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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just to Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from it all




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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from a lifetime 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from and recapping it all

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Peru 2012 - Part 2


Puno-Uros Floating Islands-Amantani Boat Ride


The day before the Great Galactic Shift: Calm before a storm?


PUNO, Lake Titicaca, Peru, Dec 20 - The clock was ticking. We were less than a day away from the Great Galactic Shift. It was to happen at exactly 6:12 AM the following day - 12-21-12 - the day we were all looking forward to. I woke up early again feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve, wondering with excitement and anticipation what gifts and surprise tomorrow would bring.

As soon as the stores at the Puno Market opened, I went there to buy a bottle of wine for tomorrow's planned ceremony and some other gifts I was planning to include in the Stewards of the Earth Despacho (offering) and in gift packs for kids of our host family on Amantani island.

Our minivan took us to the Puno harbor where a chartered boat was already waiting for us. A few more trinkets and sweets at the harbor shops, and then we were off on our watery adventure.  During the two-hour ride, I kept hearing my rendition of "The Swan," a beautiful Camille Saint-Saens piece for violin and orchestra which I adapted for piano and recorded on Dec 1, 2012:

The Swan in ALTZAR's Piano Rendition (posted Jan 16, 2013)


Ou boat ride from Puno to Amantani Island was full of many other sights and sounds, too. Check out this short film first, and then the Photo Album that follows.

Lake Titicaca: Puno-Uros-Amantani Boat Ride (Dec 20)



Puno-Amantani Boat Ride Photo Album

Puno in early morning

Leaving Puno harbor

Toward Uros floating islands

Welcome at floating island

I joked about the McDonald's arches and everybody laughed

Countdown starts till 6:12 AM tomorrow...


Amantani Island: Last Sunset of the Pisces Era

And now, here's an account of what happened after we arrived on Amantani Island as related in an earlier story with videos posted at the web site:

We arrived there by boat in late afternoon of Dec 20 after a two-hour boat ride from Puno, with a  brief visit to the floating Uros islands in between.  The map of Lake Titicaca (right) will give you an idea how huge this lake is. The two-hour boat ride traversed only a tiny portion of the lake.

Amantani island has no hotels or hostels. Upon arrival, we were put up in a private home. The island's 5,000 inhabitants live a simple life. Electricity is available but scarce. There are no cars. Which made me wonder how all those brick and mortar and concrete homes were built without the use of mechanized transport. Somehow, they did it.

Anyway, after we checked in, I was compelled to climb the mountain and do a sunset ceremony. I asked my compadres if anyone wanted to join me. No takers. So  I set off alone.

I was soon joined by three local boys (right). We walked and "talked" together for a while. One played his flute. I saved mine for later as I was also saving my breath going up a steep hill.

About half way to the top (actually I see now from the above maps, that was only about a third of the way up), there was a Y-type branch in the stone path. The right branch led to Pachamama Temple (feminine, shape of a circle). The left one snaked its way up the hill to Pachatata Temple (masculine, square-shaped). I took the right turn. I don't know why. I just did. Later, I found out from Mallku, our Peruvian guide, that he and most of the tourists were on the other hill - watching the sunset at the Pachatata Temple.

When I reached the Pachamama Temple, I looked at my altimeter: 13,600 ft. I was at the highest point of the highest island of the highest lake in the world. But my attention was focused on something else - the setting sun. It looked as if I had made it there just in time. A big cloud covering the western horizon threatened to make this an early sunset. Indeed, within about 15 mins or so of my reaching the summit, the sun did disappear behind that cloud.


The light was teaming with celestial deities... Violet - for Saint Germaine, Green - for Paul the Venetian, Blue - for Archangel Michael, Pink - for Sanat Kumara, etc. Take a closer look at that far right photo. Notice Father Sun's golden rays shining right through my heart? Also see a lei-necklace of Green pearls around my neck. Green is the color of the Heart Chakra and Love. That was Paul the Venetian who put it on me.  He was my mother in a lifetime in Egypt at a time of Jeshua-Jesus.

