories about our amazing U.S. mainland healing pilgrimage. So rather that have you wait for a complete "movie," I will start posting the "trailers" about each ceremony.  And not necessarily in any particular order. So we will continue our video journey with the two Phoenix area healing ceremonies - on Camelback and McDowell Mountains.


Great Kiva Mission Statement

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Great Kiva: Great Experience

GREAT KIVA, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, June 14 - It was supposed to be a relatively short drive from Gallup to Chaco Canyon, where Great Kiva is located, the site of our planned June 14 healing ceremony. Well, it turned into an adventure. Google Maps were completely useless. So we kept driving around the vast Navajo reservation in circles at times. Which gave us a chance to talk to a number of these wonderful Native Americans. That's how we found out that the people who used to live in the Chaco Canyon and had built these amazing structures, such as the Great Kiva more than 12 centuries ago, were known as the Anasazi.

We made it to the Great Kiva eventually, about an hour and a half later than we originally planned. But that was evidently part of the plan we were not privy to - that of the Spirit realm.

The ceremony was powerful. And I did get the four Kullas that Master Sanat Kumara was talking about in the Mission Statement (right). But the best part was what happened just as I was wrapping up the healing ceremony.

A group of people from Tennessee arrived a few minutes before that - all mature people (50+). They were on an anthropological research trip led by a professor of anthropology at Tennessee U. So they asked me if I would share with them what my ceremony was about.  I did. I felt that was another way Divine guidance was helping us spread the word.

So I talked to them about 2012, about Stewards of the Earth, about healing the planet, the ceke lines, etc. They also asked a lo of questions. It was a wonderful exchange. Elizabeth caught some of it on camera.

So here's our video report about the Great Kiva healing ceremony...

Great Kiva Healing Ceremony (Chaco Canyon, New Mexico)



And now, here's a collection of still pictures from our June 14 adventure from Gallup to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

Great Kiva - Chaco Canyon Photo Album

Our destination on 6-14-12

Great Kiva - Casa Rinconada view

Great Kiva - Casa Rinconada interior

Some scenes from Gallup-Chaco Canyon drive

We were in high country the entire time

On Navajo reservation

Wild horses...

Our elusive destination

Finally found it!

Great Kiva elevation




And that's all she wrote for now from our Great Kiva healing ceremony.

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