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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just to Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from it all




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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from a lifetime 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from and recapping it all

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First signs of magic appear at Temple of the Moon, Urubamba fire ceremonies

URUBAMBA, Peru, Dec 14 - My first day in the High Andes started on a high note.  It was the day I did three shamanic ceremonies. The morning one was at Cusco's Koricancha Temple. The afternoon one was at the Temple of the Moon near Sacsaywaman (above Cusco). The final ritual of the day took place in the evening. It was a fire ceremony I did with my old friend, a world famous Inca shaman, Don Sebastian, in place in Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

December 14 was also the day my Spirit guides started to lay on their first signs of magic - first at the Temple of the Moon, then in Urubamba. Little did I know that communicating with the Spirit realm through the kinds of signs that most people would regard as "magic" was to become the norm, not an exception, on this entire journey.

Leaving Lima (left), Cusco airport (middle), driving into town (right)

Koricancha Temple Visit & Ceremony

I arrived in Cusco around 9:30 AM after an hour's flight from Lima. I was met at the airport by Adrian, the driver whom Liz had hired for the day. He goes by the name Wayra in Quechua. Which means Wings.  Adrian was born and raised in Cusco, near the Sacsaywaman sacred site (which we will visit later in the day). I found out quickly that he is also very knowledgeable about Peruvian shamanic traditions. So I did not have to explain anything. Adrian aka Wayra understood everything I was doing and why. He also acted as my cameraman when we arrived at the Koricancha Temple (below - this panorama shot is made up of five frames).

The Koricancha Temple is located right in the heart of Cusco. On my first visit to Peru, I stayed at a nearby hotel. In fact, on my first day there, still jetlagged and in shock from Cusco's high altitude (11,000 ft), I fell asleep on this beautiful green lawn before I knew anything about the Inca traditions or this sacred site. Well, this time around, I was guided to start my sacred journey of 2012 right here - at the Koricancha Temple. Here's the video from the ceremony I did at the old Inca site which is hidden from public street view inside the Spanish cathedral.

Peru 2012: Cusco Koricancha Temple Ceremony (Dec 14)


And now, here's also a photo album from this visit to the temple...

Koricancha Temple Photo Album

During ceremony

During ceremony

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Temple of the Moon Visit & Ceremony

The Temple of the Moon is based high up in the hills above Cusco, near the famous Inca site Sacsaywaman. In fact, on our way there, we stopped near Sacsaywaman (where I had been a number of times before), so I can take some long distance shots of it.

In the meantime, Adrian and I had also gone back to the airport to pick up Liz. She flew in from Lima on a flight that arrived noon. From here on, she was to be with me for the rest of this First Part of my Peru 2012 sacred journey.

Before driving up toward Sacsaywaman, we stopped at a Cusco restaurant for Adrian and Liz to have lunch (I don't eat lunches). There was a small boy hovering around. He looked hungry. So we shared some of our food with him. He had bright brown eyes. I figured he was probably a second or third grader in school.  The shot on the right is a view of the plaza in front of the restaurant as seen through the restaurant window.

When we arrived at the Temple of the Moon, it was raining. We had to talk across a muddy field for about half a mile to reach it. They don't allow cars' access to it anymore, Adrian explained.  Before we went up and into the cave that represents the Temple of the Moon, I used a chance to interview him and Liz, and to have Adrian explain the sacred cleansing essence that he has learned to create from 180 local herbs. Wish you could smell it. It is simply divine.  I brought some home with me, what little was left after all the ceremonies and sharing it with others on this trip.  Instead, I can offer you this video...

Peru 2012: Cusco Temple of the Moon Interview with Adrian (Dec 14)


While I was doing this interview with Adrian and Liz, you may have noticed a group of people clambering up the rocks toward the Temple. It was a seemingly random gathering of young men and women from all over the world - Australia, England, Canada, India... We caught up with them a few minutes later. After taking our shoes off outside the temple, we carefully stepped into the cave. (Carefully, because it had been raining, as I said, and the stone surfaces were slippery).

Here's now a video about that ceremony...

Peru 2012: Cusco Temple of the Moon Ceremony (Dec 14)


Temple of the Moon: Start of Magical Messages

When we walked out of the dark Temple, the sun was also out. While Liz and Adrian were putting on their shoes, something made me climb up on the rock right above the cave entrance. There was an indentation in it where a puddle of water had gathered from the rain that had just stopped.

"I think we have a message from Inti Taiti (Father Sun)," I told Liz and Adrian before even realizing what it was. I had a sense that Father Sun was sending us a message through this puddle of water. So squatting down to catch the sun's rays at the right angle, I "read" his message.  Here it is (right).

Liz and Adrian also got very excited and took a number of pictures of the Sun's heart smiling at us approvingly after the Temple of the Moon ceremony. This was but my only shot of it. The rest of the images remained etched in my heart.

Little did I know that this would be only a start of the magical messages I was to receive at the Temple of the Moon. As we were slowly walking back to the car across the same muddy field, enjoying the warmth of sunshine this time, I hung back of Liz and Adrian by some 40-50 yards. I was enjoying the scenery and looking all around. Then suddenly, something made me look down at the ground.  Right there, on the green grass, there was a beautiful white stone gleaming in sunlight. I have not seen any like it anywhere around here. Later on, I heard Liz and Adrian say the same thing.