Perfect Strangers Become Instant Brothers

I noticed a man sitting on a rock in the distance. He and I were the only humans at the Pachamama Temple. But I had my work to do so I paid no attention to him at first.

After I did my ceremony and played Pachelbel and Beethoven's "Ode de Joy" on my flute in closing, I walked over to the man to say "hi." Turns out it was Claude, a Frenchman who now lives in Peru. He joined our group only this morning solely for the purpose of coming to Amantani Island with us.  

Claude does not speak English. Well, maybe a few words. I do not speak French. Well, maybe a few words. But that did not stop us from making an instant heart connection. We hugged and "talked" as best as we could.

Then I got an idea. "Claude, let me do an interview with you. You just speak in French about what you're feeling right now, and I will record it."

What followed was a delightful exchange, very fitting for Beethoven's "Ode de Joy" music I was guided to play on my flute for this occasion. You will see in these scenes two grown men expressing their joy of life like two little boys - unrestrained, free, drunk on beauty of the place and the moment.

Amantani Island: Last Sunset of Pisces Era (12-20-12)

Claude spoke from the heart and beautifully about why he came here at this auspicious moment for the last sunset of the Pisces era.

For those of you who do not speak French, here's the gist of what Claude said on camera (courtesy of my friend Pierre Hessler from Paris who helped me out with this translation):

- I (Claude) came to celebrate the "solstice" (i.e. December 21st change of season)
- I came to feel the energy penetrate his whole being
- I came to ask for the end of everything wrong, in favor of love and peace (the latter on my prompting...)
- I seek love, light and peace.

Then I handed Claude my camera and asked him to do the same while I played my flute. We were both having such a wonderful time. Virtual strangers until just a few minutes earlier became instant brothers.

When we started walking down, we "talked" non-stop. Any other French or English-speaking person would have thought we were Italian. Because we used our hands as much as our tongues. But we managed to make ourselves understood and had fun in the process. 

Claude also told me that Saint Germaine (see *Note) was one of his guides.

"So is he mine," I replied. "And he was with us tonight at sunset in the form of a violet light." I then told Claude about my life as a Paris-born Frenchman Jacques Ferdinand Devereaux, a student of Saint Germaine and a friend of Mozart and Beethoven. Overall, we managed a pretty animated conversation for two people who could not speak each other's languages.

Mother Moon Joins Father Sun in Farewell to Pisces Era

  Last sunset (Pisces era), first sunrise (Aquarius Era)

When the local residents constructed the stone paths up the mountain to the two temples, they also built stone arches which looked like gateways at certain points. There are apparently seven such arches, one for each chakra. One is supposed to pause under each arch and ask Gaia-Pachamama's permission to proceed.  The same on the way down.

Well, when we reached the first of these archways on our way down, something made me look up. There was a round opening between the stones that the builders had obviously deliberately left. Through it, I saw Mama Quilla (Mother Moon) smiling at me. I looked to my left. There was Father Sun setting down behind a dark cloud.  I felt like a rod connecting the three.

Last Sunset of Pisces Era: Mother Moon Joins Father Sun through a Portal

I shrieked with joy like a kid who discovered a hidden treasure. "Magic," I shouted. "Pure magic."

I motioned to Claude to come and join me. He got just as excited  as I when he saw the Moon through the hole in the arch. I took pictures. I think maybe even a video. I am not sure just yet. I made over 40 video clips on Amantani Island.

Dinner, Celestial Movies

Mallku and I were the last still sitting and talking at the dining room table after dinner.  It was a little after 9 PM. The rest of our group were already off to bed.  We had to rise at 4 AM the next morning.  Of course, I did not eat anything during dinner.

"Funny thing," I said.

"What is funny?" Mallku asked.

"I have not eaten for nearly three days now," I continued. "Yet I am not hungry at all."

Mallku nodded like someone who understood what I was talking about.

"It's good to fast," he said.  "I do it once or twice a year. Usually for a couple of days."

I went to bed around 9:30 PM feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve. "Wonder what presents I am going to find under the tree tomorrow?"




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