March 06, 2009

Bob's photos from... Updated Feb 11, 2006 (new photos)

Ireland... Flag of Ireland

Photos taken by Bob O'Dj. and Prof. Peter Maher ("Pero")


Bob's & Pero's Tour of Ireland (1998)

To read about Bob's "Irish Roots," click here

I flew into Dublin from Paris.  I left Ireland from Shannon.  So if you follow the numbers on the above map (from 1 to 13), you will see the order and the approximate route of our tour. 


The future site of an Annex Research branch office?  :-)

The dock where the "Titanic" was built in 1912, at the Harland & Wolfe shipyard in Belfast (two above photos)

And now take a look at this photo, taken from the same spot.  The two pictures are a study of contrasts... a rusty, dilapidated dock of where the majestic "Titanic" once stood, versus a majestic oil rig and a titanic ferry ("Stena Line") that are now visible from the same spot.

Belfast - the war zone...

Immediately upon returning home from Ireland, I published a TiM Bulletin about our visit to Belfast.  To read it, click on "War of Hooligans".  You may find it helpful to read this text first, in order to appreciate some of the context behind the photos that follow...

Our very helpful cabbie, whose mother was Catholic and father Protestant

Shankill - the Protestant area... 

The above is what the "peace process", or "piss process," as my friend Pero called it, looks like in the Protestant neighborhoods of Belfast ("tags," or "taigs," correctly spelled, is a derogatory term for Catholics)

Police tower... 

This is not a scene from a WW II POW film.  This is a police tower that guards the imaginary line which separates the Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods

Falls - the Catholic area... 

The mural with the lily commemorates the Easter Rising (1916)

A Nissan billboard (mentioned in the TiM "Hooligans" story)

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