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23 Jan 2011

March 2007

'Round the World, Again

Japan, China, Singapore, Russia, Germany...


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Singapore Transit

DUBAI, Mar 24, 2007 - By the time we landed at the Singapore airport, it was already nighttime (about 8PM).

As Singapore lies practically right on the equator, I expected warm and humid weather.  It was wet alright, raining, in fact, but not particularly hot... about 75 degrees, cooler than Hong Kong.

As we were landing, I fooled around a bit with my new camera, trying out some time long aperture shots.  The result ended up looking like some abstract painting...

...as did the lights of Singapore in the distance.

Now, there are airports, and there are airports, but none rival the Singapore Changi airport.  Take a look...

Would you ever have guessed that a picture like this was taken at an airport?  It's only the high ceiling lights that may give you a hint.

This flower oasis is called an Orchid Garden, and it certainly looks like one.

There are orchids of all shapes and colors here...

...as you can see. 

And then after the flower oasis, there is an electronics oasis.  TVs and internet gadgets of all shapes and sizes are available here to try or just watch.

But I liked better this tropical "forest" that guards the entrance to the airline lounges (top left).

As we were settling on board for what I thought was a flight to Moscow, I had a bit of a start.  The head purser wished us a pleasant flight to Dubai.

"What?" I thought.  "Dubai?  I don't want to go to Dubai."

So I jumped out of my seat to make sure they don't close the doors before I had a chance to leave.  But the head purser assured me that Dubai was just a stopover enroute to Moscow.  Since my itinerary didn't mention anything about it, I had assumed it was a non-stop flight to Moscow.

Oh well, what's six hours here, six hours there, when you travel around the world... :-)

I settled back in my seat for the take off and this update about Singapore.  You may well receive it from Dubai.


On to Dubai...

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