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12 Mar 2011

Updated Feb 28, 2010

Back in Peru for Annual Pilgrimage...

...this time, with Elizabeth



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Leaving the U.S.:

Two Back-to-Back "Red Eyes" and IBM 4Q (Jan 18-20)


Back in Lima, First Time with Bags (Jan 20)

A  Tour of Lima (Jan 21)

Exploring Lima on Our Own; Laptop R.I.P. (Jan 22)

Two Faces of Cusco: Sunshine & Rain (Jan 23-24)

Sacred Valley/Urubamba:

Saqsaywaman, Chinchero, Urubamba...  (Jan 25)

Urubamba, Ollantaytambo: Bridges over Troubled Water (Jan 26)

The Altomesayok shamans and other close friends who are spiritually enlightened, can find the full details of what happened during my shamanic ceremonies with Don Sebastian and Nicolas in a special private and confidential section of this web site.  You can also read there about what happened afterward, as revelations about my astral mission kept gushing out during the four weeks that followed. Just click on "Shamanic Notes from Peru 2010" (User ID and password required; click here to write to me and request them if you have lost or forgotten them, or you would like to request them now). 

Ollantaytambo: "Driving on Water" to Safety (Jan 26)

Cusco: An Encore, Plus Tipon, Cuis & Cons (Jan 27)

Puno: Highest & Lowest Point of Our Trip (Jan 28)

Puno: Highest & Lowest Point of Our Trip (Jan 29)

Back in Cusco; Visit to Senor Huanca (Jan 30)

Leaving Cusco; Last Night in Lima (Jan 31)

Lima-Miami: Mt Huaskaran Lifts Its Veil (Feb 1-2)

Also, Miami-LA-Maui (Feb 2)



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