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21 Feb 2011

Updated February 21 - Goddess of Fire appears again, Tango Fire (La Cumparsita)

Pele Blanketing the Islands

 Witnessing full moonset, sunrise simultaneously


(first rainbow of 2011, sunset on "Superbowl Sunday")



Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes becoming hyperactive

Pele Blanketing the Islands

 Witnessing full moonset, sunrise simultaneously

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 19 - What are the odds one would draw the same card three out of the four times from a deck of 64?  Well, statistics is not my major, but I figure the odds are about 85 to one.  Which means the probability of that happening is about 1.16%.  Long odds, wouldn't you say? 

Nevertheless, that's how many times I have drawn the GODDESS OF FIRE mystic medicine card in the last four days, including again this morning.   And since Saturday, Jan 9, the first time I had drawn my first card, she has showed up six times - by far the most of any other card (also see Mystic Medicine Cards at web site).

So it's clear that Goddess Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, is the dominant spirit right now in my life (that was also evident in my latest spiritual healing story - see More Divine Healings, Feb 18).

And not just in mine.  And not only in the spirit world.  In the physical one, too.  These days, one only needs to take a look outside around the Hawaiian islands to see and feel Pele's presence.

The photo on the left is the view of Kahului and of the Maui sugar plant, as seen from Wailuku on Valentine's Day, the hillside community on the slopes of Puu Kukui (West Maui Mountains).  The normally beautiful Hawaiian scenery has taken on the look of Charles Dickens' 19th century London - grimy, smoggy place unfit for human habitation.  The reason for that is not the plant.  It merely adds a puff or two to Goddess Pele's fumes.  Kilauea volcano, Goddess Pele's home on the Big Island (middle and right), has been spewing out massive amounts of VOG (volcanic emissions) lately.  Pele's has increased her emissions to 1,212 tons of sulfuric acid per day, according to a local paper (see Pele Shows a Lot More on Big Island, including this fascinating news video clip):


Don't worry, by the time the VOG reaches Maui or Oahu it is crystallized enough so you don't really smell or feel the sulfur in the air.  It looks like a cloud that hovers between about 4,000 and 7,000 feet.  Above that the air is clear.  And below it it's okay, too.  It just looks bad in Hawaiian vacation pictures.  So some people may prefer to send home a photo of Pele's artistic expression (above right). :-)

So what does Goddess Pele's increased activity and presence mean?  In a word - transformation.  And renewal, later on.  Big time changes are in the cards.  Fire is the element of the South (cardinal direction). Fire transforms with Kundalini energy.  In the Inca cosmology, the Serpent - Amaru in Quechua (Inca language) - is the sacred animal associated with transformation (see Fire/Serpent element at home page).  And when this shaman addresses the Fire facing the South, he usually asks...

"...Oh, great Amaru, you who holds the wisdom of the ages,

Help me to shed my past and my ego

With ease with which you shed your skin."

Goddess Pele's increased activities are also accompanied by some other unusual astral changes.  Everybody has seen at least once in their lifetime a big full moon rise as the sun sets.  Right?  Well, how many of you have seen the full moon set as the sun rises.  For this writer, this morning was the first time. 

When I walked out to the Rainbow Shower lanai this morning around 7:30, I saw a full moon setting in the west (two left shots, the middle left being a pretty poor close-up of it).  The sun had still not risen sufficiently to illuminate the hill on the other side of the gulch.  So I rushed down. across the Namaka Creek and up the Eucalyptus Hill hoping to get there in time to catch the sun rising in the east.  And voila!  The three photos on the right captured the sunrise to go with the full moonset.

It was also interesting to see Haleakala (volcano) enveloped in early morning haze, with its telescopes at the summit glistening in rising sunlight (above).  As I was enjoying this unusual early morning visual treat, I heard the familiar chirp of a Red Cardinal.  Then I spotted him.  A bright red bird landed not more than 10 yards for me on the path that leads from where I was standing to the Apu Huaskaran/Planet Saturn monument (above right).  Seconds later, his female partner joined him on the trail.

"Wonder if that's Apu Huaskaran and Quollyor Nusta?" I wondered. (Quollyor Nusta is this Apu's female expression).  After all, Apu Huaskaran is my main Andean master spirit guide.

The two birds (spirits) stayed a while and then flew away in the direction of the Rainbow Shower (across the gulch... visible in all above pictures).

"What a wonderful start to the day!" I said.  I must draw another card to see what the spirits have to tell me today was going to be all about.

And now you know why and how I got to draw that Goddess of Fire card today.  The rest of the day was all about Goddess Pele and her VOGgy presence all around us.  Hot and steamy.

Goddess of Fire Appears Again

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 20 - When I woke up this morning after drawing three Goddess of Fire cards in the last four days, I thought that maybe I should do a big bonfire and a fire ceremony for her today, Sunday Feb 20. But before I did, I thought I'd check in with my spirit guides to see what they thought of the idea.  So I got my mystic medicine card deck out, shuffled it, and the asked the question.

Guess what spirit card I drew ?  Yes, it was Goddess of Fire again.  It was the fourth time in the last five days she has appeared as my dominant spirit guide. Guess the odds of that happening "by chance" are quickly going through the roof.  I can see she really means business.  So now I'd better get started to prepare that big bonfire and a fire ceremony for her.

