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23 Jan 2011

Updated Nov 1, 2010, adds Halloween 2010

Pre-Halloween Rainbows, Snails, Pumpkins

Another double "3"-day brings plethora of morning, evening rainbows


Pre-Halloween Rainbows, Snails, Pumpkins

Another double "3"-day brings plethora of morning, evening rainbows; Urban legend debunked

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 31 -  Saturday, Oct 30, was the third double "3"-day this month.  And what a special day it was.  For the first time since we moved to the "land of rainbows," we had a plethora or both morning and evening rainbows.  Here's a little photo collage of them, both as composite and individual pictures...

Above is a composite morning rainbow picture made of three separate shots...

... which you can see above.

And here's another morning rainbow made from three separate photos...

... which you can see above.  You can also see in the composite pictures how I managed to grow grass and shrubs on our lanai (deck).  :-) Marvels of digital photography.  Camera becoming a paint brush.  You can do almost anything with it.

And now, here are some evening rainbows from that special Saturday, Oct 30, 2010...

Once again, here's first a composite picture of a giant double rainbow that popped up in the sky just as the sun was setting.

It is also composed of three separate photos (above).  I took the pictures from the lanai looking eastward.

And now, here is another "artistic interpretation" made from the same three shots (above).

The panoramic view above is also a composite picture of the same made from three separate photos, but taken from a different angle.  In this shot, taken from the start of the Orchard Rd below our house, the rainbow looks like an umbrella over it.

You know what the pessimists say, "trouble comes in three's?"  But so do the miracles and magic, as you can see.  And magical Saturday would be complete without snails.  Which also came in three's (left).  You can see them sleeping vertically all day yesterday on our garage wall.  When the night fell, they were gone.  So now we've also learned something else about snail except for their "snail's pace."  They are evidently nocturnal.

Which brings us to our Halloween pumpkins...

In the left corner, meet Sydney, our straw man whom Elizabeth created for this occasion, along with the pumpkin under his arm. He's been sitting on that antique chair waiting for this special day (Halloween) all month.  This year, to keep him company, we've added a real pumpkin which I carved up yesterday and set on the lanai (middle left).  Last night, we lit the candle that made him come alive and alight (middle right). Both Elizabeth and I thought he looked like a little cartoon character.  We are still working on his name.  So if you have some suggestions, fire away.  But you'd better do it fast... before he ends up in a pumpkin pie. :-)

In the two shots above, you can see some artistic expressions of the same cartoon characters that I created from the basic photos.  As I said, nowadays, you can use the camera as a paint brush.

We are planning to go tonight again to the costumed Halloween street party in Lahaina.  So we'll probably post some additional pictures after that.

Happy Halloween!

An Urban Legend Debunked

P.S.  I am sure you have heard by now how this is a very special October because it has five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  And how that happens "every 823 years?"  It doesn't.  That's a myth, the Internet version of an "urban legend."  Check out these facts from a "compugeek' web site.  Sorry to burst your balloon.

Halloween 2010 Starts with Beautiful Evening Rainbow

Dancing in Paia, Gawking in Lahaina

HAIKU, Maui, Oct 31 - Halloween 2010 resumed where the pre-Halloween rainbow show left off... with the most beautiful evening rainbow so far this year.  Take a look...

As usual, it took three frames to splice into the above composite panoramic shot.

As the day went on, I suggested to Elizabeth that perhaps this year she can wear a special mask I had bought for her during our last year's visit to Pisa, Italy.

"Oh, good," she replied.  "Then I can dress up as a belly-dancer since that outfit is also blue."

In other words, she would be her alter-ego, one of her expressions.

"And you, what are you going to be?" she asked.

"Same as last year," I said. "A shaman."

The only new twist is that this morning, I made a mask to go along with my shamanic robes.

And so it was.  When the night fell, we were both ready to rumble...

Before we left the Rainbow Shower, we had an "official" Halloween photo taken in our living room (left).  Then we set off first for Paia.  The small surfer and hippy town is the closest to where we live.  And it was jumping.  So we also jumped right into the swing of things. 

As you can see from the above shots, Elizabeth was not the only one showing skin.  In fact, that's the big difference between Halloween here in Hawaii and elsewhere in the mainland. Even in the evenings, the temperatures are still in the upper 70s.  So painted skin is the cheapest and the most creative costume you can have.  And there were lots of those in Paia, especially among the teeny-boppers.  Nor were the women the only ones undressing in order to dress up for Halloween.  There were plenty of skimpily clad men, too.  By comparison, I was grossly overdressed. :-)

Anyway, after we had dinner at the Paia Fish Market, a simple but excellent little restaurant in the center of town, we followed the sounds of music.  And it lead to the local Bank of Hawaii, of all places.  But rather than go on talking about it, I'll just let you watch this short movie...

Halloween 2010 in Paia, Lahaina [4:46 mins]


And now, here are the rest of the still pictures from Lahaina... where that photo on the right was also taken.

Pink Panther was one of the most original costumes

And so was the Pope, who greeted the Shaman...

...who blessed the Pope right back.

The most ludicrous "costume" and well-deserved reaction

Once again, happy Halloween!

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in October.

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