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19 Mar 2011

Updated March 19, adds St. Patrick's Day Adventure: Video Version

St. Patrick's Day 2011: Exciting, Unpredictable

 A day's trip to Waimoku Falls, Pele's watery "grave," Hana and points north on Maui's shore


(first rainbows of 2011)


Preamble to St. Patrick's Day Adventure

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day.  To all of my fellow-Irish friends, I send you an early Happy St. Patrick's Day greeting!

As some of you know, St. Patrick's Day is also my North American birthday.  So I will be again 41 tomorrow.  Isn't it wonderful how St. Patrick works his magic and helps us regress in age? :-)

Anyway, since I am alone and the moment (Elizabeth is in Arizona), and my knee has fully healed thanks to Mary Magdalene's and other spirits' help, I plan to take off on a special adventure first thing tomorrow morning in the jungles of eastern Maui.  And to do it with my open-air roofless Jeep (thus the "weather permitting" proviso).

On the first leg of the trip, I plane to drive up to Kula and then go counter-clockwise on dirt roads to Pipiway Stream.  The 4-mile jungle trail with an elevation difference of 650 feet is supposed to be one of the wonders of Maui.  Along the way, I hope two see two magnificent waterfalls.  Makahiku Falls is 180 ft drop, while the Waimoku Falls at the end of the trail is 400 feet in height (clock to see Oheo Gulch in Hawaii travel guide).

Then if I survive the first trail with no injuries or other mishaps, I hope to continue counter-clockwise toward Hana (northeast tip of Maui) and do another one at Wai'anapanapa State Park & Trail (right).

Needless to say, I do not hold out much hope that I will have mobile phone connection during the day tomorrow.  Which is why I am sending you my early St. Patrick's Day wishes and this heads-up.

And if you don't hear from me again, at least you can talk about how lucky Rainbow Bob was to have gone to the rainbow heaven from Goddess Pele's home (Hawaiian legends say her final resting place was near Hana).

[Just kidding, of course.  I fully expect to be back home by tomorrow night.  After all, I have to water my new sage plants.  And to put some green coloring in my ginger ale.  That's the closest you will see me drinking ale.  Yes, even on Paddy's Day].  :-)

Finally, you can see in the right picture Elizabeth's St Patrick's Day birthday gift to me - a jade shamrock paperweight she bought in New York last October.  She gave it to me before she left for AZ.

St. Patrick's Day 2011: Exciting, Unpredictable...

A day's trip to Waimoku Falls, Pele's watery "grave," Hana and points north on Maui's shore

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 17 - Well, my big St. Patrick's Day adventure didn't exactly go according to my plan.  But then, things never do,  Which makes them all the more exciting.  In the end, things turn out the way they are supposed to happen. 

The disappointing part was a loss of over 30 mins of lovely video I had shot with my new camera.  When I reviewed the pictures this evening, I found all of them to be blurry.  And the still pictures I took with that camera were overexposed.  Obviously, I god a lemon.  So it's going back to the store today.  Fortunately, I also took my old camera as a backup for still pictures.  Lucky I did.  For those turned out to be the only photos worth publishing.

When I woke up on St. Patrick's Day morning, it was raining.  I had been also raining on an off during the night.  So I thought I may have to forego my plans (topless Jeep and all).  Before I did, I thought I'd double check with the spirits.  The mystic medicine card I drewI was Ancient Wisdom again. The Grandmother showed up for a second time this week.  She seemed to assure me that I will be under her shield of protection (in the painting, Grandmother marches with the shield and drum of protection for Mother Earth and her children).

So I took took off, rain or shine. And boy, was Grandma ever right.   It was shine all the way.  Within a mile from home, the rain had stopped.  By the time I made it to Makawao, it was sunny.  It stayed sunny all day even though the official forecast was for clouds with occasional showers,  Thank you, Grandmother and St. Patrick!  I did wear green, as you can see and was enveloped by greenery most of the day.

