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12 Mar 2012

Updated June 12, adds Rainbow Showers at the Rainbow Shower, Other Sacred Sings, Midnight Lunar Rainbow

Mother of All Birthdays

June starts off with plethora of good wishes: "Half the world" seems to have remembered it


(View from Four Seasons resort in Wailea, Maui, June 3)



"Half the world" seems to have remembered it


Mother of All Birthdays

June starts off with plethora of good wishes

HAIKU, Maui, June 4 - Yesterday, June 3, was my birthday.  This year, it seems as if "half the world" remembered it, and either called or wrote to congratulate me.  Nearly all continents were represented.  So thank you one and all.  Elizabeth, of course, also pampered me all day.   So it was a "mother of all birthdays."  :-)

She started early... at 1AM when she had me blow out the candles and taste the birthday cake she had made me.  It was a delicious chocolate cake that uses no flour whatsoever.  My grandmother's recipe.  She used to make it for me every June 3. 

After a short night's sleep, we spent the afternoon being pampered at the Four Season's Spa and Resort in Wailea.  My two daughters have given us a generous gift certificate for it.  We had an Aromatherapy couples massage in that Polynesian hut (middle shot) overlooking the ocean to the sound of the waves.  No need to pipe in recorded soothing music.  (Mamakocha (Mother Ocean) provided it.  It was a balmy afternoon, with occasional sprinkles.  A truly divine experience all around.


After the massage and various other indoor spa activities, Elizabeth treated me to a delicious dinner at a beachfront Italian restaurant.  And we had a front row table, too, with a beautiful view.  I don't know how the hotel staff found out about my birthday.  But even they treated me to a complimentary "Happy Birthday" chocolate dessert you can see in the two rightmost shots. I let Elizabeth enjoy most of it.

I have never been big on birthdays, especially not my own.  But this year's was over the top.  So thanks again to all of you who remembered it and cared to let me know you care.  That's the best birthday gift one can get.

"Tarzan Jane" Swinging on a Limb

HAIKU, Maui, June 6 - We've had some strong winds around here these days, especially on the north shore of Maui, the windward side.  As I did my daily rounds of the Rainbow Shower a few days ago, I noticed that a large limb had cracked and collapsed like a giant arc over the dry riverbed of the Namaka Creek.  It was not until yesterday (Sunday) that I finally made some time for the hard lumberjacking chainsaw work the clearing task called for.  The job of cutting off the lower limbs and branches, and stacking them away into the nearby jungle, took over two hours.  At one point, even my Jeep got into the act.  I used it to try to pull the large limb loose and free the nearby baby banyan tree on which it had fallen.  The rope broke, but not before the limb had yielded to the Jeep.

Well, last night, the Rainbow Shower "La Patrona" joined me in my evening rounds to inspect the damage.  "El Patron" a.k.a. lumberjack had purposely saved a large portion of the limb, and left it overhanging the creek, like a big swing.  And guess what Elizabeth did with it... :-)

"Tarzan Jane" swinging on limb at Lower Rainbow Shower (June 5, 2011) [40 secs]


The video was taken with my cell phone camera, and is thus not of great quality.  But hopefully you can get the idea that there is  never a dull moment at the Rainbow Shower.  :-)

Morning Rainbows, Red Cardinal on Cello

HAIKU, Maui, June 7 - Yesterday was a dry and sunny day.  The forecast called for 20% chance of rain today (right).  Ha!  Goddess Namaka thought otherwise.  Light rain started last night around midnight.  It had continued all through the night and is still raining this morning.  But occasionally, we are blessed with some sunny breaks.  Which gave birth to some beautiful morning rainbows.  Check it out...


Here's a composite panoramic picture of the above rainbow...

Meanwhile, a red cardinal has been also calling lately. Yesterday, he landed on the "money" plant just outside our office window.  I did not have my camera handy so I just talked to him for a bit before we took off.   This morning, however, he came back and landed right on top of a Cello outside our front door.  I grabbed my cell phone and took a picture (right).

Midnight Rainbows, Dance of Planets-Gypsy Music

HAIKU, Maui, June 11 - Lunar rainbows are extremely rare.  I had never even heard of them before moving to Hawaii.  (No, I am not talking about a circle around the moon.  I am talking about real rainbows on the opposite side of the sky from the moon). And I have only seen one once before - on Memorial Day last year (see Midnight Rainbow, Dance of Planets, Gypsies, May 30).  I was told it takes a full moon and perfect atmospheric conditions to produce a nighttime rainbow. 

            Morning                             Evening                                                        Midnight

Guess we live in perfect times these days.  We are being showered with heavenly blessings here at the  Rainbow Shower1.  We are surrounded by rainbows morning, evening, and now also at night.  Last night, for example, just after midnight, I was out on the lanai when I felt the misty rainy starting up again.  I looked to the west and saw a setting moon.  It was about two-thirds full. 

"Wonder if that's enough light to generate a lunar rainbow" I thought, spinning around like a top to look toward the eastern sky.  Sure enough, there it was.  Rather faint, but nonetheless, a full midnight rainbow.  I shouted to Elizabeth to come out and see it.

"But it's raining," she complained sheepishly.

"So what," I said.  "You have chance to see a natural miracle for the first time in your life, and you're going to let the rain stop you?"

She came out.  And saw it.   "Beautiful," she said before rushing back in. 

