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14 Mar 2011

Updated March 11 - Maui Tsunami Update: Aftermath of Close Call

Pele Billows Fire, Smoke, Shoots Lava in the Air

 Witnessing full moonrise, sunrise simultaneously


(first rainbows of 2011)



Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes becoming hyperactive

Pele Billows Fire, Smoke, Shoots Lava in the Air

 But Namaka pours gentle rain over the islands; Flower show in Haiku - best ever! Carnival in Holland

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 9 - Goddess Pele is continues to billow fire and smoke at her Kilauea crater home.  She is shooting lava up to 65 feet in the air.  Here are pretty spectacular images from the latest eruption that took place this weekend (three left shots below)...


... along with some from the past (two right ones).  If you click HERE and HERE and HERE, you can also watch some pretty spectacular short video clips of the latest eruption, courtesy of the U.S. government geological staff at Kilauea. 

Now in hindsight, we can also see the full meaning of the Goddess of Fire cards I kept drawing from the Mystic Medicine deck throughout February (see Pele Blanketing the Islands, Goddess of Fire Appears Again, Feb 19).  Pele was evidently giving me a heads-up of things to come.

Considering that we've just have the driest and warmest February on record, I have been also calling on Pele's sister Namaka, Goddess of Water, to bless us with her presence.  She graciously accepted the invitation and stayed with us for four straight days, starting last Friday.

She also brought with her only our second rainbow of the year, at least that we saw at the Rainbow Shower. And it was huge.  It took three picture frames to capture it in this panoramic view taken yesterday morning.

Goddess Pele also blessed the Haiku Flower Show which took place on Saturday.  Elizabeth went there twice, once alone and once with me.  I bought her a Haku Lei which she is wearing like a crown in the left shot.  She also proved to me that she knows how to do hula-hoop and not just hula (dance).  According to subsequent news reports, it was the best Haiku show ever.  We also brought home some flowers...

... which I planted the next day around our front lawn in place of huge cacti which I dug up from that slope on the right and then discarded.

Just before leaving for Arizona, Elizabeth also finished a beautiful feather lei - hat band - which she is modeling in the above pictures (green - with some peacock feather-"eyes").  Feather lei-making is a painstaking process and a labor of love.  This one took over three weeks to complete.  Elizabeth was wearing that hat last night when I took her to the airport.

Carnival in Holland

Meanwhile, a friend of mine from Maastricht, Holland, send me these colorful pictures from the weekend carnival there..

Eat your heart out, New Orleans! :-)

Severe Tsunami Warning Issued for Hawaii

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 10 - I had just finished making two music videos this evening when I heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Japan this afternoon local time there (Mar 11; around 8PM here in Hawaii).  The worst damage, however, has come from huge tsunamis that followed, some reported as high as 33 feet.  As a result, the entire Pacific region, including Hawaii is, under a tsunami watch. 

So I put off the publication of my music videos out of respect for the Japanese victims, and focused instead on this breaking news story.  Take a look at these video clips of the official tsunami warning which I recorded at my home this evening...

Hawaii Tsunami Warning of 3-11-2011 - recorded by Bob Djurdjevic


Also, here's a Down Jones' MarketWatch news report about it...

Hawaii begins to evacuate coastal areas in expectation of severe tsunami

A little over a year ago, we had another tsunami warning caused by the Chilean earthquake.  I thought it was a gross overreaction (see Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax, Feb 27-28, 2010).  Not this time.  This one will be a real deal.  Fortunately, the Rainbow Shower is on high ground and far enough away from shore (the house is at about 900 ft, about 4 miles away from the coast).  So I plan to sleep through this tsunami and then see in the morning what happened.

Right now (10:50PM HST), it is a beautiful night with a bright moonshine and brisk trade winds from the northeast.

Tsunami Update: Moderate Damage Reported in Maui

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 11 - Good morning!  Moderate damage has been reported on Maui from repeated tsunami strikes during the night, but there were no human casualties.  Here's an excerpt from this morning's news report from the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:

According to multiple reports out of Maui, waves crossed Kaahumanu Street in Kahului, reaching six to eight inches on the roadway at one point.

Unconfirmed reports also indicated water climbing the seawall and cross Front Street in Lahaina. 

Waves reached as high as 12 feet in Kahului, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Maui County spokesperson Rod Antone said county officials tracked the progress of the waves overnight from atop a nearby building but would not be able to assess the situation until daybreak.

"We're prepared to survey the island by helicopter if there is a need," Antone said. 

Antone said the island's 14 evacuation centers were filled, with as many as 500 people in some facilities.

Two initial surges of six to seven feet hit Kahului in the first hours of the tsunami. A third, more powerful surge, which included waves estimated at 12 feet, followed just before daybreak and advanced as much as a block inland.

Gerard Fryer, scientist with the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, said the water reached a third of mile inland.

South Kihei road was also reported to be flooded.

Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa confirmed that some low-lying areas had been flooded and that businesses near Kahului Harbor were damaged by water.

To read the full story, click here.

Maui Tsunami Update: Aftermath of Close Call

HAIKU, Maui, Mar 11 - It could have been worse.  Much worse.  Even "ordinary" twelve-foot waves represent a threat to shipping around the largely flat Kahului harbor area.  A 12-foot tsunami surge could have wreaked real havoc. As it turns out, the flooding was relatively minor.  Here's what I saw this afternoon as I drove through and around the harbor area of Kahului...