There is a large time gap between that first shot on the left and the one on the right.  The latter was taken at the start of the Waimoku Falls trail.  I left home at 8AM.  That shot was taken around 11AM.   By then, I had made nine video clips with my new camera which I have had to trash now.  I may try to split off the narration and superimpose it over some of the still images, but that's an arduous process which will take time.  So anyway, back to the trail...

The vegetation along the way is very similar to what we have in the gulch of the Rainbow Shower.  It's just that everything is bigger.  More rain.  You can see a giant banyan in the middle left, and a huge mango tree under which I am crouching in the next shot to the right.  There is even a regular Milo tree jungle (two right shots).  The density and the size of the trees made me chuckle.  I planted two Milo trees last fall and have been nursing them like babies trying to keep them alive.  They have just started to grow but are still not more than four feet tall.  And look at here... they are growing like weeds.  And then take a look at those green tea plants high up in the air (far right), growing right out of the limbs of big trees.  Symbioses - is that the right word?  I seem to remember something like that from my high school biology classes.  [Which I hated, by the way :-) ]. I even saw some giant coffee trees,  Alas, I can't show them to you.  They are in my video trash bin. 

There are Seven Sacred Pools leading up to Waimoku Falls.  The one in the right photo is the first one.  Ancient Hawaiians considered this entire area a holy site.  And I can see why.  Not only is it beautiful, you can feel the good "mana" (positive earth energy) as you walk the trail. 

Check out the size of some of these bamboo in the leftmost shot below...

For me, the walk through the bamboo forest was the most interesting experience of the day.  Of course, we have bamboo groves at the Rainwbow Shower.  And I have talked about written about their song.  But I never got this kind of a primordial feeling there as I did with Waimoku Falls bamboos.

Here's also short video I've pulled out of my trash bin.  I shot it when I stepped off the trail and walked into a forest so think my backpack was getting stuck as I tried to wiggle through the bamboo shoots.  As imperfect as it is technically, the video is raw and alive with real emotion.  Hopefully some of that good "mana" may rub off on you, too, as you watch it.

‪Sense of Holiness in Waimoku Falls Bamboo Forest (Maui, Hawaii, St. Patrick's Day 2011)


I did not time my hike with all the stops and detours,, but I figure it probably took a an hour and a half to climb 700 feet over two-miles to reach Waimoku Falls.  As you approach the Falls, you hear it before you can see it.

Once you emerge from the jungle, the sight is spectacular.  A 400-ft vertical drop... too high to fit into a single camera shot.  It took two of them vertically and three horizontally to give you the panoramic views below...

This is also where I did a special shamanic ceremony, after which I baptized myself in the creek below the Falls (top right).


On my way back to the trailhead, I took pictures of a couple of things I had missed on the way in.  That big tree trunk lying on the ground in the leftmost shot is actually merely a broke limb of a giant mango tree.  Gives you an idea how bi the tree is, if that's just a limb. Then just before reaching the parking lot, I noticed a patch of young liliko (passion fruit) sprawling all over other plants.  Another reminder of the rainbow shower.

Then I as I drove on northward toward Hana, I stopped to take a picture of one of many spectacular ocean views (above right).

And then, just before reaching Hana, I stopped to pay homage to Goddess Pele at her final resting place, according to Hawaiian legends, her watery grave just off Koki Beach.  Elizabeth and I had been there before back in 2009.  But that was before I was aware of the place's spiritual significance.  I just turned off the road on a spur of the moment back then, and we ended up on Koki Beach.  Pele, who has guided me to move from Arizona to Maui, and has been a constant presence in my life ever since, was probably holding on to the steering with me that day.  This time around, I came to bow before her grave in full loving consciousness.

My next stop was much more earthly.  I was getting hungry.  And the Ono Organic Farms fruit stand in Hana looked very appealing.  Whenever I stop at a fruit stand like this, I get educated about some new exotic fruit I had never seen before.  This time, it was the egg fruit (third from the left in the line up on my Jeep's railing (left).  I ate that beautiful looking mango.  It was as delicious as it was pretty.  And I bought that Surinam Cherry glaze for Elizabeth (who loves cherries) for when she comes back from Arizona.

