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28 Mar 2011

Updated March 28 - adds Mingling with "Cats" (musical) Cast

"The Elixir of Love" Excels

 Maui Pops joins with San Francisco Pocket Opera ensemble for a great performance;

preceded by wonderful art show at the same venue


(first rainbows of 2011)



At the Opera in Maui

"The Elixir of Love" Excels

 Maui Pops joins with San Francisco's Pocket Opera ensemble for a great performance, preceded by wonderful art show

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 13 - I had bought the tickets to this (first ever?) opera performance in Maui before Elizabeth announced that she wanted to go to Arizona to help one of her daughter's with some personal issues. So I went alone but felt obliged to have double the fun.  And so I did.  It was a marvelous performance by the Maui Pops Orchestra and San Francisco's Pocket Opera ensemble, also joined by Olinda (Maui) Choir.

It was the first time ever that have seen an operatic comedy.  The music was lively, the singing and the acting great.  The two-and-a-half-hour performance hardly ranks as a "pocket opera" today.  But at  the time it was written by G. Donizetti, when average operas ran three to four hours, it was but a brief piece.

An added bonus and an artistic appetizer was a new Maui art show that just opened at the gallery adjacent to the Castle Theater.  I was thinking of Elizabeth when I took the two left shots - of a beautiful feather lei and a big quilt.  Of the many very creative designs, I also selected the other three which would win my top prize.

Home-made Art: Meet Tiffany

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 15 - Here's a new sculpture I have been working on for days.  I named it Tiffany with Tulip earrings.  It reminds me of a Tiffany lamp. But it's actually meant as a year-round Christmas decoration.  Like our Christmas tree.


Tiffany's stem is actually a piece of pine that Elizabeth picked up on New Year's Day at Poli-Poli.  The lamp "shade" is a piece of coconut I had as a shrimp cocktail bowl during Elizabeth's birthday dinner at Mama's Fish house.  The "earrings" are African Tulip pods from our gulch which I picked up months ago, waiting for an inspiration as to what to do with them.  It came yesterday as I was chiseling, polishing and staining that piece of pine.  The earrings actually move in the breeze that gently blows through the house.  So the sculpture looks alive!

Separately, the photo on the left is that of a water main repair on E Kuiaha Rd just in front of our driveway.  And the only rock in my Huaca that has not had a name till was shown in the right shot.  During my fire ceremony on Saturday, it identified itself as a Mount Fuji kulla. So when I call the Japanese volcano spirits, I go through that rock.

Contortionist Kukui Tree, First Test of New HD Camera, St. Patrick's Day Adventure

When I asked my landscapers today to prune back the Pele's Tears (plants) on the island that bears their name, I told them to be careful and preserve any Kukui trees they may find there. Kukui is a state tree of Hawaii.  We are blessed with quite a few of them down at the Rainbow Shower gulch, but none on this island.

Little did we know what we would find after all the dust settled - a contortionist Kukui.  Take a look at the pictures above.  The poor guy obviously had to fight for light amid the 7-8 ft Pele Tears and the even taller cane grass (which we cleared in 2009). And this is a result - an L-shaped Kukui!  Miracles of nature...

First Test of New HD Camera

When I was trying to film the view of Kahului harbor while driving down Haleakala Hwy the morning after the tsunami had hit, my Nikon camera conked out.   It was the second time this had happened in four days.  So I took it to the Radio Shack to see if they can figure out what's and wrong and maybe fix it.  No luck.  Rather than waste time trying to figure out how to fix it, I took that as a sign that maybe it's time for me to upgrade to an HD capable camera.  I walked out of the Radio Shack store with a new, latest technology Sanyo.  As it turns out, it was about half the price I paid for my Nikon three years ago.  But that's the old story... unlike gasoline, technology prices tend to go down over time.

Today was the first opportunity I made time to get acquainted with my new camera. 

Here are the first two still pictures I took with the camera.

And now, here's also the first test of a short HD movie.   Let me know what you think...


‪New HD Sanyo Camera First Test (Mar 16, 2011)

By the way, after I had bought the new camera, I figured out what was wrong with my old Nikon and was able to fix it myself.  But I have decided to keep the new one anyway and use the old one as a backup.  The Sanyo has HD capability and several other nifty feathers which my old one does not.

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Chatting with Red Cardinal, Full Rainbows on Full Moon Day

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 19 - Yesterday, I did get my new faulty camera exchanged for another one.  And this morning, I already had a chance to put it to use.  Check out this short video clip...

Chatting with Red Cardinal, Full Moon Day Rainbows (Mar 19, 2011) [1:55 mins]


Mingling with "Cats" (musical) Cast

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 27 - We did not get to see the show.  The "Cats" musical production in Wailuku was such a hit that all performances were sold out.  But we still got to mingle with the cast, as you can see...

See the lei Elizabeth is wearing?  It's a fresh-flower (Plumeria) lei I gave her at the Honolulu airport as a traditional Hawaiian "welcome home"-gift.  It looked great with her black and white outfit, especially next to some cats of the same colors, like the one in the leftmost shot. :-)  And it smelled divine, too.

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And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in March..

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