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29 Jun 2011

Updated June 29 - Another Gorgeous Sunset, Mammatus Cloud Gallery

Blessed Summer Solstice Sunset, Rainbows

Spectacular sunset-rainbows usher in the summer at the Rainbow Shower; "Tree of life" reveals its secrets; Glass table top gives grass a sunburn, gives us new idea


Summer Solstice ceremony at Stonehenge, England (left), Sunset at Rainbow Shower (right - click to enlarge

The summer is here

Blessed Summer Solstice Sunset, Rainbows

Spectacular sunset-rainbows usher in the summer at the Rainbow Shower; "Tree of life" reveals its secrets; Glass table top gives grass a sunburn, gives us new idea

HAIKU, Maui, June 21 - The summer officially began today at 1:16PM EDT.  So Happy Summer Solstice!  But the real show began over here at the Rainbow Shower nearly 12 hours later, close to the end of the longest day of the year (in northern hemisphere, of course).  I was working at my office (which looks out to the east) just before 7PM  when I felt something stirring inside. I practically ran to the other side of the house to face the west.  The sun was just about to set.  It was pretty, but not spectacular...

... such as the above two sunset shots taken in the four three days.  The left one looked to me like a flying burning cross, heading west.  The right one, like a giant bird of Phoenix, rising from the fire and heading back east.

Back to tonight's scene... I sensed that something spectacular was about to happen.  I don't know why.  "Get the camera," a little voice told me.  So I rushed back to the office to do so.  By the time I came out, less than 30 seconds had elapsed.  Yet there was a most gorgeous, misty, almost dreamy sunset I have seen in a long time, if not ever.

Take a look at the left shot.. gleaming mist as if rising from the ground and enveloping everything like a heavenly veil. Fast-forward five minutes later, and there is the same scene as depicted in the right shot. The first sunset of the summer of 2011... a little darker, the colors a little starker.

Then something told me to run down the hill from the house and look back toward the east.  "There's got to be rainbow," I thought.

And voila!  Here it is one of several double rainbows that formed out of that sunset.  This one is a composite of three shots you can see below.

Then right after I took these three shots, I looked back toward the west.  And here's what the camera caught...

Ever seem hexagonal rain drops before?  I have not.  But here is a living proof they exist.  Check out the fine pattern visible INSIDE the rainbow.  It's like a spider's web or a cell seen through a microscope.  Then take a look at how the sun's rays pierce the raindrop in the lower left corner creating another tiny rainbow effect?  Finally, ever seen a sun THROUGH a rain drop?  I haven't.  Until now. That hexagonal rain drop looks like a prism enveloping the setting sun.  Moments later, there was a break in the misting rain.  I snapped another shot from the same spot.  You can see it on the right.  The two pictures are so much alike and so very different at the same time.  Isn't God's art gallery amazing?

"Tree of life" reveals its secrets

Earlier in the week, a stump of a tree we had cut near the Huaca-Heiau in the gulch of the Lower Rainbow Shower revealed its secrets to me/

A river of life seems to flow through this "tree of life."  The river divides it into three chambers, like mirrors of a soul... the Higher Self, beautiful and perfect in every one, the Lower Self with some rough spots that still need to be worked out (residual karma), and the karma that has been already burned off.  Close-ups also reveal some sacred animal sub-images, such as a dolphin, a serpent and a bird (condor, eagle, hummingbird?).

You can also see the same table-stump last November, when we first created it (left), and just this weekend, when I built those pads with tiles as bases for the cedar-cypress tree stumps we plan to place there as chairs (right - they are still in an artist workshop).  We had originally considered replacing the glass table top with that beautiful mango butterfly table, but have decided against it after the "tree of life" revealed its secrets to me. So now that will become our breakfast table up at the house.  We decided to use the existing maple base for it (right shot).

Glass table top gives grass a sunburn, give us a new idea

Last but not least, an amusing story.  While putting the protective varnish on that tree stump a few days ago, Elizabeth and I laid the glass table top carefully on the grass.  It could not have stayed there for more than half an hour before we placed back on the stump.  When I came down to the gulch following day, I was amazed to see a perfect circle "painted" on the grass.  My first thought was "crop circles" in Maui?  Then I remembered what we did with the glass table top.  Evidently it acted as a magnifying prism and gave grass a bad sunburn even in that short a time.

So I told Elizabeth, I think we may have just invented a new weed-eater.  All we need to do is move this table around, place it on top of unwanted weeds for half an hour or so, and voila (!), they'll be gone.  No chemicals. No manual labor.  No carbon imprint.  Putting God's free energy to work for us.  :-)   Of course, weed-whacking is faster.  And circle is not an ideal shape, either.  But with a rectangular glass table top... who knows, maybe you'll see a new method yet being put to practice. :-)

"Meteor" Falls on Rainbow Shower

HAIKU, Maui, Jun 22 - There is never a dull moment at the Rainbow Shower.  Our landscaper, Keith, showed up at the front door this morning practically out of breath with excitement.  "Did you see the meteor that fell on your property overnight?"

"A meteor?" I said, sounding skeptical.  "Really?"

"Well, it is a big rock," Keith toned down his assessment.

So we all went down to the gulch to see.  Indeed, right around the section of the road which I call the Banyan Portal, there was a big rock.

It had evidently fallen overnight from about a 50-ft nearly vertical slope you can see on the left side of the left shot.  And what a thud it must have been.  It left a hole about a foot deep in hard compacted gravel.  Then it bounced up and rolled over another five feet or so.  We added the rock to the "collection" at the bottom of the Namaka Creek which runs next door.

