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05 Sep 2011

Updated Sep 5, adds Magical Moonset, Sunrise (July 15)

Makawao Fourth of July Parade

"United Nations of Hula" - highlight of the show



"United Nations of Hula" - faces of Hawaii childredb at Po'ikela Church (founded 1843) and an old Paniolo (cowboy)

The summer is here

Makawao Fourth of July Parade

"United Nations of Hula" - highlight of the show

HAIKU, Maui, July 2 - The Fourth of July weekend started with a pretty morning rainbow at the Rainbow Shower (see below).

It was a heavenly "Happy Fourth" greeting.  Skipping breakfast, we went straight to the traditional annual Fourth of July parade in Makawao.  An old Paniolo (cowboy) stood right next door.  Looking at his weathered but distinguished face, I kept wondering how many horses he had broken in, and how many bulls he had ridden in a rodeo in his youth.  And then the horses and younger riders started to arrive...

Pink is not exactly the color that you would expect to see at a rodeo or on Upcountry Maui ranches.  But it sure looked pretty at the parade.  As it did after the parade, when the same white horse patiently waited in line in front of a store for his turn at the cash register.

Not being an election year, the political parties and candidates were only sparsely represented at the parade.  Still, there was some music and partying...


To me, the highlight of the parade was this group of Hula girls.  They represented both the past and the future of Hawaii.  We caught with them later on at Po'okela church (f. 1843) annual bazaar (three right shots).  As they showed off their Hula art, I was struck by the racial diversity you see in the faces of the little dancers.  THAT is what Maui is today... probably the most diverse society in the country.  "United Nations of Hula" seems to be an apt caption.

And now, from the little tykes to the experienced Hula dancers.  Here's a performance by a renowned Hula artist from Lahaina...


First Morning Back Home: Magical Moonset, Sunrise... New Poem, Music, Video

HAIKU, Maui, July 15 - Back home in Maui, the magic the July 11 regression session had started continued.  I had an amazing homecoming welcome choreographed by my light being guides.  Even though it had been quite dry while we were gone, after I had asked for rain yesterday afternoon, light sprinkles started within a few minutes as Elizabeth and I sat in the spa (evening of July 14). They created a pretty little rainbow in the dying seconds of the setting sun.  She had already gone inside by then, but I called for her to come out as I felt it was meant for her, too.


I thanked Goddess Namaka for it and asked her to keep coming back. And she did.  The rain continued on and off all through the night.


I woke up at 5:25 this morning (July 15). I am NOT an early riser.  Yet I was feeling great.  So I knew that my guides must have been working on me during the night even though I did not remember any dreams.  Something made me walk outside.  I was still stark naked.  What I saw took my breath away.  A gorgeous full moon was setting in the west as the dawn was awakening in the east.  


"So that's what you wanted me to see and feel," I said to my guides.  I went inside and grabbed my camera.  This is what I saw...



I got dressed and started walking down into the gulch and over to the opposite hill.

From there, I observed the above sunrise.  And then I walked all around the Rainbow Shower enjoying the new look and feel of the property at sunrise.

Setting moon in western sky

View of Haleakala volcano

Huaca-Ahu at pre-dawn

Vinka flowers at Palm Rockery

Wild orchid

Bougs on Eucalyptus Hill

Haleakala at dawn

Fresh deer tracks on Eucalyptus Hill trail

Wild orchid

End of Tulip Rd

End of Tulip Rd (opposite direction)


Start of Royal Palm Trail

Royal Palm Trail (from opposite direction)

End of Royal Palm Trail

Golden Heliconia

Second driveway

The entire time, I felt ONE with everything I saw.  My eyes teared up as I understood that that's what my guides wanted me to experience.  I spent about an hour walking around the property (7 acres), talking to trees, flowers, rocks, the wind.  By the time I came back to the house (with Elizabeth still asleep), I had written a poem that fits right within the original Altzar mantra.  No, strike the "I."  My spirit guides wrote this poem for me.  I've highlighted the new parts it in purple.

I am Altzar, the Rainbow Giver

    from the Dogon star

I am a child of the Universe

I am a ray of the original Sun

I am the forest and the land

I am the ocean and the sand

I am Pele's lava and her hearth

I am the wind and the breath

I am the Shepherd of the Earth

I am Wholeness

I am Love

... and I love you.

And here's the image they gave me to go with the mantra/poem (right).  I am now waiting for the music to arrive to go with these lyrics.  I know it will.  I just don't know when. 

Actually, my guides woke me up early again yesterday morning (July 16) to remind me that I'd already written the music about the four elements, back in April (see below).  And that I did it (subconsciously) in the exact order in which Altzar morphed into each of the four elements in that regression session:

Forest & Sky Improvisation (Apr 2)

Water Improvisation (Apr 6)

Fire Improvisation (Apr 10)

So I "just" need to do the universe journey part - where the Sun and God's eye appear to Altzar - and then integrate it all together. I am sure that musical download is coming soon, too.  [Updated Aug 17]: Oops... I've done that, too, my guides also reminded me recently.  Check out these music videos:

Gypsies, Liszt and I (July 24);  Dance of Stars (July 22)

Finally, I've also just made a 20-minute film I have made about that amazing regression session.  How do you make a movie about something nobody else has ever seen?  Or at least not that I know of. That was my multidimensional challenged.  And the Multidimensional Journey (by Bob Altzar Djurdjevic, Aug 16, 2011) video is a result.

The film also includes my Teacher's explanation what it was about as he relayed it to me on Aug 5.  But it is a PRIVATE video.  To view it, you must first register with me. To request access to it, click here to send me an email message.  Thank you.


Back to the magical Friday morning, when I came back to the house, I looked up the "official" moonset-sunrise times July 15:

FULL MOON - July 14-15, 2011

Twi: 5:28am (my light being guides woke me up at 5:25am!)

Sunrise: 5:52am

Solar noon: 12:31pm

Sunset: 7:10pm

Twi: 7:34pm

Moonrise: 7:42pm

Moonset: 6:21am

Day length: 13h 17m

I noticed that I took my last photo at 6:49:53 AM.  So my guides wanted me to experience this magic for a full hour and a half.


HAIKU, Maui, July 18 - It has now been a week since that profound experience.  My light beings-spirit guides have stayed with me, continuing to guide me day and night.  I feel as if they had rewired my whole sensory system.  I am now seeing and feeling things I had not experienced before.  Or at least not as clearly as I do now.  Here's just one small case in point...


The heart you can see in the left photo, carved by nature in the rock at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower creek ,had probably been there for thousands, if not millions of  years.  I had passed by that rock hundreds of times.  Yet I only noticed the heart for the first time today.  Right next to it was also a spade with a bird in flight image inside of it (right).

Seconds before, I had stopped to touch the "womb of Mother Earth," and express my love for Pachamama (Mother Earth).  I placed my hand on another prehistoric touchstone I discovered on a double #11 day at the bottom of the gulch (6-11-11, two pictures on the right).

And the beat goes on...

This afternoon (July 21, 2011), while driving around the island, I told Elizabeth how it was wonderful that we have been getting all this rain I had asked for when we returned from the Big Island.  "But we have not seen many rainbows," I lamented.

Lo and behold, after we got home, check out this clear sky rainbow which preceded and followed my evening prayers:

Preceded and followed?  Yes.  In between, while I was communicating with the spirits, a misting cloud appeared which enveloped me like a heavenly blanket. Then the mist cleared and another rainbow appeared, just before the sun set.  Pure magic.  And bliss.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of July from the Rainbow Shower.

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