I stayed for another half an hour or so.  As the showers were passing over the Rainbow Showers, the lunar rainbows kept appearing and disappearing.  It was a wonderful show.  Unfortunately, the conditions were such that I could not use the camera to show you the real pictures.  So I did the next best thing - created some simulated once which pretty closely match the actual images of midnight rainbows we saw last night.

And now, here's something even more extraordinary.  When I saw my first lunar rainbow at midnight on Memorial Day a year ago, I had just finished my celestial network a the Rainbow Shower (see Living a Dream: Celestial Chakanas-Apuchetas, Hawaiian Mesa, Sacred Trails, May 1, 2010).  It had been accompanied by "Dance of Planets," some mellow music that came to me in dreamtime, which then evolved into wild Gypsy dances (see below).


Back to present day (June 11, 2011), I heard the same Gypsy music inside of me yesterday morning when I awoke from a dream in which I acted as a peacemaker.  I even played it on my piano as soon as I got up.  So what's the connection between that music and the lunar rainbows?  That music must have some interplanetary qualities.  Guess it's up to me to discover what they are.  But if you have some ideas, do share.  Thank you.

NOTE 1: For those of you who are new to this blog and the web site, the name of our property - the Rainbow Shower - was derived from a tree in front of the house by that name (see below):

Rainbow Showers at the Rainbow Shower, Plus Other Sacred Signs

HAIKU, Maui, June 12 - You saw from my yesterday's story that we have been blessed here with rainbows morning, night and even midnight these days.  But in all the time we have lived on Maui, I have never seen such a rainbow shower at the Rainbow Shower as that which occurred on Saturday evening.  (Once again, that's not how the Rainbow Shower property got its name; click here to learn how).  Check out this rainbow gallery...

As soon as I realized it, I grabbed my camera and started chasing the rainbows.  They were popping up all over the place in the eastern sky as if playing a hide and seek game with me.  The leftmost shots were take at the bottom of our long driveway.  You can clearly see the double rainbows in each.  I then climbed down into the gulch and up on the Eucalyptus Hill on the opposite side from our house (the one with a brown roof).  Rain showers followed me all the way. In fact, you can see the raindrops in the rightmost shot.

I took several shots in the rain from that hill which I later blended together into composite panorama photos (above).  The middle one again shows a double rainbow.  And you can see the rain drops in the left picture, too.  The right one is a single frame of the same double rainbow.

As I continued walking around the property in the misting rain, snapping pictures, I was stunned by the beauty of nature as it is getting its evening cocktail.  Plants and flowers were all glistening with happiness.  Take a look...

Yellow and red Heliconia, Fuschia and Lavender Bougs (Bougainvilleas), yellow ginger with its intoxicatingly beautiful fragrance... were all thanking Goddess Namaka for coming back, and Goddess Pele for letting her sister return to the Rainbow Shower. 

And so did I thank them, when I reached the Huaca (Quechua; Heiau in Hawaiian), the shaman's sacred altar (above). Each of those stones (kullas) is energetically connected to a specific Hawaiian volcano and to the Andean mountain spirits (Apus). 

I also thanked the Creator and Inti Taiti (Father Sun) who are symbolically represented at the Lower Rainbow shower by the crystal ball on a glass table which rests on a tree stump... and is thus connected to Mother Earth, too.  By the way, who says there is no ice in Hawaii? :-) Take another look at that leftmost shot.

Froma masculine to feminine energy, not more that 50 yards from that site, at the bottom of the now dry Namaka Creek, there is an ancient carving in a rock (two right shots).  I only noticed it this year when I cleared this are of the jungle for the first time.  Obviously, one cannot see it when the creek is running.  But now, if you take a closer look, you will see in it what looks like a carving of a womb, or a uterus.  During my shamanic pilgrimages in Peru, I have seen a number of such designs by the native Inca people which represented their connection to Mother Earth at the Pacarinas (Quechua), places of origin.  Click here to see some of them in Moray, Peru, near the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

I cannot swear that a human being had made this carving on a rock. If so, it would have been a very long time ago, certainly before the recorded history.   If not, and if it is a divine sign of fertility and the presence of the Feminine at the Rainbow Shower, it is all the more sacred.  And therefore special.  So I always put my hand on it when I walk by in gratitude for the presence of the natural feminine fertile energy so close to the Huaca (Heiau).

Elsewhere around the property, the forests were also glistening in gratitude for the rain and sun giving them the nourishment they need.

The two leftmost shots were taken at our western "enchanted forest."  The four right ones at the eastern one.  Each of them is completely enclosed by a green canopy above.  So one has a sense of being in a green cave or a tunnel.

As of the evening rainbow shower and other sacred signs weren't magical enough, the dreamy, misty sunset was absolutely ethereal.  "What a blessed day this is," I thought as I took those pictures before the curtain fell on 6/11/11.  And then it hit me.  Of course!  It was another double ace day, numerologically speaking (double #11).  And the #11 has always had a very special meaning in my life (see Masters' #11 & Bob's life).  And then I realized so did 6/10/2011 (Saturday), also a day full of rainbows, even the midnight ones.  It was another double ace day. So I thanked the Creator and the spirits again for such special blessings. It was a wonderful preamble to today's Pentecost (June 12, 2011).

Fast-forward to June 14, check out these two diverse plant hugging and kissing each other on a slope outside the Rainbow Shower (house - top right).  Practicing "interracial" and symbiotic love, wouldn't you say?

(Pentecost is a Christian holy day commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the disciples of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament of the Bible. It is also known as Whitsunday, or Whit Sunday).

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of June.

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