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26 May 2012

Updated May 26 ,2012, adds Memorial Day Weekend

Maui Music Festival, Beautiful Keawala Golden Sunset

Month of May starts with Big Hug, cane grass Trident sign, morphing into horseshoe branding mark


An aerial view of the "Rainbow Shower"

At the Rainbow Shower

Maui Music Festival, Beautiful Keawala Golden Sunset

Month of May starts with Big Hug, cane grass Trident sign, morphing into horseshoe branding mark

Tetrahedron pyramids added to 3D Chakana-Apuchetas

HAIKU, Maui, May 11 - The month of May started this year with a Big Hug.


It was followed minutes later by a cane grass "tattoo" sign in the shape of Poseidon-Neptune's trident (right image is a Corinthian version of Poseidon with a Trident, c. 550BC). And Poseidon was my father when I was incarnated as Theseus, founder-king of Athens. So he made his presence known on the Big Hug day. But I only realized that now, May 12, thanks to a dream that a fellow-Steward of the Earth Kia, from Rome, shared with me this morning.

After a week or so, the Trident had morphed into a horseshoe-shaped branding mark.  It is still that shape today.

Meanwhile, Goddess of Air (wind) had completed her rainbow knot on Cinco de Mayo (5-05-2012), the triple 5's day.  The red streamer had been the only one fluttering independently since 2-22-12. As you can see from the far right shot, it has now joined the rest of the colors in the knot.

Elsewhere at the Rainbow Shower, I have been working to realize my vision of the tetrahedron pyramids at each of the eight 3d Chakana-Apuchetas, the noted of the celestial network I built in early 2010.  I finally completed that project on Sunday, May 6. At the same time, Google Earth has now finally updated its image of the Rainbow Shower. 

By the way,  Elizabeth and I were both very pleased to see that the eight 3D Chakana-Apucheta spots and the AHA (Anahata-Huaca-Ahu - the sacred place, shaman's altar at the center of the property) line up PERFECTLY!  Back in early 2010, we used all sorts of ingenious ways to try to accomplish that, including Elizabeth holding hot air balloons while standing in the center of the AHA so I could see them over the treetops and hills. :-)

Also, take a look at the shape of the Rainbow Shower (far right shot). What does it look like to you? (stand by shortly for a story on that).

Finally, while I was creating outdoors, Elizabeth was making beautiful Hawaiian jewelry and ornaments. Her latest creation were these two beautiful Kahilis made out of thousands of feathers (right).

This is also the time of the year when Maui Music Festival takes place. The first concert was on May 4 at the Makawao Union Church. It was all Beethoven. But as far as Elizabeth was concerned, it was all red and white. I provided the blue. Unwittingly. :-)

Three days later, the venue had changed as did the program. The concert moved to the south short of Maui. It was held at the historic Keawala Church (built in 1831 - which is VERY OLD for Hawaii). On the program were the husband and wife Robert and Klara Schumann's and Johannes Brahms. Both concerts were outstanding. The added bonus on Monday night was a beautiful sunset. Enjoy!



Let me know what your favorite shot is.  Mine was the Golden Sky in the far right shot (top row), with a sailboat trying to catch the sun before it sank. (It didn't make it).  :-)

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

HAIKU, Maui, May 26 - The Memorial Day weekend started early for Elizabeth, not one who is notorious as an early riser :-) . That's because she had to go to Maui Mall to set up her exhibit with an arts and crafts show taking place there this Saturday.  She was very excited about it as it was the first time ever that some of her paintings were publicly shown.  Here they are...

In her art class, Elizabeth as known as the "traveler." The selection of scenes in her three paintings shows us why. In the photo on the right, Elizabeth and I are both dressed in red-white-and-blue for his holiday weekend. But we did not realize that until we met at the exhibit.  I hate bobbsey-twins. So just as well that our colors are sort of upside-down. :-)

Meanwhile, while Elizabeth was at the art show, I took these photos of the Rainbow Shower on this Memorial Day weekend 2012:

This Memorial Day collage makes our lanai look like a promenade of a cruise ship sailing on green grass. :-) And now, here are the two separate shots of which it is composed...


And that's all she wrote so far for the month of May from the Rainbow Shower.

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