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05 Sep 2011

Updated Sep 5, 2011 - adds Other Happenings Around Maui

Musical Under Full Moon

"Damn Yankees" rained out but not before beautiful full moon show


"Damn Yankees" at Maui Tropical Plantation

At Maui Tropical Plantation

Musical Under Full Moon

"Damn Yankees" rained out but not before beautiful full moon show

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 13 - I know, I know... I am woefully behind with my blog and stories from the beautiful Rainbow Showers.  Ever since Elizabeth and I spent the magical nine days on the Big Island in July, it feels as if I have been only a part-time resident in my body. :-) Anyway, I hope to catch up with some of these past stories in the future, if that sentence makes any sense to you.

Meanwhile, here are some scenes from last night's concert-musical Elizabeth and I attended at Maui Tropical Plantation.  It is a beautiful outdoor setting.  The full moon provided some extra lighting magic.

Alas, the "Damn Yankees" 'game' was rained out after the first half an hour or so. So we hope to go back next weekend and enjoy the rest of it.

Full Moonsets, Sunrises; Sedona Rainbows

HAIKU, Maui, Aug 15 - I have been up early enough in the last two days to be able to witness gorgeous simultaneous full moonsets and sunrises.  Take a look...

Today's moonset over Molokai was especially poignant as it happened while I was driving this morning upcountry from Haiku to Pukalani and writing the story "I Am a Leper, Too" in my head.  Tom Prezkop, a friend of mine from Arizona, took that magnificent middle right shot of the same moonset on Saturday morning (8/13/11) at White Sands, New Mexico. And then from the sky back down to earth, take a look at this interesting jelly-like mushroom (?) I saw in the jungle of the Rainbow Shower yesterday morning. "Jungle Jelly" is what I called it.

The preceding reminded me of the magnificent full moonset-sunrise scenes from a month ago...

Meanwhile, not to be outdone by the Rainbow Shower rainbows, check out these gorgeous rainbows a friend of mine sent me today from Sedona, Arizona:

The photos were taken by Mia Margaret, a wonderful harpist.  You can check out her web site:

And now, you can see above left the Arizona and the Rainbow Shower double rainbows reaching out to each other across the Pacific.  The one on the right is my favorite.  It was taken by Wib Middleton in Sedona.

Other Happenings Around Maui in August

And back to more morning rainbows at the Rainbow Shower...

On one of my Rainbow Shower rounds in early August, I discovered a new baby Kukui tree which sprouted out practically overnight (right) and was also gifted a special Divine walking stick (middle right).

On Aug 19, we decided to do something unusual. We skipped breakfast and had a delicious lunch at the Market Bistro in Makawao.

We sat under a gorgeous Coral tree.

This is also the season for our Rainbow Shower tree to bloom (two left shots). It is the tree in front of our home which gave the name to the whole property. 

And down in Paia, at the abandoned high school, I paid my annual visit to a beautiful Royal Poinciana tree.

On the last day of the month, we had a lovely sunset dinner at an Indian restaurant in Kihei. 

The occasion was a celebration of the new Hawaiian ring and bracelet that I bought for Elizabeth while we were on the Big Island.  It was a custom design based on the Lehua flower, the official flower of the Big Island.   The month of August ended with a beautiful clear sky double rainbow.  I have never seen one as gorgeous as this one.

And that's all she wrote so far for the month of August from the Rainbow Shower.

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