I paused briefly in Hana to take a picture of that giant cross that rises above the town.  I had never noticed it before.  And being St. Patrick's Day... you know.  Then I drove westward to my second intended destination of the day - the Waianapanapa State Park and its famous black sand beach.  But "best laid plans of mice and men."  It was not to be. I found the entrance to the park barred by a long barrier. 

Not being one to be so easily thwarted, I walked past the barrier and followed the road on foot for about half a mile.  The deeper I got into the jungle, the less travel the road was.  At one point, a baby African Tulip tree was growing in the middle of what was once the road. 

"This road has not seen any traffic for a long time," I figured.  So I turned around and walked back to the Jeep. "Oh well, it's not meant to be."  And then I drove on.

On my way back home, I did find a black beach... at Honomanu Gulch, where a gentle stream flows into the ocean.  "Guess that's the black beach St. Patrick wanted me to see today," I thought.  After that, I caught some pretty spectacular views from Hana Highway.  There were even more on video.  Alas, they are in my trash bin now. 

Thus ended an exciting and unpredictable St. Patrick's Day trip. Back home, I managed a corned beef dinner to round out the experience.

St. Patrick's Day Adventure: Video Version

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 19 - Remember what I said in my St. Patrick's Day story that I may try rescue some of the videos which my new camera ruined, split off the narration and superimpose it over some of the good still images? And I added, "but that's an arduous process which will take time."  Well, upon a closer look, some of the videos were usable after all, even if they were blurry.  So I did take the time, in fact nearly all day today, to edit and splice together a 15-minute video story of an exciting St. Patrick's Day adventure.   I think you will enjoy it, if you are willing to cut the filmmaker some slack on account of out-of-focus clips...

St Patrick’s Day 2011 Adventure on Maui - Video Version (Mar 17, 2011) [15:33 mins]


So what do you say?

An Unexpected Guest Arrives a Day Late, But Not a Penny Short

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 18 - Ah, the day after.  When I walked into my chiropractor's office this morning, I teased the receptionist:

"You're a day late!", I said tongue-in-cheek.

"What?" she said in stunned reply.  She may have thought I was referring to her period.

"You're wearing green," I clarified.

Relieved, she laughed out loud.  "I also wore green yesterday," she volunteered, "just a different shade of green."

Fast-forward five hours later.  I am bringing in and unloading groceries in the kitchen.  Suddenly I stop and pull back.  I thought I had brought in a giant insect.  Then I realize, a beautiful Monarch butterfly had latched on to the GREEN (!) bag with coffee creamers and some other stuff inside.

"How did you get in here?" I asked him lovingly.  He just slowly moved his wings.  Mr. Monarch did not seem to be in any hurry to go anywhere. I was wondering when and how he got attached to the bag.  Most likely in the Safeway parking lot, I figured.  So he must have had a nice 15-mile ride with me.  A stowaway... :-)

And then I thought, maybe he is a spirit.  St. Patrick reincarnate? Maybe that's why he is a day late.  It's a long way from Ireland to Hawaii. :-)

Whatever the explanation, I have never seen a butterfly who seemed so happy indoors and so totally unafraid of a  human.  Considering how high the Rainbow Shower vaulted ceilings are, if he ever decided to take off and fly, I'd never be able to catch him, I figured.  So ever so gently, I picked up the green bag, with creamers etc. still inside, and carried it outside to the lanai.

Then I got my camera.  And voila!  Meet the friendly Mr. Monarch himself. 

I then took out the perishables out of the bag and put them in the fridge.  He was still attached to the green bag while I was doing it.  I left him and the bag outside while I walked over to feed Leo, the neighbors' horse, with the newly purchased carrots.  When I returned the butterfly was gone.  I was relieved.  I was beginning to wonder if he were sick.  Now I know he was just lonely.  As so many humans are.  A belated St. Patrick's Day guest who loves green and now has a new ZIP code.  A new resident of the Rainbow Shower. Much nicer than the Safeway parking lot. :-)

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in March..

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