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06 Nov 2011

Updated Nov 5, 2011

London-style Fog Follows Rainbows

Welcome November rain comes after October drought


View from lanai, Nov 4, 2011


At the Rainbow Shower

London-style Fog Follows Rainbows 

Weeklong rain showers end monthlong drought

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 4 - Well, after a monthlong drought, weeklong rain showers started to rejuvenate and heal the land at the Rainbow Showers.  Intermittent rain started five days after our return from Europe.  And this morning, for the first time since we can remember, we had a real "London fog"-style blanket covering the gulch below our lanai (see above and right photos).  Guess that's not the kind of a Hawaii postcard view you are used to seeing.  Neither are we.  But we are loving it, especially as it came with occasional cracks of thunder - another rarity around here.

So now we can update our Rainbow Shower poster with a "wintry" scene (left).

Of course, the rainbows are also back.  The weather never stays gloomy for long around here.  Here are some I 'caught' yesterday morning, also from our lanai...

On Saturday (Nov 5), Elizabeth and I had a reason for a private celebration.  So Elizabeth bought a red dress for the occasion which she is modeling here...

Finally, there she is in her kitchen with a wonderful coconut cake that she baked today (Sunday, Nov 6).

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of November from the Rainbow Shower.

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