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05 Jun 2012

Updated June 4 ,2012: Golden Sunset Follows Lunar Eclipse

Birthday Magic, Poetry, Lunar Eclipse

June starts with magical birthday, "Joy to the World" music, gift of poetry from Star brother, Lunar Eclipse


An aerial view of the "Rainbow Shower"

At the Rainbow Shower

Birthday Magic, Poetry, Lunar Eclipse

June starts with magical birthday, "Joy to the World" music, gift of poetry from Star brother, Lunar Eclipse

HAIKU, Maui, June 4 - The month of June started where May left off.  After the four musical creations that framed the Solar Eclipse of May 20 and the last week of May (see Heartbeat of Blue Star Earth's Solar Chakra in New Lemuria, Land of Aloha (May 31) Lunar Cycle Concerto: "To Mother Moon, with Love" (, May 27); Blue Star Concerto (May 22), I was inspired and guided to create this music video and release it to the world as my birthday gift on June 3:

Joy to the World: Amadeus Was a Bullfrog (June 3)

In the aftermath of this Gift of Joy, as well as preceding and during my birthday this Sunday, I was showered with Gifts of Love from friends and family all over the world. It started with a beautiful birthday cake Elizabeth baked the evening of June 2:

In fact, I told Elizabeth last night that never before have I experienced such an outpouring of love and joy coming back to me as I did on this June 3.  I cannot count the number of birthday greetings that poured in.  Even from some people I have never met.  Which goes to show us that we reap what we sow. If you spread love around, you harvest love. It comes back to you, often magnified. 

Fusion of Divine Masculine & Feminine During Shaman's Kulla (Re)charging

If you read the preamble of the "Joy to the World" story, you will understand why I was awakened yesterday morning by the Spirit after just 3.5-hours of sleep to start the process of (re)charging and (re)initiating my shaman's "kullas" (sacred stones that connect a shaman to various Earth energy vortexes and through them to the Spirit realm). What happened when I was doing the fire ceremony-part of the "kulla" initiation, was quite extraordinary.  It was even more extraordinary that I was able to catch it on film.  When you click on this video, you will see an example of how the Spirit worked in the physical earthly realm to demonstrate the union of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies that is right now taking place on Blue Star Earth.  Watch how the Spirit makes me drop the "kullas" accidentally into the fire which serves to fuse the Masculine and the Feminine together.

Fusion of Divine Masculine & Feminine During Kulla Recharging (June 3)


Feminine (left) and Masculine (right) "kullas" being fused together now. They were gifted to me by Apu Ausangate, one of my Andean benefactor Apus (mountain spirits), during my first shamanic Rites of Passage (ordination) at the 16,300-ft Kolka Cruz pass on Mount Ausangate in July 2008. 


Birthday Dinner

Elizabeth and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at "Merriman's" in Waimea on the Big Island in July of 2011.  Since there is another "Merriman's" on Maui in Kapalua, Elizabeth decided to treat me to dinner there for my birthday.  The ambiance was actually more beautiful than that on the Big Island.

Elizabeth has gone out of her way to make this birthday a very special day for me in every way possible. The Spirit also cooperated. They even laid on this unexpected Hawaiian flame dancer just as our dinner was being served:

Hawaiian Flame Dancer at "Merriman's" Kapalua, Maui (June 3, 2012)


Gift of Poetry

Then just as we were getting ready to leave the restaurant, my cell phone let me know a new message had arrived. It was from Star, my Kumarian brother.  It was his gift of poetry to me which served as the final, crowning moment of a very special day.  Star also attached two photos, which I enclose below:

