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20 Apr 2012

Updated Apr 19, 2012, adds Trek to Waimoku Falls

Easter Weekend Hawaiian Style

Filled with music, dance, art, love and joy in the company of NEW friends


An aerial view of the "Rainbow Shower"

At the Rainbow Shower

Easter Weekend Hawaiian Style

Filled with music, dance, art, love and joy in the company of NEW friends

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 9 - Sometimes the best weekend plans are no plans at all.  Let the Spirit surprise us.  And boy oh boy, do they know how to put on a party and turn strangers into friends! 

Elizabeth and I made no plans whatsoever for this Easter weekend.  Having just had a marvelous long weekend on the Big Island, we thought we'd stay low, maybe do a fire ceremony on Good Friday which was also the Full Moon, and just generally have a quiet weekend.  Well, turns out this Easter weekend was anything but quiet. It was filled with music, dance, art, love and joy.

Want to know the best part?  Less than a week ago, Elizabeth and I didn't know any of the people with whom we had such a good time this weekend. Our new friends came from all over... California, Argentina, New Zealand, Michigan, Italy, Armenia etc. Some were here a year, others 30 years or longer.  We were all brought together by Pele and the magic of Maui.  In turn, we brought to Lloyd and Karen's party our love and "joie de vivre" (joy of living).  And many instruments.  We made music with a piano, saxophone, violin, two guitars, didgeridoo and countless percussion instruments. And, of course, our dozens of wind instruments - our singing voices.

It all started actually with my article Electrified! (by Blue Leaf), Part 2: Greed Casts Clouds over Solar Energy (3/25/2012), to which Lloyd, our Haiku neighbor, responded a couple of weeks ago.  Then we exchanged mutual dinner party invitations.  And voila!

Take a look at this short video that Elizabeth had filmed (also spontaneously; I didn't know she had done it until after we came home from the party).  Some of the footage was made with her cell phone camera, so the quality is not the best. Like the wedding and birthday cake presentations, the former to an 84-year old.  But the group's Spirit shines through all of it nonetheless...

Easter Weekend 2012 Hawaiian Style HD (Apr 8, 2012)


And now, here's a photo album from this weekend and the start of the month of April at the Rainbow Shower...

Easter Weekend 2012 Photo Album

This is what awaited us when we returned home from Big Island

The following morning, this Red Cardinal serenaded me perched on a cello outside our office

Our dinner party on Good Friday, Full Moon

Chichen Itza in Mexico

Chichen Itza in Maui (Elizabeth's creation)

Entertaining guests after dinner "Under the Rainbow"

Saturday at Native Hawaiian art festival in Kapalu

Elizabeth's early birthday gift to me

Easter Sunday ceremony

At Anahata-Huaca-Ahu, my sacred site

Another "gift" that fell from the sky - literally

Our quail Easter eggs, another gift we found on Orchard Rd

A scene from Lloyd & Karen's Sunday party

Trek to Waimoku Falls

HAIKU, Maui, Apr 19 - I woke up Sunday morning feeling Elizabeth and I needed to go to Waimoku Falls, a magnificent 400-ft waterfall in south Maui. I don't know why. She had never been there before. I went there by myself on St Patrick's Day 2011 (see St. Patrick's Day 2011: Exciting, Unpredictable (Mar 17).   It was raining when we left home [here goes that Water element again].  We were driving in our topless "El Jeepo." :-)

By the time we made it to the southwest side of the island, the rain had stopped (see above shots).  But at the start of the Waimoku Trail, and all the way along the deep canyon's four-mile round trip hike, we were soaked. The ground was wet and muddy.  The creeks and the waterfalls were roaring, creating additional mist in the air.  And before we got to the Waimoku Falls, we had to wade through the rushing creek twice over rugged, sharp-edged rocks. 

For most, the water was knee-deep (see photos left and right).  For me, however, it was shoulder-deep on the left side of my body, hip-deep on the right.  On the our back, I had stepped into a deep crevice and lost my balance, plunging into the creek head and shoulder first. Luckily I did not get injured.  Only got a small bruise on the left knee.  Even more miraculously, my expensive Canon camera continued to work without a glitch despite being submerged in the roaring creek for a second or two.  Alas, my prescription glasses did not return from the trip. The river took them. So it goes...

A year ago, I just strolled across the rocks at the same place   What a difference from the wild and woolly Waters of Waimoku Falls this weekend.  Shortly after I returned, I was inspired to compose this music on the theme of Water (Water Improvisation, Apr 6, 2011).

"It just won't do," I told Elizabeth after watching this video following our Sunday adventure.

"What won't do?" she said.

"The music I wrote a year ago.  It's too serene, to gentle, for the kind of experience we have had.

So on Monday night and Tuesday morning, I composed another rendition of Water as a powerful, life-changing transformational element.  Here it is... Water - Mix (Apr 18, 2012).

But that still did not paint the full picture of the Divine presence we experienced during that Sunday trek.  Elizabeth called it a baptism.  I called a rebirth. 

And then, as I rolled the film of our Sunday adventure through my mind, I began to hear the sounds and the words "Let It Be." 

"So maybe I need to create a new blended music video and name it 'Let It Be... Water'," I thought.

Over the last three days, that's what I did (click on 'Let It Be... Water' to view it).

Here's a video travelogue about our Trek to Waimoku Falls...

Trek to Waimoku Falls (Apr 15)


And now, here's the photo album from our Sunday trek...

Surfing beach on the south shore, right next to Koki Beach, Pele's final resting place.

Waimoku Falls Photo Album

Unusual trees with orange bark

First glimpse of Makahiku Falls

Under a giant banyan

Right at Makahiku Falls

Entering the bamboo forest

Wading through rushing creek

Finally at Waimoku Falls

Trekking back, this shot was taken with wet camera

Map of the canyon we trekked

South shore of Maui, approaching Koki Beach

Koki Beach, Pele's final resting place

In 1980s I got a T-shirt like this for my daughters

This one did not survive it.


And that's all she wrote so far for the month of April from the Rainbow Shower.

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