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Mar 29-Apr 1, 2012

Updated Apr 3, 2012 - Our "anniversary" trip to the Big Island turns into...

Exploring Hamakua, Puna Coasts

Beautiful scenery, beautiful rainbows at the end of our "day off"


At southernmost point of the United States


Like a scene from Bali High ("South Pacific") [I inserted the volcanic island there... to provide the fifth element - fire]

Our "anniversary" trip to the Big Island

Exploring Hamakua, Puna Coasts

Beautiful scenery, beautiful rainbows at the end of our "day off"

HAPUNA BEACH, Big Island, Mar 31 - Saturday, the day after our South Point Healing Ceremony, the Spirits finally decided to give us a "day off."  Which is what this entire weekend was supposed to be according to our original plans.  Alas, the "plans of mice and men" fade away when the Spirit realm had a different idea.  That's why it was pleasant surprise to see that sometimes, they can also sympathize with our wishes and desires.

Elizabeth wanted to go to the Hilo market first thing Saturday morning. We both wanted to have breakfast at Tex's Malasadas (Hawaiian donuts) place on the Hamakua Coast, just past Waimea.  After that, we were planning to drive up to the Kilauea Volcano where I was tentatively planning to do another ceremony for Pele.

Once we made it to Hilo, while Elizabeth was shopping, I thought I would walk to the harbor to enjoy the views of the Hilo Bay. Since Elizabeth makes lauhala bracelets and other beautiful Hawaiian ornaments, a table full of lauhala-made products by a native Hawaiian lady attracted my attention. I chatted with Sani and her 10-year old son for a while.  Eventually, I bought this "haku lei" (head lei) made out of lauhala (right shot).

It turns out Elizabeth didn't find anything she wanted.  So mine was our only purchase at the Hilo market that I had no intention of visiting. :-) That's how the Spirit works.  After that, I did walk to the Hilo harbor and took these shots of beautiful mature trees there...

When we got back together, I also took a picture of Elizabeth in front of this store promoting Hawaiian sovereignty (right).  After that, we made a call on a friend who had invited us to drop in for a visit a long time ago.  I am very glad we did.  Because she suggested we tour the Puna Coast, something we had never done before (we had been to the Volcano several times in the past four years). 

What followed was a magical afternoon, as you can see from the pictures and videos below.  When we were about ready to go to the Volcano, the heavens opened up and a heavy downpour engulfed us.  I took it as a sign from the Spirit that we'd better change our plans.  So we headed back toward the Hamakua Coast.  About half way there, a trail of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen started to follow us.  We kept stopping every couple of miles to take some more views and pictures of them.  Enjoy, starting with these two videos!

Driving Through Green Mango Tunnel in Puna (Big Island)


At the end of the green tunnel, we arrived at a beautiful but wild Isaac Hale surfing beach...

Isaac Hale Surfing Beach Park (Big Island)


Exploring Hamakua, Puna Coasts Photo Album

Our first stop was the Lava Tree Park

These tree sculptures were created when lava embalmed the forest a long time ago

Playing peekaboo in this lava tree

A holy tree... Elizabeth could almost fit in

Beautiful green tree tunnels... mango grove

Isaac Hale surfing beach

Coconut "frame"

Plaque under the dock - US Army-made

Scenes along Puna coast

End of the road - Uncle Robert's place - the only one spared by lava flow in 1984

Life is really slow here...

Hilo Bay during downpour

Rainbow show on Hamakua coast

Elizabeth took this beautiful shot of Eucalyptus trees on Hamakua coast


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