My Kula My Kola 

There was a man named Bob D
Who became a wonderful friend to me
Met him from a sweet lady named GC
Who is quite Holy
He sold me a bike
So I could now climb hills
I shared a healing
Till he had his fill
He became Altzar
Rainbow Giver of the stars
Masters of light came from near and far
To welcome this desert boy from the Dogon star
Our friendship grew from that day
So much so,he blessed me with a fire ceremony
Some will never know
Learned from his Mama Quilla and his Kulas
A sign came to pass on his mountain top
My Apucheto was our next stop
Afterward signs of hearts were all around
In all the Kulas we found
Then away we went to grow as Shamans and Blota Hunka
Who would've Thunka?
We would be brothers of the earth
Yet to discover we were brothers from the stars
Seems Venus Kumara boys never travel that far
Time that didn't exist came and went
A few phone calls
Knock of Deaths door
One brother had a choice
"Do you want to be on earth anymore?"
A reconnection on a walk to the store
Strength from friendship
From before
Was the close on death
Heal the breath
A turning point
A thought in the wind
Time to be a Star Rising child again
Healing process came with flow
Connection to Altzar did grow
So much so
On March 28th of two zero one two
A whole slew of Masters returned again
To welcome our light bodied friend
To be Chohan of the blue ray
Like Michael before him
He was gifted that day
Lil more time of immediate now
Did pass
Stewards of the earth
Grew fast
Another ceremony of eclipsing light
Altzar Aurelius Kumara
Now taking flight
The music channeled to his fingers
The flute to his lips
Listen to his music
You're taken on a solar and lunar trip
So to my Kola "friend"
And my Kula "spiritual stone"
Many more adventures
Yet to be
For as I write this
It's in his birth month of creativity
Spirit told me last night
Beauty is all around
Have vision,make it so
I opened my eyes at 10am
Put words to heart
And paper to pen.

          To my friend of love, light and beyond.
          Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
           I am humbled by you! 
          HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

                             Star Rising
                             Wichapi Wankal Iya Iya

                           June 2, 2012    Finished at exactly 11:11am

Exciting Drive Home in Our New Leaf, Lunar Eclipse

When we arrived home, I also found this message from my artist-friend Cher from Sedona:

Oh Bob, I can't write words to express my joy for you! Loved the introduction with you wearing your crown of Mothers love.  Your entrance made me laugh out loud as I enjoyed your playful fun nature and character, you humor with the visuals of froggy's ... and your inspiration to honor this way is the true way a child plays in innocence and fun creating his world in Joy!!!  Inspires more I love witnessing your creations. Now is the time we are all creating. wow... Heaven on Earth...Amen I love you, thank you and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Lunar eclipse, full moon, and Venus returning. love to all... Cher

In my reply, I also described an adventurous ride home from dinner Elizabeth and I had in our new Left, the electric car:

Hi, Cher. You are too kind. But I am thrilled that you have found the latest music video so enchanting. It was filled with love during the creation and production intended to be shared with the world and the universe. I am so glad you really GOT IT!  No surprise, though. I knew you were very sensitive to Spiritual communications.

I am copying our other SOEs on this message since you ended it with "love to all." So I presume that's what you also intended.
We are less than two hours away from the start of the Lunar Eclipse.  Elizabeth and I enjoyed watching the reflection of the full moon across the ocean as we drove home tonight from my birthday dinner in Kapalua (on West Maui). 
Our new Leaf also passed its first, and hopefully last, long range test.  The distance from the Rainbow Shower to Kapalua is about 100 miles, which is exactly what the range is under ideal circumstances. But since we were driving back home at night, the lights were using up more electricity than the drive over. We made it, but barely.  Only a mile or two left in the battery.  All warning lights were flashing. We were basically driving on the battery fumes. :-) It was exciting.
Of course, all this caused some nail-biting on the part of Elizabeth. I sort of helped it along by making jokes about how she is going to have to walk up the hill in high heels, so we can get our El Jeepo to haul the Leaf home - by moonlight. Anyway, it was an adventure and the Moon was smiling at us.  She probably gave our battery the needed energy boost to push us up the hill. Can't miss the eclipse, you know, on account of a dead battery. :-)
So all's well that ends well.  Now we know the range is 100 miles. But not quite at night. Only on a full moon on a clear night and clear conscience. :-)

Sweet dreams!

And then at one minute before midnight on June 3, the Lunar Eclipse officially started. It peaked at 1:03AM.  If you click on the link below, you can see some of the pictures Elizabeth and I took from our lanai:

Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse of June 4, 2012 (, click to view photos - Strong earthquake shakes Indonesia within minutes of the peak eclipse)

Golden Sunset Follows Lunar Eclipse

After mostly a cloudy day today, a Golden Sunset followed the Lunar Eclipse of June 4.  Here are some shots I took from the Rainbow Shower lanai this evening...

* * *

Personal Message, Venus Transit (

Update 6-05-12, 8:30PM: Venus Transit Ceremony & Rainbow Shower at Rainbow Shower

Also Upcoming North American Healing Ceremonies

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of June from the Rainbow Shower.

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