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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just to Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from it all




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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from a lifetime 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from and recapping it all

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Peru 2012 - Part 3


Lima: Recuperating and Recapitulating


Two days in warm climate help body recover; Christmas Eve in Miraflores; Long flights home on Christmas Day


When it was all over (in the aftermath of 12-21-12), I sort of felt dazed and overwhelmed by what had happened. So I never uttered a word to anyone.  I did not think people were ready to hear that one can ascend and still be in a body. So I just said it would take me some time to process internally everything that transpired on that magical morning.  And that when I was ready to "speak" about it, I would do so via videos first. It took three days before I actually did it.

Meanwhile, back to Archangel Michael's advice re. the 12-21-12 ascension. Here’s what he said how one might feel afterward:

You will feel a sense of disconnection and disassociation. Not severe, not “Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing?” - but certainly a sense of disassociation, almost as if you have taken either some plant or chemical hallucinogen, not that severe, but a sense of, “Oh, I am seeing things very differently. I am in a different process.”


Even your movements, you may feel like you’re moving through air as if you are moving through water.

That’s exactly how I felt (and still do).  I feel as if I am moving through water or floating in air.  It’s a very mellow, soft, gentle, light weighted feeling of smooth motion. Archangel Michael assured us it is okay to feel that way. That’s what the fifth dimension is like.

Do not worry about it. It is the adjustments and attunements, as you are firmly anchoring in a different dimension.

My skin now also has a different scent. Sort of the way it smelled when I was quite young. And my voice was deeper.

LIMA, Peru, Dec 22-24 - By the time we were ready to check out of our Puno hotel the morning of Dec 22, the 10 strangers from just a few days ago had become good friends. Spontaneously, we broke into a farewell dance in the hotel lobby. It was the same dance we performed at the Pachatata Temple on Amantani Island to end our ceremony the morning of 12-21-12. Here's a video clip of that 12-22-12 dance at the Puno hotel:

Our Group Farewell Dance at Puno Hotel (Dec 22)


Then we took our last bus ride together to the Juliaca airport (the airport which serves Puno). My flight was the last one to leave. So after we said our goodbyes to each other, I filmed this festive scene in the airport lobby:

Christmas in Peru: Andean Music at Juliaca Airport, Santa in the Sky  (Dec 22)


Here are also some still shots I took at the Juliaca airport.

Moments after the two left shots were taken - showing our group arrival at the airport - the skies opened up and a tremendous downpour followed. "What an apt (watery) send-off," I thought. After all of my friends boarded their flight (visible in the background of second sight shot), the Tapa Air ground crew, dressed as Santas, posed for me and for each other.

During my own flight to Lima, I noticed that even the clouds were in a festive Christmas mood.... :-)

Once in Lima, it felt great to be in a warm climate again. I could not wait to take my heavy boots off. I have been living in them for 10 days straight now. For someone who is used to going around barefoot home in Hawaii, that was one of the hardships of this pilgrimage. I walked around the familiar neighborhood of Miraflores and got my first Starbucks drink since leaving Maui. There was an art exhibit going on in the park. It reminded me of the last time Elizabeth and I were there when we purchased this beautiful painting directly from a Lima artist (right).

After that, I treated myself to a delicious dessert crepes at the "Palacinke" restaurant (far above right) which I remembered from our last trip to Lima. 

The next day (Dec 23), I went out for another walk through the Miraflores neighborhood and took pictures of these pre-Christmas scenes...

Later in the evening, uring a nighttime stroll through the same park, I also made these two short films:

Christmas in Peru: Love Is in the Air in Lima Park (Dec 23)


Christmas in Peru: Flipping Chicken(?) Burgers in Lima Park (Dec 23)


Finally, on my last day in Lima - Christmas Eve - I made this video about my walk along the Miraflores shoreline and the Larcomar Mall:

Christmas Eve in Lima with "Ave Maria" and "El Condor Pasa" (Dec 24)





And now, here are my notes about what happened after I got to Lima.

