January 23, 2011

July 2005

Bob's Business Trip to the Big Apple...

Central Park, New York 


IBM Press Briefing


Following a 12-hour flight from Phoenix to New York (with delays in Dallas), and some 18 hours preparing for, writing a report about, and attending an IBM press briefing in New York (see above), I took a walk in the Central Park on a sweltering summer evening (the temps were in the mid 90s F, which the local weather stations said was equivalent of about 105F to 110F due to high humidity).

Central Park

And what a beautiful sight it was... Green algae (above), probably created by the extreme heat, has completely overwhelmed this pond at the south end of the Park, right across the street from the Park Plaza hotel (now closed for renovations).  It made it look as if it had been covered by a green carpet.

Don't the above photos look like paintings?  Were it not for the high rise buildings in the background, one might have thought the pictures were taken somewhere in the country, rather than smack in the middle of one of the world's biggest metropolitan areas.

The End

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