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Updated July 18, 2012

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes (2), Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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Aftermath: Cramping During Night, Morning After, Nose Bleed... Arduous Flights Home

PHOENIX-SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, June 18 - My cramps started the moment I pressed the elevator button in the hotel lobby.  They continued throughout the night. Some even persisted till the morning after. They would be triggered by the slightest of motion. Fortunately, I have experienced that once before in Arizona. And again at the Biltmore, at that. So here's my letter to our fellow-Stewards of the Earth that I sent about the experience the "morning after."

We've done it! All of our healing ceremonies have now been completed: six ceremonies in 10 days across about 4,000 miles.  Thank you one and all for all your love and support and participation in them. A special thanks to those of our SOEs who joined me personally during a part of this pilgrimage - Janet, Cher, Mearah, Tammy - and, of course, to my Kumarian brother Star who was with me every step of the way, and also channeled White Eagle and Hawk Shadow yesterday during our final ceremony atop out Apucheta on McDowell Mtn.  
Here are two photos that frame this healing pilgrimage. One was taken at the end, last night, and at the start of our journey, on Lake Michigan:
I posted this morning this video clip - raw and unedited - so you could all benefit from the White Eagle's energy even if most of us cannot understand him. He is speaking in a Native American tongue:


"MORNING AFTER" (June 18, 2012)

I am due to fly back to Maui in a few hours, so I will try to keep this brief. Elizabeth is already in Corpus Christie, Texas, visiting her family there. She will return home on June 28.

The above pictures speak for themselves. It was "hot, hot, hot" yesterday everywhere in the Phoenix area. But nowhere was it hotter than in the desert and on mountains where we did our ceremonies. Chances are, the actual temperatures there were higher than the "official" 111F that the news media reported today.

Which is why I am so proud of two of our fellow-SOEs - Janet and Tammy - who chose to drive down from Northern Arizona, where it is much cooler (80s), to join me in yesterday's Camelback and McDowell Mtn healing work. On a day that not even "mad dogs or Englishmen," as the saying goes, would venture out, they did. And I salute them for their courage and determination to serve our cause as Stewards of the Blue Star Earth.

Both of them made it to my Camelback Mtn Apucheta and participated in the full 1PM ceremony.  At the end, however, Tammy was starting to feel a little lightheaded.  So when we drove over to the McDowell Mtn range for our 4PM healing work, she wisely chose to stay behind and try to cool off a bit.  Her sister Janet and I walked together till about the midway point of a grueling hike.  That's when she also became lightheaded and stayed to rest in the shade of a Palo Verde trip.  

As I pressed on up the mountain, both of them were with me energetically and joined me in the healing ceremony with their prayers.  I told them both at the end, as we were cooling off over frozen yoghurt in a local Scottsdale plaza, that I was so proud of them, and deeply honored by their willingness to undertake such a challenging journey.  Take a look at my Crocs (shoes) before and after I had cleaned them...
As for myself, I have done many desert mountain hikes in the past in temperatures like this or even higher. But I have never done two mountains back-to-back on the same afternoon. And, of course, I have not done any such hikes in almost four years since we moved from Arizona.  So I was pleasantly surprised that I really did not feel any great discomfort except for thirst at the end of our two hikes.  

"Huh!" the Spirit must have laughed at me. "We're not done with you yet."

The cramping started literally when I walked into the elevator lobby of our hotel, around 7:30PM last night.  Thank God for that! It would have been quite debilitating had it started on the mountain or while I was driving back. 
The cramps were mostly in my legs, although if I tried typing something on my computer, I would get them in my hands, too.  
Just to give you an idea of how draining the 111F heat can be, I drank half a gallon of water during the two hikes. I drank half a gallon of Cranberry juice at the end, while sitting with Janet and Tammy at that Yoghurt place in Scottsdale. And when I got back to my room, I also finished off half gallon of milk I had in the fridge. 

Still, despite drinking gallons of liquids, the cramping persisted throughout the evening.  Even if I lay down on the bed, the slightest move would activate them again and jolt me out of bet like a lightening bolt.  That is why I was not able to write this report last night as I normally would have done. In fact, I did not even trust myself to go into a shower.  So I just washed off over a sink before going to bed.

It was all reminiscent of that incident here at the Arizona Biltmore in the 1990s. I got severe cramping like this after playing several hours of tennis in scorching heat. I could not even drive myself home. My daughters had to come and pick me up in their car. This time, however, occasional cramping would wake me up and jolt me out of bed during the night, too.  

When I woke up this morning around 6:30, I felt fine. Except that when I was brushing my teeth, I noticed a had a nose bleed in my left nostril. And I "never" get nose bleeds. This one was minor, though. It lasted only a few minutes after I plugged it up with a Kleenex.  

I have had quite a night but I am fine now. Except, of course, I am sure my leg muscles will be sore for a few days because of overexertion.  Just in time for my "farmer's yoga," the chainsaw and weed-whacking work that awaits me at the Rainbow Shower after prolonged absence. :-)

So that's my "morning after" report to you, my dear SOE family.  I will send you some pictures from yesterday in separate emails.  I am flying back home to Maui this afternoon.

And now, here's a reaction by Mearah to the above picture...

Wow Bob Altzar........Thank you for the opportunity to join in with you and all 1111 plus. Star...Janet....Cher and the the rest of the unseen however deeply felt community. Communion...nothing like it. Yea....ONE !!! Laughter, tears and all. 

