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30 May 2011

Updated May 30, 2011 - Day 3: Pali Lookout, Kailua Beach

Discovering Enchanted Oahu: Beyond Honolulu

Visits to three of four island shores



Oahu map - May 25-27 trip



(Morning view from our hotel window)      (Sunset view from our hotel window)



Visit to three of four island's shores

Discovering Enchanted Oahu: Beyond Honolulu

Day 3: Pali Lookout, Kailua Beach

HAIKU, Maui, May 30 - On our third and last day of our trip to Oahu, we headed to the windward shore.  We have been before to Kailua Beach and the Pali Lookout (see the map - above).  But one can never have enough of beautiful places like that.  This time around, we also had another reason for heading in this direction.  We were meeting two friends for lunch at the "Buzz's" restaurant, just off the Kailua Beach.

Our first stop was at the Pali Lookout which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the valley below.  To the left, you can see the town of Kaneohe. To the right, lies Kailua, our destination.  Pali Lookout was so windy that we did not linger very long - for fear that Elizabeth might get blown away.  :-)  She hung on to my arm with a mighty squeeze, hoping that I was heavy enough as an anchor for both of us. :-)

We found Kailua Beach quite busy.  It was the last day of school.  There were several school buses parked on the road that parallels the beach, in addition to the usual assortment of tour buses, rental cars, etc. (left shot).

But the beach was a beautiful as ever.  And relatively calm despite the strong wind.  The wide panoramic shot is composed of four pictures (above).  I had to doctor it up enough that you can think of it almost as an electronic painting. :-)

Above are two relatively untouched shots of the same scene.

Soon enough, Elizabeth was off to another beach shell hunt (she uses the shells for the jewelry she makes).   Unfortunately, even this serene setting was disturbed by a motorized lifeguard (right).  It was unclear what it was that he was patrolling.


 Meanwhile, as with every show, backstage was just as interesting as the main stage.  Two boys were frolicking on the sand dunes covered by leaves that grew right of the sand (left).  Several kayakers were making their way slowly up a shallow inlet (middle left).  A two-year old proved that you don't have to ride high surf to have fun (middle).  And a couple were having an early siesta after a picnic lunch (middle right).  Nearby, bigger catamaran boats were waiting patiently to he let out to rowers who would take them to a nearby small island (right).  "Life is a beach."

Epilogue: Back Home

After a nice, long and leisurely luncheon with our friends, we headed back to the Honolulu airport.

We were home in time for a lovely sunset.  The two left shots were taken from the Eucalyptus Hill on the other side of the gulch from the Rainbow Shower home, looking back at the house and then also toward the setting sun.  In the morning, we were blessed with some welcome rain showers and a rainbow (right).

Happy Memorial Day!


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