The white building behind those round tanks is a food store at which Elizabeth and I occasionally shop.  Obviously today, it would have taken a truck to get there.  A few blocks up from there, the Safeway store was open and doing normal business.  A cashier told me that they were forced to close at midnight last night.  They reopened at 8AM.  No visible damage or evidence of flooding there, about half a mile away from the harbor area.  But across the street, at the corner of Puunene and Kamehameha streets, opposite the new Walgreens store, an empty lot was still flooded.  Evidently, that's how deep into town the tsunami had reached. 

The rightmost picture was taken at "our" little beach in Paia.  The brown spots you're seeing in the sand are red lava rocks.  Normally they are covered with sand.  I did not even know they were there.  The tsunami had evidently sucked the sand out to see as it retreated.

You know what they say that sometimes "we can't see the forest for the trees?"  Well, the above photos make the same point.  The underwater damage to the Kahului harbor due to similar suction appears quite substantial.  As the tsunami waves retreated, they sucked out the water and everything they could out of the harbor, like a giant vacuum cleaner.  The big green blotch visible in the left photo taken from my car as I drove down Haleakala Hwy toward Kahului, is the mud and the debris that was still floating around.  Unfortunately, the photo is a bit blurry.  (Sorry I did not clean the windshield.  I didn't expect to be taking any pictures through it.)  :-)  But the floating mud is clearly visible in the rightmost shot, taken right at the Kahului harbor.

A clerk at the nearby Queen Kaahumanu Mall's Radio Shack store seemed slightly frazzled as the phone kept ringing constantly during some 10-15 minutes I spent in the store.

"It's probably another caller wanting to know if the mall was open," he grumbled as he picked up the received.  "This is Radio Shack, not a tsunami information center," he muttered under his breath before saying cheerfully: "Thank you for calling Radio Shack. How may I be of service?" :-)

Over in Kihei, on the south side of the island, there was also evidence of flooding on South Kihei Rd, just as that earlier Honolulu Star story said. 

"Is that from the tsunami?" I asked a friend whose office window looked out to the flooded street.

"Actually, they just washed the street," she said.

"Washed the street?  From the tsunami?"

"Yes.  The tsunami had overflowed the natural pond on the other side of S Kihei Rd, and the dead fish were all over the road, she explained.

Maui County officials also received reports of marine life washing ashore in the Kanaha Beach Park area (which is near where I took the pictures of flooded Kahului street - above), the Maui News reported..  People were picking up fish and octopuses from the road. A fire crew was dispatched to pick up a 40- to 50-pound sea turtle and return it to the ocean.

Well, no turtles on Kihei Rd this morning, but much talk about the evacuation.  My friend lives on the ocean side of S Kihei Rd, so I suspected that she had to be evacuated, too.  Indeed, she said the police came knocking on her door around 12:30AM asking them to leave.

"And what time did you get back?"

"At six.  So I had an hour's sleep and here I am, back at work."

"Well, you don't look too bad for someone who has only slept an hour," I told her.

Another lady who was listening to this conversation decided to pipe in with her own story.  She is also a South Kihei resident.  And she has a bunch of cats.

"So when the police came to my door, I thought, 'oh my God,' it will take me hours to find them around the house'."

She needn't have worried.  When she turned around, she was amazed to see that all her cats were already lined up at the door, ready to be evacuated." :-)

When it comes to natural disasters, it seems the people should follow their animals, not the other way around.

A Paia resident agreed.  She said her cat was also upset last night.  But not as upset as her owner.

"My Mom called from California at 3AM to see if I was alright," she said.  "I was so mad.  Never did fall asleep properly after that."

"Where do you live?"

"In Haiku."

"Does your Mom know how high that is and how far from the ocean?"

"She does.  But she just wanted to call anyway."

Well, that's Mom's for you.  Elizabeth told me later on that she had also received calls from her friends and relatives in Texas. They did not know she was now in Arizona and were worried.  They also knew where we live and "just wanted to call," I suppose. :-)

One more thing, there was no mail delivery today.  Hope our mail has not been sucked out to see as well.  But then I remembered... the same thing happened last year with that false tsunami alarm.  Guess the USPS just have themselves a day off.  Government....

Finally, "one man's pain, another man's gain," they say.  Take a look at this headline.  Like wars, disasters are good for business.

U.S. stocks close higher after Japan quake on rebuilding hopes       03/11/2011 04:11:07 PM

Unless you're an insurance agent in Japan.  Their business right about now sucks almost as badly as the tsunami sucking the daylights out of shorelines.

Tonight, I did a special fire ceremony at the Huaca-Apucheta dedicated to the victims of the Japanese quake/tsunami disasters.  And to offer to the spirits the two music videos I shot there three days ago as my Despacho.  The fire sprung to life immediately and is probably still burning, even though it's close to midnight.

When I came back up, I drew a card from the Mystic Medicine deck in answer to a specific question I had asked about the reasons for the Japanese earthquake.  The card was Goddess of Fire.  Pele confirmed what I suspected.  But more on that at the  web site (also see there the story  Natural Disaster Predicted by Apus in June 2009).

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in March..

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