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Updated Feb 5, 2013 - Visit to Cambridge

Cambridge Photos, Videos

Perfect wintry day at one of the world's most famous universities




(click on thumbnail images to enlarge - King's College)


Updated Feb 5, 2012

Trip to Cambridge

Perfect weather for a walking tour of England's most famous university city

LONDON, England, Feb 5, 2013 - We could not have wished for a better winter day on which to tour England's most famous university city. We spent the entire day in Cambridge, after taking the tube and an hour's train ride from London to get there. We even attended a lunchtime concert at the Cambridge College of Music. Not so hot the repertoire, but  a wonderful venue to experience it at.

As for the scenes from King's College, I'll borrow the word Elizabeth uttered when I asked her what she thought of it: "breathtaking."  So with that, I invite you check out and enjoy this photo album from Cambridge...

Cambridge Photo Album

Interesting building in Cambridge on our walk into city center

Greek-style museum

Painting inside the museum which also had many Renoir, Degas, Monet and Cezanne paintings, among others

Our first glimpse of King's College

Composite of 4 shots

Composite of 2 shots

King's Parade - street view

Main street opposite King's College

A "crawling tree"

Luncheon concert at College of Music

Tasting Cornish Pasty

Enjoying a Cornish Pasty lunch

Elizabeth eating sourdough bread

Enjoying hot chocolate at a crepery where I had a crepe

St John's College chapel

Round Church (c. 1130)

Great St Mary's church


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