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31 Jul 2012

Updated July 31 ,2012; A Miracle: Third Lunar Rainbow in Three Nights!

Rare Lunar Rainbow

Amazing third sighting, first one caught on camera; stayed on for over 20 mins


Lanai and aerial views of the "Rainbow Shower"

A lesson in humility delivered by the Spirit realm

Rare Lunar Rainbow

Amazing third sighting, first one caught on camera, stayed on for over 20 minutes

HAIKU, Maui, July 29 - It usually takes between five and 10 minutes for me to open sacred space during shamanic ceremonies or nightly communications with the Spirit realm.  When I was doing it early this morning, July 29, it was a little after 1:15 AM.  The sky was mostly clear.  A yellow two-thirds full moon was out maybe at about 30-degree angle, hovering over the tree line of the Rainbow Shower in the southwesterly horizon. Another hour perhaps, and it would be gone.

I was not aware of all these details when I stepped into the spa for my nightly meditation. I reconstructed all of that afterward. Amazing what a recall our mind can have when we summon it, almost like replaying a security camera which records everything, whether relevant or not.

When I do my incantations, I keep my eyes closed. For some reason, this seems to help me make a better connection with the Spirit realm. I did the same thing last night,.  Or shall I say early this morning for the sake of literal accuracy,  July 28 had been a very productive day, both in the 3D world and in terms of my relationship with the Spirit realm. So I had much to be grateful for and a number of my Spirit guides to thank. 

I was just starting to do that, when something made me open my eyes and look toward the east. I think it was the slight misting on my face. It felt like the blessings I remember receiving from the Andean Mountain Spirits during our shamanic expeditions in Peru.  Except that the misting did not have that amazing fragrance that the truly holy "holy water" carries.

Anyway, I my eyes tried to pierce the darkness of the sky opposite the moon, I seemed to "hear" the word "rainbow."

"There is going to be a rainbow," I whispered out loud.  I craned my neck trying to see beyond the roof of the house.  Yes, it did look like a rainbow was starting to form.

I jumped right out of the spa, and hurried toward the other end of the lanai, some 50-60 feet away. As I stood on the edge of it, now in complete darkness, sure enough I could see the white outlined of a lunar rainbow.  My heart started to race in excitement.

Ever seen a lunar rainbow?  If so, consider yourself VERY fortunate.  For, they are extremely rare.  In fact, I have found that most people I talk to about them haven't a clue what they look like. They are NOT the halos that you sometimes see around the moon. No. Lunar rainbows, or "moonbows," as some call them, appear on the opposite side of the sky from the moon. Just like the normal daytime rainbows are on the opposite side from the sun.

I have had a good fortune of seeing two of them before this one last night.  The first time was on 5-30-2010 (Midnight Rainbow), the second on 6-11-11 (Midnight Lunar Rainbow - both #11 days numerologically). And I just realized that today, the 29th of July, was another #11 day (for significance of that, see Masters #11 in Altzar's life). 

Anyway, as I was dripping wet, I called for Elizabeth to bring out my camera and join me in paying homage to this spectacular connection of the heaven and the earth.  Since it was dark, we took our time figuring out the correct camera settings. Several minutes had elapsed. By the time I finally got it on video recording, the rainbow was gone.  The moon still shone brightly.  But the misting had stopped and the stars dotted the sky where only a few minutes ago the rainbow stood.

I was miffed.  What a bummer. I have never before been able to catch a lunar rainbow on camera. And now that I had my third chance, I blew it.

As Elizabeth went back to bed, I stood outside on the lanai, looking in the easterly direction where the rainbow had appeared, and started to talk to the Spirit again. Then I began whistling softly.  It did not take long. Maybe a minute or two at the most, and the misting reappeared. The rainbow followed. This time, it was bigger and brighter than the first one.  And it STAYED there "forever."  Well, at least 20 minutes anyway.

So I took my time making the video even though I figured it would be of poor quality, if the pictures turned out at all. Just because I wanted to capture the vibration of the moment with my voice and be able to share this special occasion with all of you.  And now you can also experience a real Lunar Rainbow at least indirectly.

Rare Lunar Rainbow at "Rainbow Shower" (July 29, 2012; 1:30 AM)


When I finished filming the rainbow, I just stood there in awe observing it for a long time. And then I started to communicate again with the Spirit, acknowledging their message of support, and thanking them again in the most humble way for the privilege of serving the Celestial realm as a Steward of the Blue Star Earth.  The rainbow just stood there big and beautiful the whole time, like painted on a dark sky, even though the misting had stopped and the sky was clear again.

Afterward, I went back into the house intending to go to bed. But something made me walk out again and try to shoot another quick video with my iPhone.  In that short span of time, less than a minute that it took me to get my iPhone, the rainbow had gone. It was as if the Spirit realm turned the light off after I had gone into the house. And so I went back in for a second time, and this time stayed in.

Another Lunar Rainbow!

HAIKU, Maui, July 30 - This is unbelievable! Right after I had posted the above story about last night's lunar rainbow, I went out again to do my nightly meditations. And the same thing happened again!  In fact, tonight's rainbow appeared even sooner.  It was smaller, though, because the moon was higher in the sky than last night (right shot). Nevertheless, it was just as bright if not brighter.  And it stayed for me just as long.

At first, I wasn't going to take any pictures. I only wanted to enjoy the beautiful sight in deep gratitude to the Spirit realm. But in the end, the reporter in me prevailed. I got my camera out and took these pictures with different lighting settings.

This time, as you can see, some of them even showed the faint colors of the rainbow.  And now I am off to bed.  Good night!

Third Lunar Rainbow in Three Nights!

HAIKU, Maui, July 31 - As you know by now, lunar rainbows, or  "moonbows," are extremely rare.  To be able to see one is a wonder of nature. To have seen two of them two nights in a row was unbelievable.  Unprecedented perhaps.  What would you say then if I told you that last night I saw the third one?  That I have flipped and am hallucinating? That it was a mirage I saw in a dream? Or a real miracle in a 3D life?

Well, that's why I took these pictures of it.  So you can see for yourself it was the latter. They photos are quite grainy but the rainbow is visible enough.

The third shot on the right is a composite of the other two. The moonbow was too big to fit into one frame.  The moon was quite low on the horizon (upper right) and the lighting pretty poor. So I have had to enhance the pictures slightly to brighten them up.

By the way, I was awakened at 3:50AM and guided to go out to the lanai and look for the lunar rainbow. Trust me, I am not a sleepwalker.  I am normally fast asleep at that hour.  I don't recall EVER BEFORE being awakened at that hour and then made to go out to the lanai.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of July from the Rainbow Shower.

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