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Updated Sep 6, 2011 - Day 1: Sunset at Turtle Bay

Oahu: Sunset, Sunrise at Turtle Bay

First visit to famous surfing beach, resort, also Laie, Waikiki



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Day 1: Sunset at Turtle Bay


Oahu: Sunset, Sunrise at Turtle Bay

First visit to famous surfing beach, resort

TURTLE BEACH, Oahu, Aug 26 - After taking care of some business meetings the morning of Aug 26, we arrived at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort in mid-afternoon.  It was our first visit to this famous beach which has been featured in many surfing movies and videos.

The Turtle Bay Resort is nestled on the northern most tip of Oahu.  So it has ocean views both to the east and to the west.  The above pictures show the beach scenery to the east of the resort.

And these are the western beach and ocean views from the resort.  Note the rainbow rays emanating from the sun in the leftmost shot.  And now, while we are still comparing the east and the west, let's contrast some of the same views at sunset and sunrise...


Take a look at the sculpture of the ancient Hawaiian fisherman.  It's a study in contrasts, not just of light, but also of time of day.  The two left shots were taken at sunset.  The right right ones at sunrise the following day.  Of course, you won't find Elizabeth peaking through the fisherman's naval in the morning pictures. :-) Getting up that early in the morning is an exceptional experience for this writer, too.


But it did happen.  And so here are again the two contrasting shots of the same hotel scene at sunset and at sunrise.  And then the two shots on the right are of two different scenes on two different islands taken at two different times of day, yet very similar in colors and texture.

And now, here are some panoramic views to the west and to the east from Cape Turtle Bay, the northern most tip of Oahu...

This is the very tip of Oahu, the Cape Turtle Bay

... which is included in the above eastern panorama shot.  Each of the panorama shots consists of between three and four frames.

Okay, so with that as a preamble, here is now our sunset album from the Turtle Bay resort:

After the sun had set, we had a delicious Italian (!) dinner at the hotel restaurant that offered the western view of the ocean.


After dinner, we went out for another walk along the western beach where Elizabeth managed to take these nighttime shots.

And that's all she wrote from our first day at Turtle Bay.


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