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28 Mar 2011

Updated March 28, 2011 - Visit to New Honolulu Steinway Dealer, Waikiki, Pali Lookout

Surprise Trip to Oahu: Piano Planet Grand Opening & Concert

Also, surprising Elizabeth at Honolulu airport


(The Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Waikiki, Mar 24, 2011)



Visit to New Steinway Dealer, Waikiki, Pali Lookout

Surprise Trip to Oahu: Piano Planet Grand Opening & Concert

Also, surprising Elizabeth at Honolulu airport

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 27 - When Elizabeth told me she would be coming home from Arizona on Friday, Mar 25, a devilish idea was born in my head.  "What if I showed up unexpectedly at the Honolulu airport and surprised her?"  The catalyst was an invitation to a Piano Planet Grand Opening Reception and Concert in Honolulu scheduled for Mar 24.  "Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone?" I thought before checking to see what the gods of travel had to say about it. 

It turns out they were quite benevolent.  I was able to schedule the trip and pay for most it using my miles and hotel points.  Clearly, the divine beings were in favor of my surprise plan and were helping make it happen.  The clear sky rainbow that showed up before the trip was a good omen (you will be able to see it in the movie I have made about the whole experience).  And so was the good weather for flying and playing a tourist for a day...

You can see from the above the highlights of the half-hour flight in five frames.  It was the first time I was able to get a pilot's view of the Honolulu airport just as we were landing (right).  Care to guess how that was possible?

Once on the ground and in my rental car, I had to run some errands first.  Then I headed for Piano Planet, the new Steinway dealer in Honolulu, where a gala reception was supposed to take place this evening.  I had made arrangements with George Nellas, the owner, to play his Model D, a 9-ft concert grand in the afternoon, before they wheel it out of the store for the evening performance.  Which is what I did.  I played it for over an hour, along with one other brand new Model B (like mine).

Then I checked into my hotel and played tourist on Waikiki for the rest of the afternoon.

But first things first...

... on my way there, I passed a Farmer's Market right on the main Waikiki drag.  Elizabeth and I discovered it the last time we were here about a month ago.  And I couldn't resist.  My age-old weakness for French crepes got the better of me.  I had two.  And then I walked on to the beach...

No signs of Japanese tourists staying at home, as some of the local media said.  I saw plenty of them around.

As always, I dropped by my favorite hotel on Waikiki - The Royal Hawaiian (there is also a short video clip from it in the movie that follows below).

And then it was time to head for the Piano Planet Grand Opening reception and concert...

The new Steinway dealer-owner George Nellas and his wife are shown in the leftmost shot (you'll also hear from him in the film).

Quick trip to Pali Lookout, Surprise welcome home for Elizabeth

The next day, I used some extra time I had to drive up to Pali Lookout at enjoy once again a beautiful from of Oahu Windward shore from there...

And I saw for the first time why it is called that.  When I stepped to the ledge camera in hand, a gust of wind blew off my baseball cap with such force that it flew more than 50 yards in the air before it touched the ground.

The hazy air from the spray the wind was blowing from the ocean had a lovely dreamy quality (left shot). On my way back to Honolulu, I also took a couple of shots of a paradoxical scene - a Buddhist temple with the Waikiki highrises in the background.  Also, a post office under a freeway!  Ever seen anything like it before?

And then it was time for my "airport surprise."  Elizabeth's mainland flight was late, so I risked missing my own flight home by hanging around her arrival gate as it took about 10 minutes of hustle to get from there to the interisland terminal from which my flight departed.  But it all worked out in the end as things always do when the spirits are helping.  I left behind Elizabeth blissfully stunned by the surprise...

... only to welcome her home again about an hour or so later at the Kahului airport. The above shots were taken later on Friday night at dinner.  And my little Honolulu adventure ended the way it started - with a giant clear sky rainbow this Sunday morning over the Rainbow Shower.

Aloha!  Have a great week!

And now, here's a 15-min movie about this surprise trip, including a segment from the reception and concert...


Piano Planet Honolulu Grand Opening Reception/Concert (Mar 24, 2011)

Also click here to see us mingling with "Cats" (musical) cast in Wailuku, earlier today.

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