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Some "pearls of wisdom"

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 On philosophy of life...

"If you don't design your own life, one will be appointed to you."

Heather, an Inka Shaman

On love & truth...

"There is only one absolute truth - Love."

An 8-year old's soul message

On love & relationships...

"There is no truth in desperation of love."

"Once you find happiness within yourself, you are ready for a love that enriches instead of binds."

A Great Warrior from ancient times

"Hang on tightly, let go lightly."

From "Croupier," a British film

"Become an observer of your own life so you can live and love without desperation."

Heather, an Inka Shaman

"The more you give in love unconditionally, the less you get back."

From the Book of Hard Knocks

On "tough love" & codependence

"There is a difference between PROTECTING and RESCUING your loved one: Protecting (from external danger) is good.  Rescuing (from own  mistakes) bad.

Rescuing weakens a person.  It builds codependence and can lead to resentment against the rescuer. Better to teach them to rescue themselves."

A Great Warrior from ancient times

"Instead of giving them corn, teach them how to grow it."

An Inka proverb

Love & Light

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