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Updated July 18, 2012 - adds Camelback Photo Album

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes (2), Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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It will take me some time to review and edit the raw video footage from and write the stories about our amazing U.S. mainland healing pilgrimage. So rather that have you wait for a complete "movie," I will start posting the "trailers" about each ceremony.  And not necessarily in any particular order. So we will continue our video journey with the two Phoenix area healing ceremonies - on Camelback and McDowell Mountains.

Camelback Mtn Mission Statement

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Camelback: Soaring with the Wind

PHOENIX, Arizona, June 17 - Father's Day in Phoenix, Arizona. Temperature 111F in shade. Probably about 150F in full sunlight. Which is where Janet, Tammy and I spent the hottest part of the day, starting at about 12:30PM when we met to start our Camelback hike.

The first thing I did when we got to the Cholla Trailhead was look for my Camelback farewell gift.  My two fellow-Stewards were probably puzzled to see me walking up and down the trails three times, with my nose to the ground like a dog following a scent. In the end, I could not find what I was looking for even after three tries.

Just before I left Arizona to move to Maui in March 2009, I had made two pilgrimages to two of my home mountains where I had built two Apuchetas - Camelback and McDowell.  Camelback was the reason I moved my family from the green and gentle Great Lakes area to a completely new and different environment in the Arizona desert.  I ended up spending nearly three decades in the shade of this beautiful red mountain. My children grew up there with the view of it shown in the left shot, taken from the playground of their elementary school.  I had climbed this mountain in all kinds of weather conditions more times than I can remember.  And now I have returned once again, like a prodigal son, to pay my respects to my home base, my touchstone mountain for the first time since moving to Hawaii.

(at the Camelback Apucheta during farewell ceremony)

I knew our reunion would be emotional.  And so naturally, the first thing I did was look for that farewell gift Camelback gave me in March 2009. It came in the shape of a large heart-shaped rock (left).  It was right at the start of the trail where Janet, Tammy and I were now standing. I even made a short video of that March 11, 2009 encounter:


And now it was gone. A large rock, about three feet in diameter, has vanished.  It was a one-time farewell heart gift from Camelback Mtn. I told Janet and Tammy that I had done this trail hundred of times before March of 2009.  But it was only on 3-11-09 that I ever saw this rock - evidently for the first and the last time.

Magic. Pure magic... I told them I wasn't sorry the rock was not here anymore. Were it here, it would have been for everyone who hiked here. The fact that it only showed itself to me the one time when I came to say my final goodbye to my home mountain was proof enough from me that it was not of this world.

"What a start to a healing ceremony," I thought. "Whew."

And now, here are some still shots which I lifted from the video that Tammy had shot. With Elizabeth gone to Texas, she had volunteered to become the "official photographer."

Throughout the ceremony, a slight breeze provided welcome relief from the scorching heat. But what happened at the end was completely unexpected.

Facing the south, I had just finished thanking the Spirits who were present for their help in healing and "feeding the Camel," which was a purpose Master Sanat Kumara had said we would have in this work.

(Unfortunately, there are no clips of that part of the ceremony. So I'll have to describe it... I did bring the holy water from the Namaka Creek that runs through our property which I harvested on 5-05-10. I blew it into the rock at my Apucheta three times, offering sweet words of love and care for the Camel of Camelback.)

So as I was facing the south, suddenly a strong blast of wind hit us, blowing away my hat from my head as well as my new Navajo prayer which I had draped over my shoulders.  Janet caught my hat and is about to hand it to me in the right shot. All three of us knew instantly that this was no ordinary wind. This was a Divine communication intended to bless us and salute us at the end of our ceremony.

So I turned around again, facing the south, spread my arms as if they were wings, and let the Divine blast lift me up to soar like an eagle or a condor.  I stayed in this state of total bliss and elation for several minutes.  I suspect Janet and Tammy may have as well. But I was not conscious of where they were at the time.

Later, I told them both that this was not the first time something like that has happened at this very spot. And then I also remembered that at the end of our South Point Healing Ceremony on the Big Island on 3-30-12, the same thing happened. Here's a slow motion footage of that hat lift-off... :-)

On our way down the mountain, I also shared with Janet and Tammy a story about how a blast of wind while biking near McDowell Mtns in Jan 2009 made me turn around and look at the clouds. That's when I saw a sign in the clouds that, along with Mozart's Piano Concerto #21, guided me to our present home in Maui, the Rainbow Shower (see "Maui Calling...", Dec 2008). And the same thing also happened several times at the McDowell Apucheta in 2008 and 2009.

So I told Janet and Tammy I felt like Kate Winslet soaring with the wind at the bow of the "Titanic" movie.


A few hours later, I got a chance to actually do it... on McDowell mountain. The right shot is a composite of several frames.

Janet's Final Word

And now, here's what Janet said in her short story about our Camelback Ceremony...

Hello, Bob and Fellow Stewards,

We did have an amazing journey yesterday. I was feeling excited to be able to participate in the ceremonies, so Tammy (my sister) and I eagerly traveled to Phoenix from our homes in northern Arizona. After meeting with Bob near Camelback, we started our climb. I live in a fairly flat place in the high desert, so I don't do a lot of climbing, but I had no trouble going up Camelback. The view from our ceremony location was absolutely beautiful--a beautiful green valley full of homes to farmed lands in the distance, with many mountain peaks surrounding.

Our ceremony on Camelback was beautiful. I was very thankful that Spirit provided us with a cooling breeze the entire time, mitigating some of the heat from the intense desert sun. We could feel our spirit guides and other friends sharing in the ceremony with us. And the mountain (she seemed to be a queen among the mountains--Queen Camelback-- to me) shared her grace with us. We shared our thankfulness for our Mother, Pachamama, Mother Earth and all that she provides for us. And she rewarded us with an even bigger breeze--actually more of a wind--as if to say, I hear you and appreciate all that you do for Mother Earth and all the spirits that reside here.

After a brief respite, we traveled on to McDowell Mountain, on the outskirts of town, a true wilderness area. We saw no other hikers here (in contrast to the many we saw at Camelback) until our descent from the mountain. I only made it half-way up this second mountain, but, like Tammy, I sent my spirit on up the hill with Bob for the ceremony. As I sat under the shade of a palo verde tree (whom I thanked graciously for the shade he shared with me), I realized that Bob was supposed to do this last ascent on his own. I felt the beauty and grace of the mountain as I waited for Bob to return. It was very peaceful and meditative to sit in the stillness of the mountain. I saw a couple of doves flying very close to me, heard a creature running behind me, and then I saw a white bird in the sky. I thought, can that be an eagle? But eagles aren't white, are they? I discovered when Bob returned that White Eagle had made itself known during the ceremony. Apparently, I had the good fortune of seeing its manifestation--wow!

As we sat and ate some yogurt and drank more fluids, I think we all three were simply enjoying the peace and the satisfaction of a job well done, knowing that the mountains are now free and the ceke lines all connected, the beginnings of a new earth.


Janet Hunter, Ph.D.
Chair, AIS and BUS
Northland Pioneer College
Winslow, AZ

Camelback Photo Album




And that's all she wrote for now from our Camelback Healing Ceremony.

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