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23 Jun 2012

Updated June 23 ,2012, adds Hookipa Point Sunset

More Magic: Maui's First Electric Car License Plate

Also, "welcome home" rainbow, and lots of "farmer's yoga" awaits in coming days


An aerial view of the "Rainbow Shower"

More magic awaits upon return home

Maui's First Electric Car License Plate

Also, "welcome home" rainbow, and lots of "farmer's yoga" awaits in coming days

HAIKU, Maui, June 19 - I certainly did not expect to be going from one set of magical experiences to the next, without even a day's break to catch my  breath. But that's what the Spirit realm had in mind for me today. So I might as well just give up expecting anything at all except the unexpected.

While Elizabeth and I were still on mainland, I received a call from the Nissan dealer saying they had received the license plate for our new Leaf.

"Interesting," I said to Elizabeth. "Didn't the salesman say it would take about two months?"

"Yes, he did," Elizabeth confirmed.

And it had only been three weeks since that time. 

So today, as I went into town to forage for food and run various other errands, I dropped by the dealer to pick up the new plates.  Our friendly salesman Andy was right there at the front desk, smiling when he was me as if were waiting for me.

When we took delivery of our new electric car in late May, we asked him if we would be getting a special license plate which says "Electric Vehicle," just like the one we had when we rented a Leaf in February (right).  Andy said he'd never heard of anything like it before.  "Maui issues just the regular license plates," he said.

I reminded him today of that conversation. "Let's see what's in the envelope," I said pulling out a license plate.  Sure enough, it was a special one," like the one we saw in Oahu back in February.

Andy looked stunned.  "I have never seen one like this before," he said. "You are the first one on Maui to get it."

I just smiled.  "I can't say I am surprised," I said.

"Woo..." Andy said, flapping his hands over his ears like making magic. "This is spooky!"

I did not tell him that I was equally not surprised that the number on the plate was a #11 numerologically (see Masters #11 in Altzar's life). I thought that might be a bit too much magic for him to handle all at once. 

When I came home, I mounted the plate on the Leaf and took a picture of it (right). And I thanked the Spirit profusely for such an amazing gift. And for being in constant communication with me.

Well, guess what happened right after that?  I felt a slight misting. Immediately, I reached for the camera. "A welcome home rainbow," I guessed.

Sure enough, it was (left). I then also looked around and saw that I have my "farmer's yoga" working cut out for myself in the coming days.  Take a look at the height of the front lawn (middle). And I cut it only three weeks ago!  Amazingly, in the two weeks that we were away, even some bamboos sprouting in the middle of the lawn.  Already some were about my height - 6 ft.  When I did my rounds of the Rainbow Shower, I found out it was the same story everywhere. Everything was lush and green and bursting with health. We must have had lots of rain here while we were gone.

My fellow-Stewards of the Blue Star Earth already know the story of my two bags being the first last night to come down the conveyor belt at the Kahului airport (left below). 

Considering that I nearly missed my connection at LAX because my Phoenix flight was late, and that I was the last one to get on board in Los Angeles, seeing my bags at all was a minor miracle. And I have never ever had them come down the chute first in all the millions of miles I have traveled over the years. Until last night.

And then I remembered why. As I was driving to the Phoenix airport, I asked the Spirit to help me both with the curbside check-in and with delivery of that big box. Inside was a lamp, a globe-lamp that I ordered from the National Geographic before we left home. Since the NG does not ship this item to Hawaii, we had them deliver it to one of Elizabeth's daughters in Phoenix. And then I was in charge of trying to get it home intact.

Well, they say "a picture's worth a thousand words."  Just take a look at those two shots of that precious cargo I took in my office this afternoon. Once again, I thanked the Spirit profusely for another minor miracle: A glass lamp did survive the airline baggage handlers.  And I am looking at the beautiful glowing globe lovingly right now.

And now, our next "electrifying" challenge is to see if we can get my personalized license plate - ALTZAR - as a special Electric Vehicle plate.  Then we can sell the Honda Hybrid on which it now sits.

El Jeepo Now ALTZAR

So on June 21, I went to the DMV office wearing my new Eagle T-shirt to switch our license plates around. And here's the outcome...

Now our Jeep, which we affectionately call El Jeepo has the ALTZAR license plate.

Gifts of Life: Duck Egg, Lilikoi

HAIKU, Maui, June 22 - When I went out to start doing my yard work this morning, I noticed an egg under a bush in our front yard. Since I have seen there three of our wild ducks from time to time, I figured that was their "gift of life" to me today.  I thanked them profusely even though they are nowhere to be seen today (it's sunny after several days of rain).

 Our three wild ducks did show up again on Sat, June 22, right under my office window where I found the egg. Then I tried to take a picture of them, they walked across the lawn right past Anuenue, our Rainbow horse (right shot).

Then as I walked along our second driveway, I also found this Lilikoi (Passion Fruit).  It's only the second one of the season, but the first one in this location that had never yielded any in past years.  So I figured that was also a "gift of life" - from the Plant People. And then I noticed something unusual. Check out the interesting markings on the skin of the Lilikoi. Looks like some sort of a code?