The white rock was practically calling my name. So I picked it up.

"Thank you, Mama Quilla (Mother Moon)", I said. "Thank you for my new kulla" (for more on the meaning on use of Shaman's Kullas, check out "Shaman's Tools of Trade" at the web site).

I walked on for about 10 yards admiring the new kulla. It was so smooth that it looked as if it had been polished. Kind of like those big stones the Inca used to build their magnificent sites, such as Machu Picchu or Sacsaywaman.  Then something made me turn around and go back. I walked a few yards past the point where I had picked up the kulla. I was stunned to see in the grass another one like it. Only bigger...

I got it immediately. It was another magical message from the Spirit realm.

"Yanantin-Masintin," I whispered. Masculine-feminine. Balance. Duality.

As I was looking at the second rock, I noticed the outline of the Temple of the Moon rock formation in the deep background. Then another penny dropped. These two kullas mirror the Temple, just as some other (larger) rocks I had seen in Machu Picchu, Pisaq and other places reflected the mountain shapes around them. You will have a chance to see one of them later on on this trip when Liz and and I (re)visit Machu Picchu. Actually, why keep you in suspense.  Here is a Machu Picchu example of what I am talking about...

The large rock in the left shot is mirroring the shape of Machu Picchu (the mountain) on the right.

Guess with that image in mind, I held the two new white kullas together under the outline of the Temple of the Moon in the distance...

It was amazing. Even the crack in the Temple of the Moon rock formation matched the crack between the two white rocks. My heart was pumping with excitement. "Mama Quilla" is "talking" to me. I wished Liz and Adrian were closer so I could share my excitement with them. Which I did a few minutes later. But not before another message arrived from the Spirit realm.

After walking another 10-20 yards, I spotted a flat black rock in the ground. Again, it was unlike any other stone in the area. It also seemed to be calling my name. I picked it up. It looked like either slate or onyx. (Liz and Adrian thought it was onyx). Either way, we have not seen anything like it here.

Then I got another hit from the Spirit realm. When I held up the black kulla against the background scenery, I realized it was mirroring the image of Pachatusan. This mountain is one of the major one in Inca cosmology. The Inca believed it was the Axis of the World. And its outline lay just to the right of the Temple of the Moon (see below).

That's when I got the final hit of the afternoon. I inserted the black slate or onyx kulla between  the two white ones. Another perfect fit! And a message from the Spirit realm about the importance of Balance. Not just masculine-feminine, but also between Light and Dark.  It is the Dark that helps us see the Light better. And it is the Dark that then can be absorbed into the Light. Just as in the above example.

Tears of gratitude were streaming down my cheeks. When later on that evening I explained what had happened to Don Sebastian, with Liz's help as translator, he also got it immediately.

"Yanantin-Masantin" he said when I showed him the three kullas matched as above even before I had a chance to say it.

And now, here is the Temple of the Moon photo album...

Temple of the Moon Photo Album

* * *

Brief Visit to Pisaq

After the Temple of the Moon, we drove on toward Urubamba, stopping in Pisaq for a brief visit. When Elizabeth and I were here three years ago, the Urubamba river had flooded and washed out the bridge to Pisaq, cutting off this picturesque community from direct access from Cusco. So I wanted to take some pictures of Pisaq for Elizabeth so she would get a chance to see now what she had missed.

I did take some pictures (above). But as it turns out, I got more than that in Pisaq.

Adrian took us to some friends of his who have been making beautiful jewelry for generations. They actually make the jewelry right there in the store. And that includes this young lady who was helping us peruse their artifacts. Since Elizabeth's birthday was coming up at the end of the month, I decided to buy her a ring. For a while, I could not decide between the red and the turquoise rings (middle shot). Eventually, I opted for the turquoise. It is her birthstone. And the shape is that of a rain drop. Quite beautiful. She wore it at our New Year's Eve dinner in Wailea.

Urubamba Visit & Ceremony

By the time we made it to Urubamba and the Eco Andina hotel that Liz owns and manages, the sun had already set.  Which is why some of the pictures and videos you are about to see are sort of dark. I had made no prior plans about this evening. Yet shortly after we arrived, my old friend Don Sebastian materialized as if out of the air.  He does not live in Urubamba. And I did not ask to see him. Yet somehow either he or Liz figured we should meet again (here's a shot of us from June 2009 at Korimarka Falls, during the Altomesayok Pilgrimage).

I was delighted to see Don Sebastian. And I could feel from his heart the feeling was mutual. We hugged and "chatted" warmly like brothers or long lost friends even if we could not speak each other's languages. But our hearts could.

As soon as Don Sebastian saw the flute in my bag, he grabbed it and started to play.  Liz joined in as a dancer. Soon a dog that was hanging around joined the dance. I filmed it all. And now you will have a chance to see it, along with a very powerful and totally impromptu shamanic ceremony that Don Sebastian and I did after dinner. It lasted well into the night and ended up in a beautiful fire on the hotel's lawn. More magic followed at the end when Master Sananda (Jeshua-Jesus) let his presence known via a cross I spotted on the ground near the fire. Enjoy!

Peru 2012: Urubamba Despacho & Fire Ceremony with Don Sebastian (Dec 14)


And now, here's also the Urubamba photo album...

Urubamba Photo Album


Off to Vilcabamba next...

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