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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just to Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from it all




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Peru 2012: Another Dual Purpose Mission - A Trip Back Home to the Universe, Not Just Peru

Toward 12-21-12 Initiation & Ascension

Part 1: Revisiting old haunts from a lifetime 500 years ago - Cusco, Vilcabamba, Machu Picchu; Part 2: Lake Titicaca, Amantani Island - Initiation & Ascension; Part 3: Lima - Recuperating from and recapping it all

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Introduction to Part 2

The first part of my Peru 2012 "Toward 12-21-12 Shift" pilgrimage was a fast-paced, frenetic, exhilarating and often surprising adventure whose twists and turns covered hundreds of miles of wild , woolly and muddy Peruvian hinterland. It was also a journey 500 back to my lifetime as Hatun Watana, a high priest-shaman of the Inca imperial era. Liz and I and our drivers connected with the Spirits of the land and the mountains day and night through ceremonies at Koricancha (Cusco), Temple of the Moon (Sacsaywaman), Urubamba, Vilcabamba, Rosaspata and atop Huayna Picchu.

The second part of my journey was much more sedate, more contemplative, more introspective. Yet the entire time I was with a larger group of people who were on similar quests. We had never seen each other before the morning of Dec 18 when we met at the Cusco hotel. Yet we were destined to become close friends over the next 4-5 days. Three came from India, one from the (French) island of Reunion near Madagascar. Two were from Boston (via Haiti and Jamaica). One was from San Diego, another from Dallas. The tour group guide was from Cusco, his wife from Brazil. Later in Puno, we were joined by a Frenchman and a local guy from the floating islands of Uros. And on 12-21-12, a young couple from Colombia also joined us on Amantani Island. And then there was also yours truly who hails from all over this planet. So it was quite a diverse group in so many ways. Which is what made it so perfect to welcome the Shift of the Ages together on 12-21-12.

Peru 2012 - Part 2


Cusco-Puno Ride: Start of Purging


Spirit-initiated cleansing begins three days before the Great Shift



PUNO, Lake Titicaca, Peru, Dec 18 - When we got to Cusco after our Machu Picchu adventures, Liz's son Ken took me to a cheap local department store so I can buy some clothes to last me the rest of the trip. Liz had lent me her backpack which now combined as my day pack and a traveling bag.

After restful night in Cusco, I met up with my new group in the morning. We were about to share a long bus ride to Puno and spend the next five days together. It was a small group - 10 of us altogether - led by Mallku, a Cusco-based Peruvian guide. They had been traveling together already for about 4-5 days. So I was a newcomer that added new chemistry to the group. Just like when you throw a pebble into a lake, that usually causes some ripples at first before a new community balance is established. 

We stopped at the Temple of Wirakocha for about an hour's break as well as for lunch a short while later. We also made a short shopping stop in Pukara, a village in Altiplano (high plains) area before you get to Puno in which I bought some new Inca shoes and a headband.  Somehow, all the pictures from that bus ride disappeared from my camera except for the above ones. You can see me wearing the headband in a photo taken a few days later on Amantani Island.

By the time we checked into our Puno hotel, I had already been purging all afternoon. My room was cold and I had trouble sleeping. Eventually, I got up in the wee hours of the morning to send this message to my family and friends around the world:

FROM PUNO, LAKE TITICACA - ON ST NICHOLAS DAY (my Djurdjevic family protector-saint)

We have made it to Lake Titicaca after a 9-hr bus ride. For me personally, it was a hard trip. Throughout the day, I had diarrhea. At one point, I even had to ask the bus to stop so I could run out and do my business in the bushes. Luckily I had some toilet paper with me - benefit of having traveled in Peru before. So right after we checked in, I walked out to find a pharmacy and get some pills to help my stomach problem. 

I also skipped dinner and had a restless and fitful night. My feet were cold all the time even though I wore double socks and my upper body was fine. I had to run to the bathroom every half an hour or so. When I tried to sleep, a movie was running all the time. It was a parade of images like a slideshow. Many of them were computer screenshots. Others were incredible light creations. They dissolved into each other with tremendous speed. I could not figure out heads or tails what they were about. There was no storyline. Just a parade of images. Sometimes accompanied by music, like "The Swan." 

The only thing I know for sure is that this eternal movie prevented me from have any deep sleep at all. And left me feeling anxious, out of balance. And reminded me that three years ago, when Elizabeth and I were here together, she also ended up sick as a dog almost the entire time we spent in Puno.

Close to dawn, after about six hours of that, I discerned what this was about. It was and is a part of the preparation of my physical body for the light body ascension on Dec 21 - two days from now. So I do not plan to eat any food for at least 24 hours after my last meal. The group I am with and I have a full day ahead visiting the pre-Inca sites like Ajayu Marka etc. I have asked the Spirit to give me the stamina to last the day.

