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Mar 29-Apr 1, 2012

Updated Apr 1, 2012 - Our "anniversary" trip to the Big Island turns into...

What a Blast It Was!

Special Healing Ceremony/Despacho at South Point


At southernmost point of the United States


Special Healing Ceremony/Despacho at South Point

What a Blast It Was!

HAPUNA BEACH, Big Island, Mar 30 - "What a Blast It Was!" - was an appropriate title for our full first day on the Big Island. It was the day dedicated to the Spirit (Pele, Poseidon, Mary Magdalene...).  I suggest you check out the above two stories first at the web site before proceeding with this one.  If you don't... well, that's okay, too.  Some people like to start reading a book in the middle. Which is okay with me, too.

Besides the wind and the sand that penetrated every bit of clothing we had -  including the insides of our pockets and back packs, and our hair, ears, noses, mouths, space between nails and the skin, maybe even the brains, who knows - the most important memory of the day of the ceremony was where it took place. The South Point, Ka Lae in Hawaiian, was truly and breathtakingly majestic on this triple three's day (3-30-12).

Elizabeth and I made it to the South Point by about 10:30.  The wind was howling and the ocean raging.  With half an hour to spare before the appointed start of the ceremony, I did not have much time to enjoy the views.  I took a few shots and then, while Elizabeth was taking pictures with her own camera, I started to scout the area.  I was trying to feel the energy of the place and decide on a particular spot for the ceremony.

And then I found it... the perfect spot.  Or maybe it found me?  Just like that magical place at Lago di Vernago on the first triple-three's day this month (3-3-12).

Take a look at this shot (left).  It is a composite of three pictures. This is the panoramic view from our Stewards of the Earth Despacho site at the South Point, looking out at the Pacific in the southwesterly direction, like the flute player (right). This is where waves come all directions to crash against each other and against the rugged lava coastline.

I suspected the ocean and the wind would provide an amazing background orchestra for my flute music offering to the Spirit (Pele. Poseidon... lava, ocean, wind).  What I did not know was that they actually would drown me out.  Maybe that's not such a great loss. :-)

The perfect place for our ceremony was inside a mini caldera.  The spot was even slightly sheltered from the 50 mph wind gusts, though not very much, as you will see shortly.  I created a sacred space for our ceremony, complete with an "SOE" (Stewards of the Earth) sign, made out of coral on lava rock. 

All the while, something inside of me was telling me that this was the very rock on which Elizabeth and I made a heart sign with our initials in 2010. Elizabeth didn't think so.  So when we got back home, I check out that picture album from Thanksgiving 2010.  And lo and behold...

... it was the very same rock and the very same spot.  Only the light was different.  The above pictures were taken at close to sunset (see "Cape Hawaii Australis").

How's that for "serendipity?"  Or more precisely, consistency in Spirit guidance. Although I was not explicitly aware of Pele's and Poseidon's presence with us back in 2010, evidently they were there then as now.  No wonder the spot felt "perfect" while I was setting up the SOE sign and the Despacho-Mesa on that rock.

Preamble-Introduction to South Point

South Point (Ka Lae) Hawaii Healing Ceremony: Introduction (3-30-12)


The Ceremony

Having Elizabeth work the camera made it much easier for me to do the ceremony.  In fact, I am not sure that using the camera would have been possible under the circumstances if I were alone. With wind gusts of up to 50 mph, the camera would have been probably smashed to pieces even if I had it on a tripod.

I have Elizabeth 4-minute, 30 second, and 4-second warnings.  We started the ceremony at exactly 11:00 local time.  Here are some video excerpts from it...

Hawaii South Point Healing Ceremony (3-30-12)


The Blast

As you saw from the preceding videos, we were really getting blasted by the wind at the South Point.  Here's a short video which shows just how strong the wind was.  It blew the hat right off my head...

South Point (Ka Lae) Hawaii Healing Ceremony: The Blast (3-30-12)


And now, take a look at that har-removing wind blast in slow motion, frame-by-frame...

What else was there left to do at the end of such an experience but bow to the wind.

Aftermath: South Point Ocean Views & Sounds

After the ceremony, I walked up to the top of the caldera that surrounds our new sacred sites, just to gaze out to the ocean and observe the beauty and the fury of Mama Kocha (Mother Ocean).  Then I picked my camera and started filming so you could also experience these amazing sights and sounds.

South Point Ocean Views & Sounds (3-30-12)


And now, here's the photo album from our Healing Ceremony...

Photo Album from Healing Ceremony at South point

Some Still Shots from the Video


Green Sand Beach, Rainbow Welcome Home

Before heading back to the main highway, we decided to take a detour and see something new to us - the Green Sand Beach.  The color of the green sand comes from Peridot. Four years ago, I was gifted a kulla here on the Big Island that was a perfect oblong shape (see below).  We walked for about a mile along the rugged coastline and a dirt road that could only be used by 4WD vehicles. Facing the strong wind, we must have not only seen lots of green sand, but also eaten it, too. :-) The views were beautiful, but not knowing how much farther we had to walk, we turned around and headed back to the car.

Green Sand Beach, Rainbow Welcome Home Photo Album

Oval lava kulla with peridot (2008)

Sand is really green...

This is what we missed (a file photo)

There was a boat in our neighborhoor in Maui like this. Its name was "The Boat That Don't Float" :-)

In South Kona, we stopped to take pictures of Keauhou Bay

This is where we spent a week last Julye

Plumerias of all colors were on display

This was our "welcome home" rainbow at end of long day

And this was our "welcome home" honor guard at our hotel :-)

Here's also a 9-min Green Sand Beach video that someone else had made - in case you're interested.


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