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13 Jul 2012

Updated July 13 ,2012, adds A Day of Celestial Magic, Sunset Watch Photo Album

Coldest Ever Fourth of July!

A lesson in humility delivered by the Spirit realm


Lanai and aerial views of the "Rainbow Shower"

A lesson in humility delivered by the Spirit realm

Coldest Ever Fourth of July!

Haleakala's 10,000-foot summit offered wintry experience in middle of summer

HAIKU, Maui, July 4 - This has definitely been the coldest Fourth of July I can remember, Even when traveling in the southern hemisphere in the High Andes during my shamanic expeditions (where it is now winter), I have not experienced the kind of weather we did this morning at the summit of Maui's 10,000-foot Haleakala volcano. 

Here's a story about what happened by way of emails which I exchanged with a friend who was vacationing in Taos, New Mexico at the time:

We got up at sunrise this morning (which is VERY untypical!) and caught the tail end of the setting Moon... (right)
Then we mounted our El Jeepo and headed up Haleakala. ("El Jeepo" is - it is our open air Jeep)

The mountain was perfectly clear until about a 9,000 ft level. Suddenly the clouds moved in and swallowed up the Summit and us in it. In a matter of minutes we went from a brilliant sunny Hawaiian scenery into dark and foggy "Christmas" season. 

  (the photo atop this story is a composite of latter two shots)

It was our first time up there on the 4th of July and it certainly was an adventure. Elizabeth had even trouble breathing in the strong wind at 10,000 ft elevation, so we headed down the mountain again after about 1.5 hrs at the top. 

Our wise friend commented from Taos:

Bob---doesn't the shift in climate that the two of you experienced today speak to life exactly as it happens? 

To which I replied:

Precisely. One moment it's sunny, the next gloomy. 
We had a good laugh about our experience on our way down. As we were driving up the mountain, Haleakala was basking in glorious sunshine. Not a cloud was visible anywhere. The telescopes at the summit were sparkling. So I promptly thanked my guides and the Creator for laying on such a beautiful morning for our spur of the moment "sightseeing" trip.
Then after what had happened at the top, I said to Elizabeth, "they must have had a good laugh when they heard me talk like that." 
'Wait till you find out what we have in store for the two of you in a few minutes,' they probably said to each other, grinning and giggling in anticipation of our surprised reactions."
But there is always a silver lining. We spent about an hour at the Summit talking to a wonderful Park Ranger in the enclosed visitor's center. We learned a whole bunch of stuff about Haleakala that is useful for an SOE to know. Such as that when the weather is hot down at the shores, for example, that's what raises the cloud cover to the top of the mountain.
This was prompted by my remark that I had never seen before clouds at such a high elevation. Usually you pass through them at about a 6-7,000 ft level, while the summit is always clear. The Ranger agreed and said that he had never seen anything like what happened this morning.  
"These clouds came out of nowhere and just swallowed up the Summit in a few minutes," he said.
Well back to the laughter and giggling of the "cloud makers." Guess they played a practical joke on us today. "So Espavo!" :-)

We also learned that Haleakala receives more powerful ultraviolet rays than even the much higher Mauna Kea on the Big Island, which also houses a bunch of telescopes. Which is why Haleakala is where the most important solar watching is taking place on this planet, the Ranger explained.

"Of course," I thought but did not say anything. What else can you expect from the Home of the Sun (which is what Haleakala means in Hawaiian).

Later, Elizabeth noted that I returned sunburned in my face despite being covered up like a Mummy at the summit.  Proof of the ultraviolet rays' power (right shot).

"So you're saying I have been ultra-violated today," I joked. :-)

Elizabeth cracked up.

Anyway, the whole experience was a lesson in humility and a reminder who is in charge of the boat we are in.  Not the occupants.  At least, not entirely.  We may help steer it once in a while, but we are not the once driving the boat.

And now, here are the rest of the shots we took at the Haleakala summit.  Some of which were taken during a break in the clouds.  It was as if the Spirit wanted us to get a glimpse of what we came to see, so that the whole trip is not wasted. But only a glimpse, not the full 360-degree spectacular view.


On our way down, we stopped at Kula's Lavender Farm.  It offers amazing views of the Valley below after which Maui was named the "Valley Isle."

Beside the lavender, the farm also has beautiful flowers of all kinds, including these large Hydrangeas.

We returned from our adventure by 11AM - just in time for a late breakfast. What a start to the Fourth of July!

