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09 Nov 2012

Updated Nov 9 ,2012

November Photo Album

From the Rainbow Shower, Maui


Lanai and aerial views of the "Rainbow Shower"

Beautiful rainbows, sunsets

November Photo Album

from the Rainbow Shower, Maui

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 9 - Today was one of those rare days when we were blessed with beautiful rainbows at each end of the day.  Take a look...

The day started with this beautiful morning rainbow (far left). As I stood on the lanai filming it in awe, and thanking the Spirit for it, I watched it grow into a double rainbow (middle left). Then this evening at sunset, two other rainbows showed up (right).

Clearly it was an auspicious day. But the reason did not dawn on me until this evening. Today was another double #11 - Masters' number - day. And you know me and the #11 (see Altzar and #11).

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of November from the Rainbow Shower.

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