Spectacular Giant Double Rainbows

HAIKU, Maui, June 22 - Hope you have had a chance to see the pictures and videos of that magical Divine communication atop McDowell Apucheta-Summit which I uploaded this morning (McDowell: Magic in 111F+ Heat). My head is still buzzing with the extraordinary colors of those sun rays. So I photographed the sun again this evening here in Maui. And the colors are quite different, more what one might consider "normal" for direct sunlight - white, gold and pink.

(The orb in front is a raindrop, I think)

By the way, the reason I was doing it in the first place is because I KNEW that I was about to get some rainbow messages at sunset. I don't know why or how. I just KNEW.  So even though it was sunny and clear at the time, I walked across the gulch from our house to the opposite side, the Eucalyptus Hill, camera in hand, sat down on a bench and waited. The scenery was beautiful and serene even without the rainbows. The setting sun was casting long shadows and bathing everything in a golden light.

To pass the time, I started talking to the Spirit sweetly to thank them for the weather request they fulfilled yesterday and today.

You see, after several days of constant rain, I asked the Spirit yesterday morning for a few hours of sunshine so I can cut our LARGE lawn (several acres) before the grass grew taller than the house. :-) There were even 6-ft bamboos growing out of it. 

By early yesterday afternoon, the clouds started to part and the sun made its first appearance.  I was able to work for a couple of hours and get about 2/3 of the lawn cut before I ran out of daylight. At sunset, the Spirit also brought out some light misting out of the clear sky.  I knew what that was about - a rainbow blessing for what I call my "farmer's yoga" (I no longer do any other kind of yoga). Indeed, as I looked up to the east, there it was a - large beautiful rainbow. It stayed with me almost till sunset.

But that was yesterday.  Today, the sky remain clear enough for me to finish my "farmer's yoga" workout. The Rainbow Shower, a Garden of Eden in Paradise on Earth, is once again beautiful and immaculate - all seven acres of it.  So that's what I was thanking the Spirit for as I sat on the bench.  

When I opened my eyes, I thought I saw a little color between the clouds. Then the spot got bigger and brighter. The first little hint of a rainbow appeared (left).  And then the rainbow started to grow, and grow and grow. Eventually it got so big that I could not fit it into my camera even with three or four shots.

And then the rainbow started expand even more and double - all the way across the sky. I have never seen a rainbow that big nor a FULL double rainbow. This picture should give you some idea. It is a composite of three shots taken before the rainbow turned double.

Use your imagination to merge them together. Photoshop was unable to do it after trying for over an hour!  So I just spliced them together myself.

Wan to know the best part? I knew it was a form of Divine communication. In fact, I KNEW it was going to happen before it happened, as you know. I just had no idea it would be this magnificent, this grand, this breathtaking.  My Spirit guides and teachers were expressing their love and appreciation through it in response to the same from me.  And they wanted me to see how enormous and beautiful it was.  Which is why I also want to share it with you.  This rainbow was not just for me. I am to share it with all Stewards of the Blue Star Earth, all enlightened earth beings and inhabitants, the Elementals included.

The whole rainbow show lasted about 15 mins.  It gradually faded away over the next 10 mins as the sun was setting.  Even that part was beautiful, like the dying sounds of a grand symphony. And then the night embraced the sun.

PS: By the way, today, Saturday, June 23 - we are back to rain around here.  As a neighbor noted yesterday, if you want to see what "jungle on steroids" looks like, come and visit us here at the Rainbow Shower. :-)

This is a view in front of my office. Like a rice paddy. No wonder wild ducks love to come and even lay eggs for me here.  :-)  Wish I could bottle some of this weather and send it to Elizabeth and my friends in Arizona. They are still suffering in scorching heat.  "But it's dry" doesn't help much when it gets to be 111F or higher.

Hookipa Point Sunset

HAIKU, Maui, June 23 - I happen to be driving by Hookipa Point around sunset on my way back home from running some errands in town. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a beautiful golden sun reflected in the ocean.  Like magnet, something pulled my Leaf into the Hookipa parking lot. I was not alone. Watching these beautiful sunsets is evidently favorite pastime for many Maui residents.  This is what I saw...

The left shot was actually my last one. My caption for it would be "Full Body Halo." That's one way for a Maui resident to get sainted... sitting on the grass and watching Hookipa sunsets. Surfers were also going strong.  A man in the red shirt was doing gymnastics-style acrobatics on the metal railing. But most people were just sitting back and enjoying the show Inti Taiti (Father Sun) and Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean) were putting on.

I did, too. But I also wanted to bring some it home so I can share it with you.  For, just like the double rainbows last night, this is food for the soul. So enjoy!

Above left shot is already a composite of two frames. The right one is a blend of three frames. And the one below is the full Hookipa Pt sunset panorama. It is made up of five frames.

Here are also some pretty single shots...

And if you thought tonight's sunset was spectacular, take a look at this "welcome home" sunset show Goddess Pele and Lord Poseidon put on for me on my first day in Maui as full time resident...

I cried for joy and out of gratitude as I was watching this sunset unfold.  And I have never seen one like it since.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of June from the Rainbow Shower.

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