Mysterious Horse Visitor

HAIKU, Maui, June 26 - Remember what I said earlier in the week, "never a dull moment at the Rainbow Shower?" (see "Meteor" Falls...).  Well, one surprise calls for another.  When was the last time you had someone come calling on a horse?  And then mysteriously disappear before you could figure out who it was.

Elizabeth and I were having a nap this Sunday afternoon when she suddenly jumped up, and woke me up, shouting, "mi amor, there is a horse."

"Sure thing," I thought lazily stirring in bed.  "You must have had a dream," I said out loud.

"No, mi amor.  There was a horse.  And I also heard voices."

"Aha," I thought.  "A horse who can talk.  A dream, for sure."

"Okay," I said out loud. "Let's go have a spa."

But Elizabeth would have no part of it.  She got dressed and went snooping around the house like Sherlock Holmes.  After a few minutes, she returned, looking triumphant.  "It was a horse," she said. "You should go and see."

"See what?"

"There are marks on our driveway.  And also horse poo."

"Okay," I said.  "I'll go look later."

"No, I want you to go now.  You don't believe me."

"But the evidence will still be there after I get out of the spa," I tried to delay the inevitable.  "Come to the spa."

She did.  But when Elizabeth starts out on a mission, she is like a dog with a bone.  Won't let go.

"I can't relax until you go out and see for yourself," she said after joining me in the spa. "It's important to me that you believe me."

"I don't disbelieve you."  But it was no use.  So I got out, wrapped a towel around myself, and walked up toward the driveway, looking like a semi-naked Sherlock.

Indeed, there were scuff marks on the concrete driveway, and hoof marks in the gravel part of it.  Furthermore, the horse had left us some calling cards behind, even if our human visitor didn't see fit to do it.  What I did find, however, on the opposite (gulch) side of the property, were some matches.  Clearly a sign of human presence. 

"So it could not have been a runaway horse," I said to Elizabeth when I returned to the spa.

"But if you run a DNA test on horse's calling cards, you can figure out who it belonged to," I joked.

The matchbox had a New Hampshire address on it.  But that clue was a dead end.  The address turned out to be that of the match-making company.  The horse rider evidently did enter our property from the bottom of the gulch, based on the tracks on the Orchard Rd.  But we have no idea how he/she got there.  The gulch is not easily accessible from any of the adjacent properties.  And there are NO TRESPASSING signs posted at each entrance.  So, until such time that our mysterious horseman (or horsewoman) decides to let us know who he/she was, the identity of our Sunday horse riding visitor will remain a puzzle.

Water under Sun: All Four Elements Part of "Pele Apucheta"

As if one mystery wasn't  enough, when I was doing my rounds this morning at the Lower Rainbow Shower, I discovered something else that was suprising.

You can see in the left shot the Inti Taiti (Father Sun) symbol above the Pele Apucheta, this shaman's fireplace altar.  Both are in the triangular east-facing part of the Huaca (Heiau) at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower (right shot).  Well, when I was cleaning the Sun statue this morning, I heard a sloshing sound.  When I lifted the golden globe, to my great surprise, I saw the vertical shaft filled with water to the brim (see the birdseye view of it in the middle).  Evidently, rain drops seeped down the globe into the shaft of the statue, flooding the rocks I had placed there for balance and stability against the wind.

I was both stunned and pleased to see that.  Whenever I do fire ceremonies at this spot, I ask Goddess Pele to let her sister, Goddess Namaka (goddess of water) come and join us here at the Rainbow Shower.  "No more fighting, please," I tell the sisters.  And I also call on God Lono (earth-land, fertility, also music) to help me care for this Garden of Eden.  Suddenly I realized that unwittingly, they were all present here all the time in the form of the four elements - earth, water, fire and air.  Marvelous!  Even after more than two years after having completed this sacred site, the Huaca-Heiau is unveiling some of its mysteries to me. 

Gorgeous Sunset

There is no shortage of rainbows and beautiful sunset at the Rainbow Shower, but the one last night takes the cake.  Here's the Saturday night sunset, as seen from the our lanai.

The above shot is a composite of...

... these two pictures.

Stumped and Butterflied: New Butterfly Table, Stump-Stools Arrive

HAIKU, Maui, June 27 - This morning, we were stumped... four times, to be exact.  And "butterflied" once.  What beautiful cypress stumps they turned out to be.  Take a look...

You can also see them a week or so ago in Jitendra (Ian) Russell's wood-working studio on Piiholo Rd (email: 

We also had a giant butterfly fly into the house this morning.  Well, not exactly "fly."  But where he looked very much at home where he landed...

... as our new breakfast table.  We had the artist use the maple base of our existing breakfast table to mount his beautiful butterfly mango table on it.  And now with the maple chairs, the mango table looks like an original work-of-art set. And you can also see it in Russell's workshop in the rightmost shot.

Russell, a British-born wood-working artist who had spent a lot of time in India, thus acquiring the name of Jitendra, did excellent work for us. So we recommend him to anyone who appreciates the warm beauty of natural wood.  Click on the above email to contact him directly.

Another Gorgeous Sunset, Mammatus Cloud Gallery

HAIKU, Maui, June 29 - This evening, we witnessed another gorgeous sunset...

A friend of mine from Freemont, Nebraska sent me a couple of unusual shots from God's art gallery.  I found these two images to be quite stunning.  I have never seen anything like it.  The clouds reminded me of a bunch of female breasts hanging upside-down from the sky. Another analogy was less flattering.  They also looked like polyps the inside a colon.

Upon doing some research, I was surprised to learn that these phenomena are not as rare as I had thought.  The clouds of this type are called Mammatus.  The name does originate from the Latin word for female breast.  And they can be seen at all sorts of geographic latitudes and longitudes.  Check out this selection of interesting Mammatus clouds.


And that's all she wrote so far for the month of June from the Rainbow Shower.

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