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07 Feb 2011

Updated January 30 - adds Meet Otorongo, Our Jaguar Guardian, Maui Pops Concert

Brilliant Sunday, Gloomy Monday

"Post Phoebus, Nubilla" in Maui: Spectacular Jaws, Hookipa ocean views on brilliant Sunday afternoon followed by gloomy and stormy Monday


(first rainbow of 2011)



Written on another quadruple-ace day - a Day of Grace!

Brilliant Sunday, Gloomy Monday

 Mystic Medicine Cards Help Explain Day of Grace: 1/11/11

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 11 - For the last several days, I have been getting spiritual guidance through cards.  Not the gambling kind.  Special cards. Oracle cards, part of the mystic art medicine that can be used as tools for transformation.  They are a creation of my artist-friend Cher Lyn, currently of Boulder, Colorado (see  I drew one every day out of a deck of 64.  Each card turned out to be the theme for the day.  Each day unfolded accordingly.  I was unaware of the theme until I drew the card, usually late in the day, when I could look back and analyze what happened. 

Saturday was "Goddess of Fire." Sunday was "Truth."  Monday was "Love."  Today (Tuesday) is "Grace."  The events of each day bore out the veracity of each theme.  I was not trying to manifest any outcomes.  I just lived each day as I always do.  Except this time, with awareness of what each one was about. 

I have had Cher's mystic medicine card deck since I bought it from her last summer.  I do not know why I started pulling the cards now.  Heaven knows.  Guess it was time for me to learn what they were about.  I just know they are a wonderful example of divine guidance we can get every day if we choose to open up to it. 

"The signs are all around us," my friend and Inca Shaman-brother Nicolas, son of famed Don Sebastian, said a year ago in Urubamba, Peru, when I noted something similar after a fire ceremony we had done together (see the photo below left).  "We just need to notice them."

And today, Jan 11, 2011, another quadruple-ace day, is evidently a Day of Grace (also see Veterans' Day concert, 11/11/2009).  All I need to say now is that when I look back at the events of the day, I feel full of grace and gratefulness to the Creator and the spirits for helping me turn vinegar into honey (in the case of one neighbor), and for putting the icing on a cake in two other neighborly relationships.  And these were just some of the several situations where Grace was the dominant guiding factor.  And since the Masters' No. 11 has been so prominent in my life (also see the gas receipt on the first day of the New Year - right), it would appear that the No. 11 is also linked with Grace.  They even rhyme (Grace and Ace). :-)

As Cher Lyn puts it in her Grace poem (each mystic medicine card has a poem and a narrative explaining its meaning):

"Don't let the darkness take you down,

Sit with Grade on your mermaid throne,

Many paths on the journey home,

All is perception, to each his own."

"The message for you here is to open, soften, give and receive elegantly," she Cher explains. 

And that's what my Tuesday, 1/11/11 was all about - a Day of Grace.

"Post Phoebus, Nubilla" in Maui: Spectacular Jaws, Hookipa ocean views on brilliant Sunday afternoon followed by gloomy and stormy Monday

Before today, however, nature played a significant part of shaping the previous two days.  Brilliant sunshine of Sunday gave way to a gloomy Monday.  After I had watered our plants in the gulch on Monday afternoon, I prayed to both Goddesses Namaka (of water) and Pele (fire, volcanoes), and invited them to come.  Little did I know how quickly they would respond.

While Elizabeth was taking a dance class in Pukalani, heavens opened up with such a deluge, lightening and thunder the likes of which we have never seen in almost two years we have lived in Maui.  It was a storm that would have made many Arizona monsoons proud.  We even had three power outages.  By the time Elizabeth came home, our Namaka Creek was roaring down the mountain, rising to only a few inches below the foot bridge I had constructed.  Yet only a few hours earlier, it was bone dry.  Such as the power of Goddesses.

So while they were dancing outside, I turned out all the lights, lit two candles, and tried to play the music that matched the violent splendor outside.

So with that as a preamble, I invite you to watch a slideshow of both the brilliant Sunday and the gloomy Monday.

   Brilliant Sunday, Gloomy Monday (Maui, Hawaii, Jan 9-10) [4:20 mins]

You can also peruse here the still shots from those two days...

Great Jaws views

Hookipa Point - even more spectacular

Gloomy Monday

Rainy Season at Rainbow Shower: Part of Bigger Picture

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 13 - What you're about to see if you click on the link below is something not usually seen on Hawaiian postcards.  Brilliant sunshine and sandy beaches are the norm and the popular image of our beautiful islands, right?  Well, as you saw two days ago, brilliant sunshine and spectacular ocean scenery can quickly yield to days like "Gloomy Monday."  Neither takes anything away from the other.  Both are beautiful in their own rights.  Power and beauty of the ocean, power and beauty of the rivers and gulches.  And it all may be part of a bigger picture that stretches from Australia to Brazil.

