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23 Jan 2011

Updated Sep 28, 2010, adds Hookipa Point Surf Gallery, First Coffee Harvest, Giant Weed

From High Turf to High Surf

Wave-watching season opens early in 2010


From High Turf to High Surf

Wave-watching season opens early in 2010, first at Jaws...

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 26 -  We went from high turf to high surf in just 24 hours.  Yesterday, we marveled at the views from the Kula Fair in Upcountry Maui.  Today, we jumped into our Jeep and drove four miles down the rough dirt road to the Jaws, the place where the world surfing record was set in 2001 (75 feet).  Well, we are happy to report that the wave-watching season is starting early this year.  The surf has not quite yet reached those gigantic winter season levels, but even at 10-15 feet, the big waves were very beautiful.  Check out first these two panoramic pictures...

I named the first one - Surf Snow Mountain.  The second one looked like a Surf Avalanche to me.  What would you title them?

And now, here are the rest of the photos, including the two from which the above two panoramic scenes were cropped...

Have a great week!

... Then at Hookipa Point Surf Gallery

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 28 -  From Jaws to Hookipa Point, the high surf on the north shore of Maui is continuing.  And the views are spectacular.  Check it out starting first with this composite 180-degree view of Hookipa Point (it took four picture frames to create it)...

And now, here is a selection of scenes from yesterday afternoon.  I figure surf was about 20-ft, although there were some bigger "surf mountains" that crashed against the shore.

And now, check out this last image and see if it doesn't remind you of a Mama Bear with her Cub playing in the ocean, or maybe fishing?

First Coffee Harvest, Giant "Centipede" Weed

HAIKU, Maui, Sep 28 -  One of the benefits from last year's clearing of the jungle at the bottom of the Rainbow Shower gulch has been that coffee trees have sprung up all over, overjoyed at a chance to grab some extra sunlight. And so, today Elizabeth and I joined forces in harvesting our first crop.  I would bend the tress down and hold them at Elizabeth's shoulder level, and she would pick them off the branches.  And here's a result...

... our first coffee harvest.  Now, the manual home production process will begin.  A coffee plantation owner who was exhibiting at the Kula Fair last weekend told us what to do.  Don't expect a Rainbow Shower Starbucks brand to take the world by storm any time soon, but we hope to have fun making use of another gift of the land.  No such prospects for another new arrival at the Upper Rainbow Shower.  This giant weed in the shape of an upright centipede (God forbid!) decided to join the Lawai and Wedelia ground cover on out southern slopes.

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in September.

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