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11 Aug 2012

Updated Aug 11 ,2012 - Dinner at Mama's Fish House, Gallery Exhibit Opening

Upside-down Rainbow!

Sign of new multidimensionality


Lanai and aerial views of the "Rainbow Shower"

Preparation for Blue Star Earth's Solar Chakra Activations leads to unexpected revelation

Upside-down Rainbow

Sign of new multidimensionality on Blue Star Earth; Solar Chakra Water Activation

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 7 - The first week of August has certainly been active around here at the Rainbow Shower from the celestial perspective. On August 1, we witnessed the first ever reverse (upside-down) rainbow.


I was able to capture it on my iPhone camera both as a still shot and as a 22-sec video.

Reverse (Upside-down) Rainbow (Aug 1, 2012)


Both happened inadvertently - a telltale sign of the spirit-guided events.  I was setting up the scene for a would-be nighttime shoot of the Solar Chakra Activation and a Full Moon fire ceremony.

So what does the upside-down rainbow mean? When my Kumarian brother Star Rising saw the above video, he said he received an immediate channeling from the Spirit realm. Here's what he wrote about it on Aug 6:

Altzar what a special message this is! What channeled thru right after seeing this video has been confirmed with the God body and all of Grace as a sign of the beautiful energy on the planet to be utilized.

It means the opening of the twin flame dimension is now upon us. We have access to the other side of us coming to the light so that we may be whole once again as a multidimensional being.
It is also the reverse side of God showing us the alternate universe to create from as a whole being.

The rays are interchangeable and therefore transmutable from any energy. In other words, we can over come and reach zero point by seeing the rainbow from one side then the other. 

We reach the middle point of creation where it came from and in that we reach the ultimate self realization of now past and future - all happening at the same time.

With love and light upon you.



Back to the evening of Aug 1, as it turned out, the Spirits canceled that and instead wanted us to do a Water ceremony.

New Lemuria Solar Chakra Activation on Full Moon (8-01-12)


Also see a story about it at the web site: New Lemuria's Solar Chakra Activation - Full Moon Ceremony (Aug 3)

Then on Aug 3, Elizabeth and I attended a picnic at the Kaunoa Senior Center in Paia, commemorating Hawaii's largest sugar cane plantation which is still operating:

The weather was perfect and the setting beautiful under the shady Monkey Pod trees. The event also inspired three teaching ideas which I may be pursuing in the near future. Here are the notes from my Journal about them:

I had two teaching ideas while driving to Kaunoa today. Elizabeth added the third.

My first one was to do a series of lecture on how to die well, perhaps under the title "Preparation for a Trip Home." This would be a course on how to die well and prepare to re-enter the Spirit realm happy and fulfilled with the life and the body we are leaving behind. I would use all my shamanic (Kahuna) knowledge and wisdom gained from both the earthly and spiritual realms in the course of maybe 3-4 session of 1.5 hours each.

Elizabeth's idea was for me to play the piano for Kaunoa or maybe teach a music class. But this would require them to have a piano. And neither of us is sure if they do. If they do, I would be happy to teach it or play at any of their events.

The third was to teach a course to children titled, "Don't Listen to Your Parents; Listen to Your Heart." (And then teach your parents how to do the same).

And Then There Were Ten...

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 6 - Remember the children's rhyme "Ten Little Indians?" They diminish in numbers as the song goes on. This is a cute little real life story about wild ducks. And how they increased in numbers... 

For the last year or so, we've had three wild ducks living around our Rainbow Shower home in Maui. Two were dark-feathered, one a blonde. Lately, we've only been seeing the two dark ones. We were worried that the blonde had bought the farm in duck heaven. Well, this morning, we found out just the opposite was the case. She was on maternity leave.

The reason the blonde was AWOL is that she must have been laying on eggs. This morning, I saw her parading her nine little young wild ducks - some dark some blonde - on our front lawn. Our Thai-made bronze horse named Anuenue (Rainbow in Hawaiian) was also looking on approvingly at the new arrivals at the Rainbow Shower estate... :-)

Celestial Quilt, Weight Loss Goal Met

This was also the day we inaugurated Elizabeth's new beautiful gift to me. Most of you know that I am an Inca-trained and thrice ordained shaman. What you may not know is that Elizabeth Fuentes, my wife and life partner, says she does not believe in shamanism. But she adds she believes in me. Which is why she supports me in all of my spiritual work. Here's the latest example of it...

Being an artist, Elizabeth makes beautiful things. So for the last several weeks, she has been working on creating a Celestial Quilt for me. Here it is... at its "official unveiling" last night... the earth - land and ocean, planets, stars are all coming together in this lovely creation.

Finally, today (Aug 7), was also the day I met my weight loss goal of dropping down to 170 lbs or less (from 184 I was on July 10), the day Elizabeth and I started our new diet which the Light Being recommended (see Weight Gain, Being Klutzy, Spirit Guides, Soul Colors (, 7-24-12).

Dinner at Mama's Fish House, Gallery Exhibit Opening

I had promised Elizabeth, once we both met our weight loss goals, I would take her to Mama's Fish House for dinner. She reached that point the day before yesterday - Aug 9. So I booked us a table with an ocean view for Saturday night. 

By the way, for those who may not know it, Mama's Fish House is a fabulous restaurant in Paia, about five miles from the Rainbow Shower. We have come across people all over the world who have dined there. Some had even traveled specifically to Maui for that purpose (like some honeymooners from Switzerland and London we know).  Anyway, it was a delightful evening.


Well, Elizabeth may beg to differ that it was entirely a perfect evening. She may have had a little too much fun. But I will let her share that story with you herself if she so chooses.


Meanwhile, yesterday evening, we attended the opening of an exhibit by two Maui artists at the Hui, a Makawao art center. One of them is Billy Welker, our next door neighbor.  He has developed a unique portrait style as you can see from these shots.

All of these paintings are of his immediate family members, some whom you can see in that far right shot with Elizabeth, taken just before the reception started.  I told Bully last night that his self-portrait reminded me of the work by Van Gough. Which is why I sent him this morning this photo-montage on the right.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of August from the Rainbow Shower.

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