CONTINUED... (three hours later)

A little over two weeks ago, I made a big pile of wood I had chain-sawed in the jungle part of the property.  I tried to set a bonfire at least half a dozen times on Friday, Feb 4.  Used up more than a gallon of gasoline in vain.  It just would not burn.  So I gave up.  I figured, Goddess of Fire would let me know when she is ready to receive this offering of love and devotion. 

Then I remembered the card I drew that day (Fri, Feb 4).  It was Ebb & Flow.  It was all about water - the enemy of fire.  And its message to me was: "Sometimes water must come out of the crevices before new tide replenishes it. We must learn to let go and trust the Mama Kocha, mother of the oceans (and waters in general) in her guidance."

After what happened this morning and the last few days - drawing the Goddess of Fire cards repeatedly - I figured this was the day.  So I went down to the gulch and set the fire again.  It started with a big bang on the first match.  And it is still burning, more than two hours later.  Take a look...

I also used the chance to thank the Goddess for all her healings, including that of Tom in Arizona.  And then, I set another fire in my Apucheto for a full fire ceremony which I plan to do tonight, weather permitting.


The second fire  also sprung to life on the first match and burned hot throughout the ceremony.  Goddess Pele has been slurping up all my prayers, messages of love and devotion, and requests of prayers by others.  I also thanked her for healing Tom of Arizona.

CONTINUED... (Feb 21, 11:50AM)

Well, I just came back up from the gulch where I checked on my yesterday's bonfire.  It had mostly burned itself out, but there were still some hot cinders at the bottom.  After I jarred it a little, a new small fire started again...

"An eternal fire" thought crossed my mind.  Okay, maybe not "eternal" literally, but it has been now 24 hours since I started it.  You can compare the above picture of "then and now" to see the difference.

Earlier this morning, I had received an email from a shaman-friend in England.  She said she drew three fire cards during her full moon ceremony.  Evidently, the presence of fire energy is acute and pervasive around the world, not just here in Hawaii, where it is perceived in the form of Goddess Pele.  For, fire means transformation, as I had mentioned before.  And it doesn't have to be by a scorching physical fire.

We can be transformed through internal fire, for example... through exercises like Kundalini yoga, or rigorous gulch work, sexual orgasms, mountain climbing, swimming, or at a spiritual level - by recognizing signs from our spirit guides that were previously unavailable to us.  Or we can be transformed as a society - by destroying the old before rebuilding new political structures.  Revolutions currently taking place in North Africa and the Middle East are a case in point.

After I wrote the above, I drew my card for the day, asking the spirits to confirm or deny my understanding of it.  Their answer was swift and powerful.  And stunning.  It came in the form of the Medicine Power card.  It was the first time I have drawn that card (right).  Here's an excerpt from their message, starting with a verse:

"Medicine power, ancient master wise,

Spin the cosmic portal

Unveil the secrets to be immortal."

"Crazy Horse," a Native American mystic, possessed Medicine power as a prophet, seer, leader and spiritual healer. 

"One side of his head is donned with white eagle feather, a sign of pure power connecting the spirit world with the physical plane on Earth.  On the other side, is the blazing flame of firepower for transformation," Cher Lyn, the mystic artist who painted the card, explains in the narrative.

What she could not have known is that the Spirit of the White Eagle, as well as that of the White Female Buffalo Calf Goddess, are among my master spirit guides.  Both attended Altzar's Astral Rebirth ceremony on 2/25/2009, now only four days away (left).  And they gave me the Spirit of the Wolf and Spirit of the Hawk Shadow as gifts.

Back to the spirits' swift and stunning reply to my question, here we have again both fire and transformation in this Medicine Power card.  No wonder the bonfire was still hot 24 hours after being lit. 

Today is also another #9 date (2-21-2011), numerologically speaking, as well as a #3 day (21, the "Blackjack"-day).  Along with Goddess Pele, both number signs were instrumental in bringing me to Maui (see Maui Calling..., Dec 2008). 

Finally, there is even scientific evidence of Fire being the dominant element this month.  February is supposed to be the coldest month around here, with average daily highs of 76F and low of 59F.

As you can see from the left chart, the actual February temperatures so far this year have been 82F/65F respectively.  And based on the 7-day forecast, it looks like we are going to finish the month the same way.

The chart on the right shows the commensurate precipitation levels.  They are down to less than 25% of normal (1.98" vs. 8.94").  Again, no rain is in the forecast for the remaining days of February.

And all this is due to the prevailing southerly winds which bring warm air and VOG (volcanic emissions) to us from Goddess Pele on the Big Island. Once again, the Fire element is associated with South and Amaru (serpent) in shamanic traditions.  And both bring out TRANSFORMATION. 

Clearly, therefore, are no "coincidences," that the messages the spirits have been communicating to us via the mystic medicine cards.

Perhaps it is only fitting that we finish this story with on a fiery musical note.  Here's what I recorded just over a year ago:

   Tango Fire (La Cumparsita) by Bob Djurdjevic on Piano (2/15/10)

Clearly, therefore, are no "coincidences," that the messages the spirits have been communicating to us via the mystic medicine cards.


And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in February.

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