Then I drew my guidance card for the day. And my dear old friend and my "personal medicine woman" showed up. It was Mary Magdalene speaking to me through Devotion. Here's the gist of her message:

"No matter what insanity is going on around you, stay devoted to your internal Divine union. The answers are not in this world. Focus not on the outside where the world is in chaos. Stay true to yourself and to Devotion in your heart center."

I then proceeded to do a shamanic clearing of all of my chakras using a special healing essence that is made up of 130 different Andean hers. This bottle was gifted to me by a shaman-friend early on this trip in Cusco. And I asked the Spirit to do the rest. 

I could also use some of your healing prayers, but only if your heart tells you so.

As you can see, this truly feels like a pilgrimage in fact, not just in words. But it's not a pilgrimage of one. It is a journey of one for ALL Stewards of the Earth.

Love and blessings from Puno on Lake Titicaca in Peru.


PUNO, Lake Titicaca, Peru, Dec 19 - Even before we headed out for our day's outing, I had already received some helpful advice from some of my shaman-friends. This correspondence evolved into a story "AYAHUASCA CLEANSING WITHOUT AYAHUASCA (Dec 19)" which I filed by the end of the day (Dec 19).



First of all, I want to thank all of you - Stewards of the Earth - who prayed for my recovery from the purging ordeal in the last 24 hours. Our prayers worked and were well received by the Spirit realm. I was back to almost 100% by mid-morning. 

BTW - I found out from Lauren Gailey that 8 of 10 people in her group experiences similar purging symptoms. She also figured the diarrhea was not of earthly origin. Indeed it was not.

After our small group headed out toward a pre-Inca sacred site this morning, more magic began to unfold...

To save on time, I will share this story in the form of correspondence with my dear friend and a fellow-shaman Cielle Backstrom from Iowa. She and her husband Jeff and I first met about five years ago on a shamanic pilgrimage to Mount Ausangate. Both of them have been very active in the Andes since.

When we returned from our trip this evening, I found a sweet message from Cielle. Here's a salient excerpt from it:

"Sending light and love to heal your body so that you can continue to do this work.


PS. when we work with Mother Ayahuasca in the jungle, purging is an important part of the healing. Your evening full of purging and visions sound a bit like an Ayahausca ceremony. And keep hydrated -- sipping tiny bits frequently so you body doesn't just purge it out. It is a real double whammy to be at high altitude and have diarrhea as both can result in dangerous dehydration.

Rest rest rest so that you are strong for the 21st..



My reply developed into this story:


Hi, Ciella. That was so sweet of you to offer me such detailed advice, along with your prayers. Your message put a big smile on my face. Not only because of your expression of support. Because of what you said about Ayahuasca. 

You are bang on with that. And I am grateful to you for having closed another magical loop for me. Here's why...

My plan for this trip provided for an overnight stay at Quillabamba on Dec 16, after our Vilcabamba ceremonies. Quillabamba is Liz's home town. So I was looking forward to seeing it. She also knows a lot of the local Amazon shamans. So she suggested Huachuma and Ayahuasca ceremonies that evening before we go on to Machu Picchu the next day. 

I did the Huachuma ceremony once in Arizona just to see what it's about, and it did not do anything for me. But I have never done Ayahuasca. Something inside of me is rejecting the idea of plant-assisted shamanism. But along the lines of "I'll do anything once," I agreed.

That's when the Spirit intervened. First, they delayed us with rain and landslides half way between Vilcabamba and Santa Maria. Then as if to add an exclamation mark, my Spirit guides disabled our car. The engine just died. Some electric circuit had been cut. You've probably seen my earlier story with more details.

So Liz and I hitchhiked to Santa Maria. Along the way, I told Liz that I am getting a strong sense that this was no accident. That this was a Spirit intervening and guiding us away from Quillabamba and the Ayahuasca ceremony. She agreed. So we drove on to Santa Teresa, which is close to Electra, from where the first morning train to Machu Picchu departs. As a bonus, we also spent a lovely hour or so in the Santa Teresa hot springs that evening. I could not have imagined a more relaxing end to an arduous journey thus far.

"Spirit always knows best," I told Liz. And I always do what my guides and teachers suggest. Otherwise, there may be trouble. That's the lesson I have learned in the last couple of years."

From there on, everything went as smooth as silk. You could see that from my reports about Machu Picchu, and our climb to Huayna Picchu.


My diarrhea and other purging took place from early evening yesterday till earning morning today. It happened out of the blue - for no food-related reason that I can figure out. Thanks to you, I know understand that it was in fact my Spirit guides administering Ayahuasca cleansing to me without the use of the physical plant. Which I find totally cool. And have thanked them numerous times today for it.

