May 16, 2011

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Ireland... Flag of Ireland

Photos taken by Bob O'Dj. and Prof. Peter Maher ("Pero")


Bob's & Pero's Tour of Ireland (1998)

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I flew into Dublin from Paris.  I left Ireland from Shannon.  So if you follow the numbers on the above map (from 1 to 13), you will see the order and the approximate route of our tour. 


This is the city's "main drag."  The statue is that of Daniel O'Connell, "The Liberator," who got the anti-Catholic laws repealed - "Emancipation."

Trinity College

Who has not heard of Molly Malone, "the Tart with the Cart?" And there she is... still selling her mussels and other favors... :-)

"The Floozy in the Jacuzzi" happened to be drying off when we saw her.  Normally, water flows right over her.  And yes, sadly, there is a McDonald's even on Dublin's historic  O'Connell Street.

"Historic," in part, because not far from the "Floozy in the Jacuzzi" is the Post Office on O'Connell Street where the famous Easter Rising took place in 1916.  This is the photo of a painting at the Post Office that Pero took.

The renowned, colorful Dublin doors...

A cute sign...

...and some cute Dublin shops

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