Skies were mostly clear when I went to bed last night around 1AM.  So while doing my shamanic prayers and salutations, I asked Goddesses Namaka and Pele to return.  And to keep coming back.  Little did I know...

At around 4AM, Elizabeth and I were awakened by bright flashes of lightening, followed by loud cracks of thunder.  Goddess Pele has been roaring in a third violent lightening and thunderstorm we have had in the last few days.  And Goddess Namaka joined her sister.  Rain was pounding on the roof.  It felt like an Arizona monsoon.  Last year and the year before, we had no such storms around here.  Zero.  Zilch. 

This morning, I could hear the roar from the Namaka creek all the way up at the house.  Goddess Namaka was trying to outdo her noisy sister with a loud show of her own.  I was about to get my morning coffee started before heading off to this adventure.  But the power was out.  And when I returned, an hour or so later, electricity was still out.  But there was plenty of hydro power down in the gulch.  Check it out...

Rainy Season at Rainbow Shower: Part of Bigger Picture?


 [13:57 mins]

P.S. Last night, when I was pulling my card for Wednesday from Cher Lyn's Mystic Art Medicine card deck (which turned out to be PERSEVERANCE, perfect for my yesterday's day), another card fell out and on to the floor.  It was Goddess of Water.  And today (Thursday), I pulled Goddess of Fire.  Again.  Namaka and Pele.  See what I mean - how sublime these oracle cards can be?

Flooding, Rainbows, Snow in Holland

Further to my last week's video about the flooding at the Rainbow Shower, a friend of mine from Maastricht, Holland, sent me a link to a web site of a local paper that had a beautiful rainbow...

...over the city of Maastricht.  I also found there some scenes of local flooding, more beautiful nighttime pictures, and some wintry scenes that my friend Walter had photographed.  Enjoy!

Snow on Haleakala, Elizabeth's Latest Art

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 19 - It never snows in Hawaii?  Is that what you think?  Think again.  Here are some scenes from this morning, looking up and down Haleakala (volcano), on whose slopes the Rainbow Shower is located.

These photos were taken by local photographers.  You can also see some more snowy pictures in this story:

Itís official! A blanket of Snow at Haleakala on Maui!

And now, Elizabeth and I are off to check out the big (35ft-40ft) surf that's expected today at Jaws and Hookipa Pt.  The huge waves were apparently apparently whipped up by a hurricane thousands of miles northwest from Hawaii.

Meanwhile, enjoy this work of art that Elizabeth painted at her last week's art class.  Pretty good, huh? :-) Oh, one more thing... this morning, we noticed the new baby bananas being born outside our bedroom window. 

Meet Otorongo, Our Jaguar Guardian

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 30 - Earlier this week, we brought home a new guardian.  Otorongo, the name I gave him borrowing a Quechua term for Jaguar, an Inca sacred animal, took up his post at our front entrance next to the innocent-looking Eenie, Meenie, Miny and Moe, the names Elizabeth gave to the pink flamingos, and Anuenue (Rainbow in Hawaiian), and in front of our brown foal relaxing on the lawn in the background. 

Such an eclectic collection of home guardians may engender both "start" (surprise) and "proceed if you dare" feelings in any trespasser. Which we hope will give way to a broad smile before if they decide to walk on to our front door cello and Peruvian wind chimes.

Maui Pops Concert

HAIKU, Maui, Jan 30 - Guess you can say this has been a musical weekend for us.  The day after we returned home from Honolulu and the "Faust" opera performance, we attended an excellent "Classical Sampler" concert by Maui Pops Orchestra at the Castle Theater here in Maui.

Naturally, Elizabeth used it as another dress-up and photo-op.  I dressed in white to make her stand out more by contrast.

The term "pops" is a little misleading. This orchestra is so versatile that they can switch from Christmas carols to Mozart and Beethoven in a jiffy. This afternoon, for example, they performed Brahms, Mozart, Smetana and Beethoven pieces.  The latter two were excellent.  Beethoven's piano concerto No. 4 featured a guest pianist Sara Buechner.  She was outstanding... far better and more entertaining than the dull piano concert we attended in October at Carnegie Hall in New York.  (I am not mentioning the pianist's name on purpose, to save him the embarrassment, and myself valuable memory cells).

(click on image to find out more about Maui Pops Orchestra)

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in January.

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