Grillin' in the Rain

Gene Kelley popularized "Singin' in the Rain."  Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers embellished it by dancing in the rain ( "Isn't this a lovely day to be caught in the rain?"). And I am here to bring you tonight a story about "Grillin' in the Rain." It's quite a story. Lord Poseidon and Goddess Pele had the lead roles in it. And Inti Taiti (Father Sun) had the final word. And their joint message this evening was once again:

"No longer will Water put out Fire. No longer will Fire burn water. You shall be the quality balance." 

(see New Moon at High Noon Fire-Water-Sunlight Ceremony: Magical Blue Star Earth Light Revealed on Earth Day 2012, Apr 21).

I had forgotten completely about that magical day until this evening.  I was hoping to do a fire ceremony this evening down at the AHA (Anahata-Huaca-Ahu), and then grill our dinner on the sacred fire afterward. "Subject to the will of the Spirit," of course, as always.

Well, the weather has been perfect - sunny and warm - ever since we returned from our Haleakala adventure just before noon. It was sunny and warm when I stepped out onto our lanai with all my grilling gear in hand, and my shaman's backpack on my shoulder. At that very moment, I felt a slight misting. I looked to the north. A dark, rainy cloud was passing over the ocean. I looked to the east. A beautiful rainbow was smiling at me. I called for Elizabeth to come out and watch it, too.

So I decided to wait a while and see if this is just a passing cloud or some real rain. After about 10 minutes, the sky cleared a bit, although that dark cloud still hovered over the ocean.

"I am going to go down and give it a try," I told Elizabeth. "If it starts to rain hard, I'll come back up and we'll grill under the awning."

Well, no sooner did I start lighting the fire down at my Apucheta - the shaman's altar - the rain had resumed. It wasn't heavy, so I kept lighting and blowing, hoping to encourage the flames to spring up. Eventually they did. Lazily. But the fire was definitely burning even though it was starting to rain harder and harder.

Then I heard once again Lord Poseidon's words to me, uttered during a Cosmic Activation Session Star and I had on 3-28-12: "No longer will Water put out Fire. No longer will Fire burn water. You shall be the quality balance."  And then I recalled a similar situation on April 21, when Lord Poseidong and Goddess Pele and Inti Taiti (Father Sun) combined to demonstrate that very principle on our new Blue Star Earth (see  New Moon at High Noon Fire-Water-Sunlight Ceremony: Magical Blue Star Earth Light Revealed on Earth Day 2012, Apr 21). 


Just like now, during that Full Moon ceremony, the fire was burning even though it was raining (see two left shots). And then I realized: It is the same message. The Spirit is tasting my faith again - to see if I/we can repeat that miracle. So I immediately set the steaks on the fire, went under a tree seeking some shelter from the driving rain, and then began to play my flute to the Spirit. It was a musical prayer of gratitude for yet another illustration of the magic that's all around us, if only we are willing to open up to it.  I was drenched, but the fire kept going.

(Later, Elizabeth said she had heard me playing.  She said she could not believe that I did not come back to the house and was continuing to grill and play in the driving rain that was coming down at the time).

When I was finished playing, I remembered I had my iPhone with me. So I took the left shot with it. You can see that everything around the open air fireplace is soaked, yet the fire is burning and the steaks are being grilled. By the time they were done, the Spirit had cleared the sky again. And while I was now playing the flute standing right in front of the fire, a large rainbow appeared overhead, in the direction of our house.

The rainbow stayed up all the way while I was walking back up the hill, carrying our grilled dinner on a tray. When I reached the house, I turned around. Those were the final dying rays of the setting sun. The rainbow stayed up as long as the Inti Taiti did. So just like on April 21, Father Sun participated in the magic of this Fourth of July "Grillin' in the Rain." Maybe one of these days, I will write a song like that.

Oh, by the way, the steaks were delicious as was the artichoke and the potato salad that Elizabeth had made. :-)

Happy Fourth!

Travertine-Green Onyx Tabletop, Petrified Ironwood Base

HAIKU, Maui, July 7 - We were on our way into town when we saw an "Estate Sale" sign at a house with a gorgeous view that we knew belonged to a friend of mine. So we stopped as much for Elizabeth to see the view as anything else (she had never been there before). Well, we walked out with a most beautiful addition to our lanai - a Travertine-Green Onyx tabletop on a massive petrified ironwood base.

Of course, we did not literally walk out with something as heavy as that.  After we were done with our errands in town, we drove home, changed cars, and brought El Jeepo to carry the new precious load home (right).  I then asked a neighbor to help me unload it and move it to the lanai.  The two pieces are so heavy that this was a challenge even for two relatively strong men. But we did it. And now, here's what our new addition looks like...