But there is more...

Today, we did two ceremonies. The first one was at Ajayu Marka (pronounced Ahayu), a pre-Inca sacred site. Even before we got there, looking at it from a distance, I said, "this must be some special Huaca." After a couple minutes, our minivan stopped. We had arrived at the ancient multidimensional gateway.

Ajayu Marka Temple Photo Album (Dec 19)

Headline from local paper about upcoming "end of the world"

The ceremony was wonderful. I will describe it in more detail when I get back home. But what was relevant to the cleansing part was a message I received while standing inside the trapezoid Gateway and connecting with the Spirit: 

I am to continue the fast until the 12-21-12 Solstice and the Shift of the Eras. As I intuited this morning, the reason for it is that I am to appear before the Council of Elders at 11:12 AM - pure and clean - as befits an Ascending Master. So this three-day fast is a test of my commitment to the Spirit and my soul intentions. 

Over lunch, which took place at an amazing castle on the Lake Titicaca shore, about an hour's drive from Puno, they served a scrumptious meal, candles and all. It was a magnificent setting, both inside and out. It looked and felt like Sedona with a lake. You'll see when I post the pictures.

An amazing day of learning from Spirit

I explained to Mallku, our shaman-tour guide, why I would not be eating any food. He understood completely. But they had already filled a glass of red wine in front of me. So I participated in a group toast with it. It tasted delicious. And as you know, Elizabeth and I are virtually non-drinkers. So I was quite surprised that I enjoyed that first sip.

Then I "heard" another guidance: "You are to have one glass of red wine till 12-21-12 to help you energetically and as symbol of communion with the Spirit realm."

Well, I am not sure if there will be any wine on Amantani Island. But I got some energy drinks this evening (Red Bull - which I have never tasted before), just in case they don't have "The Drink of the Gods."

The final twist to the Ayahuasca story is that this morning, I had a discussion about it with three of our group members who had done it this weekend. One of them got a bit defensive, but I assured her that I do not judge anyone who feels guided to use Ayahuasca. "We are all on our unique paths," I told her. "It's just that I don't feel like it."

Little did I know that I had already done it, as you so rightfully pointed out! :-) All through last evening and the night and into this morning. It was a special kind of Ayahuasca cleansing without the Ayahuasca plant.

By the way, even by mid-morning, I was feeling almost 100% again. My diarrhea had stopped and my spirits were high. So thank you my dear Stewards of the Earth for your prayers and support. They have been evidently heard and well received by the Spirit realm.

And yes, my dear Ciella, I have hydrating all day long. So don't worry. I am feeling fine. As a result, another form of liquid cleansing has been taking place. :-)

Sorry, I did not mean to make this email so long. But once I started my reply to your message, an entire story flowed out. So now I will share it with the rest of our fellow-SOEs.

Much love and gratitude,


And now, here's a picture of tonight's sunset in Puno:


And now, here's a video about our Dec 19 outing on Lake Titicaca...

Lake Titicaca: Ajayu Marka Temple Message, Sedona on a Lake (Dec 19)


Lake Titicaca Photo Album (Dec 19)

Sheep and Puma carving in the rocks

Or is it Condor and Puma?

I skipped lunch but thought you'd want to see the scrumptious meal they prepared for us

While others were finishing their lunch, I went for a walk around the castle

This little guy joined me outside and put his head on my lap as I sat on a bench looking at the lake

Back in Puno at closet to sunset

Pizza restaurant where Elizabeth and I ate in 2010

Pretty sunset in Puno

Some of the gifts I got for Amantani kids and for SOE Despacho (offering)

MY PLAN FOR 12-21-12

PS: I will be going off the radar again after tomorrow morning. We are sailing to Amantani Island (Lovers' Island) where we will be staying at private homes to be ready to receive the first rays of sun on such a momentous day - 12-21-12 - the Great Galactic Shift. I bought little gifts for their children as these families are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. And thanks to their friendship with Mallku. 

The actual Solstice is at 11:12 AM, which is when I plan to do the ceremony there on behalf of all Stewards of the Earth around the world. So join us in sacred space at that moment in time. There isn't going to be another one like it in 26,000 years.

We return back to Cusco on Friday night. The next morning, we will visit one more interesting site, Sillustani Palace - Peruvian Taj Mahal, on our way to the Juliaca airport. I should be in Lima by mid-afternoon, and will then try to do a Triangle of Light broadcast from my hotel in Miraflores.

So that's the plan. We'll see what happens. As usual, I count on some surprises from the Spirit realm. They are driving this boat, not me.



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