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29 Dec 2011

Updated Dec 29, 2011 - adds Saint Nicholas "Slava" Message 2011; Xmas Eve, Xmas Day  Rainbows ; Sunset Rainbows, Elizabeth's Birthday

Namaka Creek Returns to Rainbow Shower with a Roar

A Haleakala gusher rumbles through our gulch


At the Rainbow Shower

Namaka Creek Returns to Rainbow Shower with a Roar

A Haleakala gusher rumbles through our gulch

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 11 - The only introduction this video needs is.... enjoy the beauty and the power of nature!


Saint Nicholas "Slava" Message 2011

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 19 - Happy Saint Nicholas Day!  Srecna Slava - to those of you who are of Serbian extraction and may be also celebrating St. Nicholas as your family patron saint today.  I want to thank all of those who either telephoned me today or emailed me with Srecna Slava wishes.  In return, I have prepared a short video message for you from our home front here in Hawaii (Elizabeth is still in Arizona, so this video should help her also see what happened):

Saint Nicholas "Slava" Message 2011


Here are also some still shot of the same scene...

The two pictures on the right are of the Djurdjevic family icon which dates back to Novgorod, Russia, c. 1294 AD.  It was a gift to me from my late brother/cousin Bora.

Right after I was done with this video.  I had a visitor in my office tonight, my only "dinner guest." :-)  This snail was trying to peak at it form the outside.  :-) Take a look...

Some Past St Nicholas Day photos

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 20 - Here are some past St Nicholas Day photos...

In Serbian homes whose patron saint is St Nicholas, his icon usually hangs in a prominent place.  The photo on the left is my family icon. The other three shots were taken at my Scottsdale home on Dec 19, 2008. 


The picture on the left was taken in 2000, the year I divorced the mother of my children.  It was my first St Nicholas Day alone in many decades.  The .was taken six years ago at my Scottsdale home into which I had just moved in from another location in the Phoenix area. The other four shots were taken on St Nicholas Day 2005.  I had just moved into my new Scottsdale home after another divorce and did not have much furniture, or pictures, for that matter.  My home was quite nice and spacious for a single person, but looking quite austere.  Which is why I was struck just now as I was gathering these photos by my choice of the icon to hang over the most prominent place in the living room - above the mantelpiece. I also noticed that, just like here in Hawaii with the coconuts, I used back then the natural wild flowers to create a festive look of the St Nicholas Day setting.

Moving on to Peru, Urubamba in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  I had just received my third Rites of Passage from Don Sebastian, a famous Q'ero Pampamesayok (see the pictures) and his son, also a shaman, in his late 20s. They don't speak English.  I don't speak Quechua.  Yet we managed to "converse." You know how it goes.  Magic of heart-to-heart communications. 

Through an interpreter, I tell them the story of St. Nicholas, the part in which he drops the gold coin through the window of a poor family to give the young a dowry and save them from having to go into prostitution.  I finish the story by saying that St Nicholas Day is Dec 19 on the western calendar, which corresponds to Dec 6 on the eastern (Orthodox) calendar, the day St. Nicholas died.  That's when Don Sebastian's son exclaimed excitedly, "that's my birthday.  And my name is Nicolas."  I turned to Don Sebastian and asked, "did you know that when you named your son?" He shook his head.  But his Higher Self must have...

In the left shot, I am with Don Sebastian at the Korimarka Falls, across the Sacred Valley from Wakai Willke (22,000 ft). In the right photo, Nicolas, Elizabeth and Don Sebastian (from left to right) are n Urubamba, in Sacred Valley of the Incas after they had done a healing on her.

Double Morning Rainbows

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 22 - It has been a while since we saw morning rainbows.  Today, however, they were here for a long time.  They first appeared seemingly as part of heavenly communication during my writing of a difficult message to a friend.  And then they kept popping up, like dots at the end of a sentence.  Take a look:

Double Morning Rainbows at Rainbow Shower (12-22-11)


 Xmas Eve, Xmas Day  Rainbows

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 24 -  Late afternoon on Christmas Eve, I drove to Pukalani to get some food items at a local store there.  Elizabeth is coming back home tomorrow and I didn't want us to spend any part of the Christmas Day shopping. The entire time, strong wind and driving rain were buffeting my car windows.  But when I got to the shopping center, a setting sun was breaking through the clouds.  And the result was a magical, heavenly, "Christmas card" as only the Universe can create...


Xmas Eve 2011 Rainbows: Divine Christmas "card" (Dec 24)

By the way, that shot in which the rainbow seem to be shooting all over the sky like fireworks, is actually a bit of man-made magic.  The rainbow was too big for a single camera shot.  So I combined two frames into one.  And voila... 

HAIKU, Maui, Dec 25 -  By contrast, Christmas Day was mostly sunny around here. So it was a nice "welcome home" weather for Elizabeth. Yet before the day was done, we received another divine blessing in the form of a rainbow:

The second part of the blessing was that the Namaka Creek is running again.  Not gushing, like two weeks ago, but happily trickling through and down the gulch of the Rainbow Shower.

Sunset Rainbows, Elizabeth's Birthday

Here are also some pretty rare sunset rainbows as seen on Dec 29, along with some photos from Elizabeth's birthday, the day before (Dec 28). In the left shot, taken at Kaahumanu Mall, she is wearing her new sunglasses and the black blouse - both her birthday gifts.  The two right shots were taken in Lahaina where we went out to dinner.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of December from the Rainbow Shower.

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