The shot on the right is a file picture of another piece of Travertine and Green Onyx, evidently not as beautiful as the one we were lucky to acquire this afternoon. Now we have to find some suitable chairs...

Which we did, and brought them home on 7-11-12.  Even the seat cushions match the pretty stone pattern of Travertine and Green Onyx.  "A perfect spot for watching sunsets," I told Elizabeth, as we tried out our new chairs.

A Day of Celestial Magic

Friday the 13th - #11 Day - Morning Rainbows - Gorgeous Sunsets - Ocean vs. Land - Then vs. Now = All Messages from Celestial Realm about and on July 13, 2012

HAIKU, Maui, July 7 - When I open the sacred space as a shaman, I usually thank Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Mama Quilla (Mother of Oceans, Lakes and Rivers) for the beautiful landscapes and seascapes with which they feed our soul. And then I thank Inti Taiti (Father Sun) and his celestial brethren for the intelligence they give us with our every breath which helps us appreciate the beauty the universe is gifting us nearly every day. Well, today has been an exceptional day in that respect.  This has been a day of celestial magic. And I am only realizing its full extent now, at 9PM on July 13, 2012.

In fact, Elizabeth was still asleep when I took these shots.  The rest of our day was pretty normal. And then the magic returned this evening just before sunset.

Last week, Elizabeth and I were guided on our way into town  (literally!) to an estate sale. We ended up buying a gorgeous table top of Green Onyx and Tavertine, set on a beautiful piece of petrified Ironwood.  Yesterday, we brought home a wicker chair and loveseat set that complements it.  "This will be a perfect spot for watching sunsets," I told Elizabeth.  "Let's have a sunset watch every evening from now on."

Our guides and teachers must have heard me. Because at exactly 6:55PM tonight (about 5 mins before sunset), something made me stop the work I was doing on the opposite side of the house.  I had actually just finished some posts on fracking and about what the Light Beings had told me about the power of a group energetic action. Here's that post to a fellow- Stewards of the Earth (Steve):

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Bob Altzar <>
Date: Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: [Stewards of the Earth] In my July 9 discussion with the three Light...
To: Reply to Comment <>

Yes, grieve, but also ACT. Acting together energetically as a group to CHANGE these practices with the help of the Spirit realm, our power increases EXPONENTIALLY. That's what our celestial guides and teachers have been telling us. We just have to believe it and call on them through our hearts.

Here's just one example from April, since you mentioned the Amazon. Check out the Gaia Speaks: Message #14 (4/11/2012) (scroll to the bottom of it to see a poem from our Brazilian SOE). We included Belo Monte, along with fracking, in our Full Moon Ceremony.

Lo and behold, shortly after that, Vermont became the first state to ban fracking. And the "Battle for the Amazon" against greedy corporations and corrupt government is accelerating.  Check out..., and within that site, this post: It's Not Too Late to Stop the Belo Monte Dam! - Blog Post.

Thanks for caring, my brother.


Altzar Aurelius Kumara

(Bob Djurdjevic)

Haiku, Maui

It was only later in the evening that I realized why I was guided to do so. The Spirit realm wanted to confirm what I was saying in its own inimitable way.  S they guided me to go out to the lanai to watch the sunset. I also called for Elizabeth to join me.  And this video and the photo album are a result...

Day of Celestial Magic - Morning Rainbows, Gorgeous Sunset (July 13)


I should point out that I did not realize that exactly one year ago I was also filming a sunset at Hapuna Beach until AFTER tonight's sunset was over. Elizabeth and I were still sitting on the lanai, enjoying the last rays of light when I realized that. And while I was editing the above video, I realized today was also Friday the 13th and another #11 day numerologically. And I did not realize that I was guided to watch this sunset and then do all these things that followed as the Spirit realm's RESPONSE to what I had just said in that 6:53PM Facebook post.

No wonder there was such a confluence of magic and celestial messages at the outset and the end of a day like this. Friday the 13th - bad luck? Forget it. Let's embrace Friday the 13th as the Day of Magic.

Sunset Watch July 13 Photo Album

Rare morning rainbows

Just like today, July 13 a year ago started with rainbows. This was was created by a wave crashing into a blow hole.

This is also the shot I took one year ago at Waipio Valley black lava beach on north shore of Big Island.

Hapuna Beach sunset, Big Island


And that's all she wrote so far for the month of July from the Rainbow Shower.

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