I have to say that that picture with you and your bloody nose looks to me like a very tiny Dove sitting on your upper lip....Sangre de Christo....That just came to me.

May you find rest and continued regeneration at home in Maui, 

Love and Blessings your way, Mearah 

[you can see Mearah, Cher and Janer - from left to right - in the above Sedona photo]


When I got back home the evening of June 18, I replied as follows:

Hi, Mearah. Thank you for all you said and are doing  yourself as an SOE. As for that Dove sitting on my upper lip, that's an interesting vision. The Dove was certainly prominent yesterday. A rock in its shape sits atop my McDowell Mtn Apucheta.

And now, here's my final email trip report...

Just got back home. Leaving Phoenix was quite a hassle. They boarded us and then we had to disembark. Something lame like Sky Harbor system breaking down and we did not have enough fuel. For an hour's flight to LA?  I asked them - "what kind of an airplane are you flying?" An electric one? :-)

Anyway, our departure time was being changed every few minutes. It ranged from 1:30PM (scheduled time) to 4:45PM.  Around 2:30PM, I called on my guides for help. Suddenly the departure time was changed from 4:45 to 2:45. They said the City of Phoenix had laid on a truck that would deliver the fuel for our plane only.  We actually left at 3PM.

I took this shot (right) of an AA airport self-promoting screen with my cell phone camera just before asking my Spirit guides for help.

I made it eventually to the Maui flight in LA as the LAST passenger. They had already closed the door. But there was still 15 mins left before departure time. So I told them I didn't know what all the fuss was about. 

"We wanted to leave early," a flight attendant said. "Will you teach your American Eagle friends how that's done? They just delayed me for almost three hours," I replied.

And now the best part: Guess which two bags came off the conveyor belt first at the Kahului airport?  It seems the "last in, first out"-principle applies to airlines not just manufacturing inventories. :-)

Anyway, I am dog-tired but happy to be home. Once again, thank you one and all for all your love and support.


On my first morning back home, I got a number of "welcome home" messages from my fellow-Stewards of the Earth. Here are two of them - one from Ann in Sacramento, California, and one from Lincoln in London was particularly poignant:

Bob so glad to hear you are home safely! It was wonderful to share in this wonder-filled adventure in sacred sacred space with all of you. 

I have to smile and share two beautiful insights. One is the picture of the picture of the plane you took looks like a dolphin. A very good sign for a safe journey; ). And the second was Mearah mentioning the dove on the tip of your nose Bob! That was my little sign that we reconnected the lines that run up from the head of the dove too! Ohh...I am so honored and blessed to be on this fabulous journey with all of you!
Much Love,
Ann - Alliaunna Kumara


HI Bob,

            Glad that the eagle has landed :-) and safely back in Maui. Wow what an adventure you all have had and what energy. I was with you during one the session in a sensory deprivation floatation tank in London, a rather novel place to be connecting. I had a truly amazing 'nature' connection, having surrendered to the salt waters and my ego state. I entered another spiritual dimension and was gifted a beautiful vision, I felt for all of us. As I was connecting to all SOE's at the time. The message and very deeply felt was "You are the Stars, you are the Mountains, you are the Waters  and the Winds. I was really blown away, when I heard that voice from the cosmos speaking with such profound love. 

Much Love


To which I replied:

Lincoln, that's a fascinating story and and an amazing vision you had. It gave me goosebumps just to read it. Thank you for sharing it with us.  Indeed, without the love and help from the Spirit realm - the Cosmos, as you put it - we would be just little specks of dust in the desert. With it, we become Stardust that glows and transforms all around us.

Your vision inspired me to create this photo-collage.  Ann's comment about seeing a dolphin in the image of that AA Eagle plane also contributed to it.  So thank you both for the inspiration.


And now, in closing, here are the sacred gifts that I brought back with me from this amazing journey. I would love to hear your interpretation of the various aspects of that shapeshifting Kulla I was gifted on McDowell Mountain.

Sacred Gifts - Photo Album

This Kokopelli came with me from Arizona

I've had this piece of petrified wood for nearly 30 years. But it only now became a part of my shaman's altar.

A well-traveled National Geographic globe-light made it home safe and sound


Final Word - from Spirit Realm

Hello everybody. I have just received a message from our brother-Steward Earl with a reaction by the Spirit realm to our Healing Ceremonies as expressed by the three Light Beings whom Earl channels.
Read and rejoice. Feel good about yourself and about ourselves as a Stewards community.  As you can see, the LBs are also stressing the importance of us coming together to do our work as a COMMUNITY.  

And then let us all give praise and thanks to all our guides and teachers, including the three Light Beings, for making our work as Steward of the Blue Star Earth both effective and enjoyable. And for shining the light so we can see the path we need to follow.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, Jun 15, 2012 at 4:07 AM

Dear Bob, Earth Brothers and Sisters-Guardians of the Earthly Realm

We are most pleased that so many of you are choosing at this time to honor Planet Earth--and all living things inhabiting the planet. Your recent ceremonies provide continued hope to the Spiritual Realm that more and more enlightened earth beings will realize the continuing need to honor Gaia--to send her positive healing energy-and to give protection from those who seek to exploit the planet and its resources through greed and avarice behavior. Please continue to expand the work and effort of Stewards of Earth--as it is through community efforts that important changes will occur. Your honoring programs on ancient Native lands is very important-as among all earth beings, native people value and treat your planet with the utmost respect. 


The Light Beings

(channeled via Earl L. Backman, Ph.D.)



And that's all she wrote from this US mainland trip.

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