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01 Nov 2012

Updated Sep 4 ,2012

Labor Day in West Maui

Spur of the Moment Trip: Playing Tourists on Home Island


Lanai and aerial views of the "Rainbow Shower"

Spur of the Moment Trip

Labor Day in West Maui

Playing Tourists on Home Island


HAIKU, Maui, Sep 4- Hope you all had a nice and relaxing Labor Day. Elizabeth and I decided on a spur of the moment this morning to give ourselves a tour of the rugged West Maui.


So we mounted our "El Jeepo" and played tourists for a day on our own island. By the way, a Facebook friend from Slovakia noted that the shape of our tour looked "like a bowing man." So "Humble Maui" would be my caption for that map (above). :-)

It was wonderful. Best of many great memories? These two young Hawaiian girls serenading us on a ukulele. After we gave them a nice tip, their little boy-friend tried to collect "one dollar to cross the bridge."

"You’ll have to do better than that," I told him. "Maybe learn from your two girl-friends how to earn the money?" :-)

This shot is a composite of three frames. It was taken near the spot where the two girls serenaded us.

Elizabeth is always a bit apprehensive when it comes to swimming, especially in big bodies of water, like the Pacific. But she really had fun frolicking in this pool of warm ocean water at a wild beach somewhere on the northwest point of Maui.  That's where a "brainy heart rock" (coral) also found me. Maybe it will make its way now into my Mesa?

Here's now a of the rest of the shots we took. By the way, when we headed out, we did not intend to take any pictures... just have a fun and relaxing drive. But the beauty of nature prevailed. And when you travel with three cameras and have a blood of a writer-reporter coursing in you, this is what happens. You have an urge to share... :-)

This green Gecko was my first visitor on Labor Day 2012 - on our office window.

Two young Hawaiian girls serenading us in West Maui.

We took this picture while waiting for traffic jam to clear ahead of us on the single-lane road.

Arizona in West Maui!

Interesting sculpture. What does it look like to you?

Wild beach at northwest tip of Maui.

Casting a fishing net? :-)

Low level shot made this small rock look like a mountain. :-)

My camera got splashed after this shot.

Frolicking in a pool of warm ocean water.

After this, we made one more beach stop - at Kaanapali - Maui's probably best known (tourist) beach near Lahaina. I had a swim there and then we walked on hard sand for about half an hour, before continuing to Lahaina to check out some galleries and local art exhibits. We did not take any pictures there. We got back home just before sunset.  It was our first Labor Day spent mostly at sea. And it was lovely.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of September from the Rainbow Shower.

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