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Updated July 17, 2012 - Four Corners: Standing on Two Feet in Four States

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes (2), Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn




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A Stewards of the Blue Star Earth Mission

U.S. Mainland Healing Journey

Great Lakes, Sedona, Great Kiva, Mesa Verde, McDowell Mtn, Camelback Mtn

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It will take me some time to review and edit the raw video footage from and write the stories about our amazing U.S. mainland healing pilgrimage. So rather that have you wait for a complete "movie," I will start posting the "trailers" about each ceremony.  And not necessarily in any particular order. So we will continue our video journey with the two Phoenix area healing ceremonies - on Camelback and McDowell Mountains.


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Four Corners: Standing on Two Feet in Four States

FOUR CORNERS, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, June 15 - I consider Arizona is my home state.  I've spent nearly three decades of my life there. Yet I have never been to the Four Corners. And neither had Elizabeth, as it turns out.  So naturally that's the route we chose from Mesa Verde back to Arizona after our Mesa Verde ceremony.

That's the only place in the entire United States in America where one can simultaneously stand on two feet in four states. :-) Well, not Elizabeth. She decided to be partial to Arizona. So she "crossed the border" to the southwest of Four Corners in the above shot. :-)

Otherwise, our drive to Flagstaff, Arizona, where we spent the night, was long but very picturesque. Here are some photos we took along the way...


Four Corners - Photo Album

A "medieval castle" rock

A fire along the way... but look at that ghost-like cloud - top right

Since I damaged my "good" camera in a fall at Mesa Verde, I was testing it here in our Flagstaff hotel room


And that's all she wrote for now from the Four Corners and Flagstaff.

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