Let's start with these two videos I made in Lima, Peru on Dec 22 and Dec 24 respectively. They were the first things I had said publicly about the events of 12-21-12. The first one was a part of the Triangle of Light broadcast I recorded that evening (12-22-12).

12-21-12 Magical Morning on Amantani Island (recorded on Dec 22)




12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension Introduction (recorded on Dec 24)



Also, here's a musical tribute video to 12-21-12 that I had made before leaving home:

Mozart Concerto #21: Music of Rainbows - Tribute to 12-21-12 (Dec 6)


It took three days before I could start talking about it all. By Dec 24, my heart was a sure that what happened on 12-21-12 was real. It was a culmination of a Spirit marathon which started five years ago.  But I still did not feel comfortable talking about it in public.

"Who's ever heard of a living Master?" a little voice whispered shyly.

"Then get a second opinion," my Spirit guides told me. And so I did.

Three Light Beings Confirm Everything

The three Light Beings, whom Earl Backman channels, have now confirmed everything. Earl was the first and the only person with whom I shared what happened on 12-21-12. That's because, as I was doing the Triangle of Light broadcast on 12-22-12, I looked up something the Light Beings had said about this trip to Peru back in October:

"There is nothing more we can really say but affirm everything you are feeling. It is how some enlightened earth being say - “all the stars are lining up for this return home” … to not only pay homage to the Source, to not only honor the Spirits and the area, but we can tell you - you will undergo another spiritual initiation in this process."

I had forgotten all about that prediction highlighted in red until 12-22-12. It was another "AHA"-moment for me, one of many on this trip. I did remember, however, what the LBs said about me returning home. Except that I thought that "home" meant the Andes, where I have had important past lifetimes.  But I realized the morning of 12-21-12 that it actually meant returning home to the universe. In fact, I talked about it "live" in one of the video clips recorded on Amantani island.

So I asked Earl on Dec 24 to have the LBs confirm that my interpretation of what happened on 12-21-12 was accurate. Here's his reply:

"I have just tuned into the LB's and they definitely confirmed what you were told in October."

Here's what the LBs said to me on Dec 24:

"You Listened! You Trusted! You took Action! This is the way it is to be. You were guided by the Masters on your entire journey, experiencing what you never expected. This is because you were open to receiving all of the blessings from the Spiritual Realm. You will continue to be guided in your work-expanding your guardianship of Planet Earth. Blessings."

I asked Earl to thank the LBs for me, both for the past guidance and for this message.

Change in Voice Inflection, Singing and Flute-playing Ability

Even before the 12-21-12 initiation, I had noticed a change in my voice. It got deeper. More resonant. During our climb of Huayna Picchu on Dec 17, I told Liz, my Peruvian guide and friend, about it.

Then on Dec 23, Charles, a business friend of mine from Dallas, Texas, after watching the latest Triangle of Light broadcast, which I recorded in Lima on 12-22-12, wrote: "You can tell by the look on your face and the inflection in your voice you were moved deeply."

Another independent confirmation.  In my reply, I told him that I had first noticed it on Huayna Picchu (right).

As the trip went on, my flute playing ability also improved. I only picked playing the instrument a little over a year ago and have been self-taught in everything I have learned so far. But on this trip, I met one person who is an accomplished flautist.

Serge, Barbara's husband, also a university professor in Boston, was evidently given that job by the Spirit realm on this trip - unbeknownst to either of us. On Dec 18, he helped me with general advice on how to create beautiful long note vibrations on the flute.

After a year of not being able to figure it out on my own, I got it right away. And so when I was guided to play Pachelbel and Beethoven's "Ode de Joy" from the 9th Symphony at sunset on Dec 20, the music that came out of my flute as a farewell to the last sunset of the Pisces era sounded much better than anything I had played before (right).

Similarly, at the end of my 12-21-12 initiation, with tears rolling down my cheeks, I started to SING (!) "Amazing Grace." Imagine that - SING! I don't know what came over me. I was never a good singer. I didn't think I had a good voice. But using the same technique I had just learned while playing the flute, I was able to produce decent vocal sounds.  "Amazing Grace" was not amazing, but it was of acceptable quality for a novice singer.


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