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18 Feb 2011

Superbowl Sunday without football; Updated February 17 - adds Valentine's Day/Anniversary

A Whale of a Superbowl Party

Canceled submarine ride turns into delightful adventure in West Maui


(first rainbow of 2011, sunset on "Superbowl Sunday")



How to enjoy Superbowl Sunday without football

A Whale of a Superbowl Party

 Canceled submarine ride turns into delightful adventure in West Maui

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 6 - What does the term "Superbowl Sunday" connote in your mind?  Probably not football, if your mind works like mine.  Maybe peanuts, cold snacks, beer and just all-around fun party.  With a mesquite fire crackling outdoors, if you're in Arizona, where I spent most of my life.  The TV screens are turned on just for show and for the benefit of the few true football fanatics.  A week later, most of the rest of us don't even know who was playing.

But we may remember the ads.  The really cool ads.   Like Apple's Mac launch in 1984 which depicted Big Blue (IBM) as Big Brother (re. Orwell's "1984" novel). Or some halftime shows.  Like the one featuring Janet Jackson's exposed breast.  Who was playing that day?  Bet you dollars to donuts you'll have to run a Google search before you can summon that memory.

So for all of the above reasons, Elizabeth and I decided our Superbowl Sunday will have nothing to do with football.  Okay, maybe the last two minutes of the fourth quarter.  Just so we know who won.  That's always useful for small talk.  It shows we don't live on another planet.  We headed for Lahaina, intending to go on an Atlantis submarine ride.

We were hoping maybe to catch an underwater glimpse of humpback whales, like that shot on the left.  Whales make the waters around Maui their home for about five months of the year (Nov-Apr).  Instead, we were treated to an aerial whale show, like the other two shots.  Altogether, I counted 16 whale breaches during our drive to and from Lahaina.  It looked as if they were swarming all around the island's shores, both south and north.  It was a whale of a show! :-)


Once we got to Lahaina, we quickly realized that we weren't alone in a quest to stay away from TV football on Superbowl Sunday.  A whole boatload of tourists was there in addition to local visitors.  And some boat it was!  Take a look at the size of these cruise ships.  By the way, as we passed through Kahului, we saw that another one like it was docked in that harbor on the north shore. But the whales didn't mind.  The ocean giants kept frolicking around these man-made giants all afternoon.  And neither did the fisherman. One of them proudly displayed his "catch of the day" (two right shots).

With 10 minutes to go, we learned that our submarine cruise was canceled.  Because the undercurrents were too rough, we were told. Oh well.  No big deal, we thought.  We'll just go on to Kapalua, another beautiful spot in West Maui that we have not been to for a while.


We walked around the beautiful grounds of Ritz Carlton (left) where we stayed two years ago, shortly after moving to Maui.  And we drove up to the top of Pineapple Hill, which offers a spectacular view of this PGA-level golf course and the West Maui Mountains (hidden behind the clouds in the above shot, composed of three different frames).  I told Elizabeth that when I first got here in 1986, one could actually see pineapple fields all around those hills.  Now they are all gone.  Not enough money in pineapples anymore, we are told.  No wonder we are now paying $7 to $10 per pineapple in mainland-operated supermarkets instead of harvesting our own.  Globalism.  Yuck.

But the best of the Superbowl Sunday show came long after the lights at the Texas Stadium had been turned off.  Check out this spectacular sunset at the Rainbow Shower...

Above panorama shot is composed of six different frames.  And now, here are also some individual shots...

Wisconsin Reader Comment: "We Will Remember"

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 7 - Thank God we are all different.  While most of your comments were laudatory and had to do with the beautiful Rainbow Shower sunset shots, I got one from Wisconsin that actually had to do with football.  Here's what Lena Hennessy wrote to me:

Believe me, I will remember who played.  I live in Wisconsin - born and raised.  We are VERY proud to be Packer Backers!!!!

I replied:

Good for you, Lena.  I also remember the Superbowl in which the Arizona Cardinals played a few years ago.  But thatís about all I remember. 

By the way, I met Lena during my 2008 trip to Peru.  She was one of two dozen or so western shamans who received the first Rites of Passage on July 9,2008 at Kolka Cruz Pass on Mount Ausangate.

A few minutes later, Lena forwarded this video clip to me.  You'll love it even if you're not a football fan.

Rachel Maddow on the Packers [5:07 mins; aired BEFORE the Superbowl on her MSNBC show: "Green Bay Packers: Cheeseheads of the people"]

It's great to see that there are still some places left in America which have not sold out their souls for profit. And that they still managed to win four Superbowls, something many much better heeled teams could not achieve:

1) Super Bowl I played January 15, 1967 against the Kansas City Chiefs.

2) Super Bowl II played January 14, 1968 against the Oakland Raiders.

3) Super Bowl XXXI played January 26, 1997 against the New England Patriots.

4.) Super Bowl XLV played February 6, 2011 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Everybody knows that money can't buy happiness.  But it's heartening to see that it can't buy a professional sports title, either.  Now even this writer may become a Packers fan - retroactively. :-)  Not because of the Superbowl-winning football team.  Because of the Green Bay spirit they represent.

Valentine's Day/Anniversary

HAIKU, Maui, Feb 17 - Hope you've all had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  We did.

Here's how Scottsdale looked on Valentine's Day Eve (left - photo courtesy of Tom Prezkop).  At almost the same time, we were having downpours and even a small twister over here in Maui.  The middle left shot of Kihei flooding is one you are not likely to see in any tourist brochures. Undaunted, we had our anniversary/VDay dinner in Kihei, not far from where that helicopter shot was taken (you will need a User ID and Password to view here to ask for it; Elizabeth says she doesn't want the "world" to see her). :-)

Meanwhile, the flowers Elizabeth gave me as an anniversary/VDay gift (pale blue Hydrangeas - left) made no such request.  So you can view them freely.  Ditto re. the red Anthuriums she gave me last year (right).

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in February.

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