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23 Jan 2011

March 2007

'Round the World, Again

Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Russia, Germany...


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Moscow, Days 5, 6 & 7

MOSCOW, Mar 28, 2007 - After my business day was over today, I acted as a tour guide for an American executive who flew in this week to Moscow to attend some of the same meetings as I.  It was his first visit to the Russian capital. 

As we walked through the Red Square and around the Kremlin, I kept snapping pictures of him to have as a souvenir.  Here's one of me and of the Kremlin in the background from the same series...

...as seen close to sunset from the bridge over the Moscow River.  As you can see, the weather has continued to be amazingly good, with temps in the upper 50s (F).

MOSCOW, Mar 29, 2007 - This evening, I went out for a brief walk through the little streets around my hotel.

And in one of them, only a couple hundred yards away, I came across this building - the Central Bank of Russia (equivalent of the U.S. Federal Reserve).  The building dates to 1895.  I could not help but think how modest the structure looked for a place through which tens of billions of dollars of Russian oil and gas revenue, not to mention other exports, flow every day. 

Only a block up the street, I came across this lovely building, built in 1860.  Not surprisingly, it turned out to be the College of Architecture of the Moscow University.  The building's style and color reminded me of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg (though this place is tiny in comparison to the former imperial residence).

This evening, an American business friend and I went to dinner at a lovely and veryMoscow3_31_07 002.jpg (40874 bytes) fashionable restaurant called "Gallery."  As we walked back to our hotel around 11PM tonight, we came across this pretty church within St. Peter's monastery (click on the right thumbnail to see the same church by day).  We finished the evening with coffee and deserts at the "Vogue," another upscale "see and be seen" place in downtown Moscow.

Moscow by Night

MOSCOW, Mar 30 - This was my last night in Moscow.  So I decided to walk back to my hotel tonight more or less along the same route that I did at sunset on my Day 2 here.  Want to join me for a "Moscow by Night" tour?

I started my walk around the Christ the Savior Cathedral.  And since it was a moonlit night, I thought the 3/4 Moon over the crosses of the cathedral looked especially enchanting.

A little while down the street was this Pushking museum, well lit and surrounded by pine trees.

Getting closer to the Kremlin...

...and the view of the Kremlin from a distance...

...from in front of the Lomonosov statue and the university.

Farther down the street, is the National Hotel...

... from where you can see the Duma and the giant new hotel being built on the plateau in front of the entrance to the Red Square.

View of Tverskaya Street, a major Moscow thoroughfare, from the same spot.  The "M" marks the entrance to a subway station (Ohotnyi Ryad, in this case).

And the view of the Kremlin and the entrance to the Red Square from the same spot...

...and of a giant billboard in front of the Duma.

Getting closer to the Red Square...

...and now the Moon over the Kremlin, too.

Inside the Red Square now, the GUM (department store) is magnificently lit...

...as is the little church next to it.

The Red Square...

Moscow3_30_07 022.jpg (43989 bytes) Moscow3_30_07 024.jpg (36151 bytes) Moscow3_30_07 031.jpg (36102 bytes)

The rest of the St. Basil photos need no narration... 


Moscow3_30_07 028.jpg (60214 bytes) Moscow3_30_07 030.jpg (31002 bytes) Moscow3_30_07 029.jpg (54272 bytes)


Moscow3_30_07 032.jpg (45356 bytes) Moscow3_30_07 033.jpg (42603 bytes)

Back at the hotel, I had dinner at the Polo restaurant, that has horse themes on display on its walls and ceilings.


And that's all she wrote from this Day 7 of my Moscow visit.

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