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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just to Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from it all




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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from a lifetime 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from and recapping it all

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HAIKU, Maui, Dec 12 - Before leaving on my 12-21-12 pilgrimage to Peru, I knew my own travel plans would not be worth the paper they would be written on. This whole trip had been planned for me by the Spirit realm long ago. So there was not much sense in me trying to do too much to prepare. Except to be prepared for surprises. That's what the Light Beings had told me when we talked about the trip back in October. Boy were they ever right...


My rough plan was to break the trip into two four-day parts. First, I would meet with Liz in Cusco, my old friend, hotelier and spiritual travel guide. She and I would then travel to meet with various Inca shamans do ceremonies at places that were significant in my lifetime some 500 years ago as Hatun Watana. I was then the high Inca shaman who, along with Manco Inca, led their people to the safety of interior valleys so as to protect their culture and lifestyle from destruction by the Conquistadors. Eventually we ended up in Vilcabamba, the last capital of the Inca empire, deep in the wilderness of the Andean interior valleys. I had never been there before in this lifetime. So I was really looking forward to it and to a chance to pay homage to my ancestors and the land that once nurtured us.

From Vilcabamba, Liz and I planned to travel to Quillabamba, her home town in the Amazon area of Peru and do an Ayahuasca ceremony there. The first part of my trip was to end with a trip to Machu Picchu, and climb to the top of Huayna Picchu where I was planning to do my final ceremony (see the map - right - and pictures).

In the second part of the trip, I was to meet up with another group in Cusco, led by Mallku, also an experienced spiritual travel guide. We would then proceed by bus to Puno on Lake Titicaca. Our ultimate goal was to end up on Amantani Island on 12-21-12 for a special ceremony honoring the Galactic Shift and the passing of the transition between the two eras (Pisces and Aquarius).

So that was the plan. And now, here's what really happened...



"Travel light... come pure and humble; ALLOW yourself to be vulnerable... and we will guide you"

LIMA, Peru, Dec 13-14 - You know what they say about the "best laid place of mice and men" (going awry).  Well, I did not have to wait long to find out how my Spirit guides and teachers were going to start changing my plans and laying on surprises for me to cope with and learn from. They did it right from the get-go.

After a long (8,000-mile) trip, I arrived in Lima on time, around 10PM on Dec 13. My bag did not. It was still somewhere along the way.

"It's still in LA," the Copa Airlines baggage handler in Lima told me when I filled out the missing bag claim form.

That was the first of many falsehoods I would hear from the various Copa, LAN Peru and United Airlines employees over the next three weeks. Even now (Jan 2, 2013), I still don't have my bag even though I have been home on Maui since Christmas Day.

Here's a report I filed contemporaneously from Lima on Dec 14:

Hello everybody. Hola! Just a quick note to let you know that I have made it as far as Lima so far. Wish I could say the same for my bag. It is still in Los Angeles.

This is the third time in three trips on three different airlines on three different routings that the same thing happened. 

Furthermore, when we landed in Panama, I discovered that my iPhone wasn't working, either. "NO SERVICE" was all it said. So I could not call my friends here who are supposed to meet me in Cusco later on Friday to tell them what happened. (Eventually, I borrowed a cell phone from a nice baggage handler and did make that call).

Thanks to some heroic efforts by Elizabeth in dealing with useless people in Sprint tech support, we did manage to have them activate my global roaming so my phone is now working.

I know there are not good or bad experiences, only lessons. As I was waking up, I asked the Spirit for guidance. "What is the lessons in all this for me?" Here's what happened. These are my Journal notes from this morning:

"This is unbelievable. I drew the Discernment card again upon my arrival in Lima and after all the problems I have had with my bag, my Sprint cell phone connection, etc. I wonder if the Spirit is again telling me to take it easy on technology? But what about the bag. I can't go into high elevations without a change of clothes... or maybe I can?"

This has been the fifth time in 10 days that Discernment card and its message showed up! Incredible odds. And obviously a serious message.

When I woke up in Lima around 5AM on 12-14-12, I "heard" the message from the Spirit that my Sprint phone and the lost bag problems were lessons in allowing the Spirit to guide me. This has been the third time my bag has been lost. Which makes it a perfect 100% score even though I had traveled on three different airlines and routings each time. So the Spirit message is:

"Leave all your baggage behind when you come to the Andes. Travel light, as you did when you were Wonka Tewa, the Apache high shaman. Come pure, humble. ALLOW yourself to be vulnerable and we will guide you. As we did last night when we guided you to solve the Sprint phone problem."

"The lost bag (which contained both my and SOE Mesas) was also to remind you that you do not need Mesas or other material objects to reach the Spirit. Just like you did not when you were Wonka Tewa" (re. Ahtun Re channeling 11-17-12).

"You can reach the Spirit directly BY JUST BEING AND ALLOWING your heart to talk to us,"

BTW - "ALLOW" - is the main theme for our 12-22-12 Triangle of Light broadcast."

Off to Cusco now. Wish me luck with the bag. 

Love and blessings


PS: Here's my photo taken at the Panama airport...

And now, here are also some other photos I took during and upon landing in Panama City, after a 6-hr flight from Los Angeles.

Some five hours later, this is what Lima by night looked like as we were landing there.

And then the following morning, before leaving the hotel to catch an early morning flight to Cusco, I took these shots at my room:

Hola from Lima! :-) Off to the mountains I go...

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