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23 Jan 2011

Updated Nov 25, 2010, adds Namaka Creek Running Again...

Goddess Namaka Returns to Maui

Namaka Creek running again at Rainbow Shower, big surf pounds north shore



Goddess Namaka Returns to Maui

Namaka Creek running again at Rainbow Shower, big surf pounds Maui's north shore

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 4 -  After about a five month's "summer vacation," Goddess Namaka return to the Rainbow Shower this afternoon.  And she did it with a vengeance.  She has been pounding Maui's north shore in the last two days with 35-foot or bigger water mountains (like the one above). 

As we were driving home from town this afternoon, Elizabeth and I tried to make a bet about whether or not our Namaka Creek would be running again after s solid rainfall in the last 24 hours.  We both bet that it would be.  Sure enough...

... our Namaka Creek was running again.  I followed it with my camera from the start to the end of its riverbed at the Rainbow Shower.

I took these photos under my rain poncho while the rain was still coming down pretty hard.  And it still is, a couple of hours later, suggesting the creek may rise overnight. We'll see what I find in the morning.

Meanwhile, I observed something quite interesting.  The Namaka Creek stopped at the end of our property.  The riverbed past the top right shot was dry.  The water seemed to sink into the ground at the point from where I took that last shot (above right), standing in the jungle at the northwest border of the Rainbow Shower.  Wonder if there is an underground cavern down there?

Well, this morning (Nov 5), I went down there again.  And lo and behold, there was a little waterfall going again (left), and the creek was running down the gulch past it (middle).  So whatever it was, the cavern has been obviously filled by rain and is now again overflowing.  Notice also how much wider the creek has become overnight?  The right shot was taken from exactly the same spot as the rightmost picture in the above series, taken last night.

Divine Umbrella over Rainbow Shower Lanai

Yesterday afternoon and earlier this week, something equally extraordinary happened.

Three days ago, I asked the spirits during my shamanic prayers for some sunny weather.  We had our handyman coming to do repairs on the lanai on Wednesday (the deck).  And we wanted to pick some more coffee beans on Tuesday, and de-pulp them on Wednesday. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were absolutely perfect days.  Not a drop of rain fell even during the night, when it normally mists, and not just in the daytime.  We did everything as planned.  I also used the chance yesterday afternoon to paint and waterproof the three railroad benches and all the wooden signs in the gulch.

Just as I was walking back up to the house, clouds started to roll in.  Dark... threatening.  Scott asked me if I thought it would rain. 

"Not yet," I replied. 

Then I asked the spirits in another prayer for a few more hours without rain. To let the pain dry.  That was about 1:30PM.  Our handyman went home at 2PM.  When I looked outside our living room around 5PM, it was as if we were in a cloud.  There was mist and rain everywhere... in the gulch, up the hill, to the south and north.  But when I walked out onto the lanai, the deck was still dry.  Not a drop of rain fell on it.  It was as if the Creator had held a divine umbrella over our house.

Which reminded me of another walk in the rainstorm that left me dry.  It was back in Arizona, over two years ago now.  On Aug 14, 2008 that I found myself in the midst of a violent storm in the McDowell Mountains just as I was performing a shamanic ceremony. I did not stop until I was finished.  Somehow, I sensed that I will be protected.  As I headed down the mountain, the entire time the Creator seemed to have had held a blue sky cylinder above me (left), while thunder crashed and heavy rain fell all around me.

About half an hour later, when I was finally safe and sound inside my fitness club lounge, a deluge opened up, just like the one last night.   As I smiled in gratitude to the Creator for keeping me dry in a rainstorm, I decided to get wet on purpose, and bike through the deluge back home.  You can see what I looked like when I arrived (right). 

Just now, for the first time, I realized that it was earlier that day in August 2008 that I had also received my first conscious message from the spirits that I should move to Hawaii.  Goddess Namak was calling me before I even knew her name.  The call came in the form of a dream which another Inca-trained shaman helped me interpret (see "Wet Dreams" & "Divine Hike", User ID, password required, Aug 2008).

Back to last night's rain that never fell on our lanai, I had called to Elizabeth to come out and see that miracle for herself.  She was equally amazed.  And then, a little after 5PM, after the paint had dried, the deluge started.  It was as if the spirits had turned on the spigot.  And it has been running ever since.

Hula Show, Exhibit; Piano Photos; Flower in Rock

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 9 - Well, the rain finally let up by Sunday night as Goddess Namaka took pity on the organizers of Maui Arts & Cultural Center who planned an outdoor Hula show for the opening of a special exhibit on history of this sacred Hawaiian dance. 

You can see the sun breaking through the clouds above the Iao Valley, a sacred place inside the Puu Kukui volcano, a part of the West Maui Mountains (left).

The show consists of various stories, photographs and various implements that Hula dancers use.

When we came home, Elizabeth decided to memorialize my outfit...

... a new black silk shirt to go with the "musical" tie she bought for me in that cute "everything music" store in Bath, England...

...along with a hat she got me in Assisi, Italy last year. 

Well, one good photographic deed calls for another.  Since I was dressed in black and white, I looked to Elizabeth to provide some color to this story.  Perhaps some of you remember that in early summer 2009, I suggested that Elizabeth paint her toe nails the rainbow colors, in keeping with being La Patrona of a place called the Rainbow Shower (left shot below, taken at the Fourth parade in Makawao, July 4, 2009).


Well, when we were in Sacramento, CA, a few months ago, Elizabeth also bought some rainbow socks - for colder days at the Rainbow Shower.  So this weekend, I took some pictures of them (two right shots).  Don't be surprised if they end up on a Christmas card or some other piece of art this year... :-)

And then as I did my rounds in the gulch this morning, I saw that Goddess Namaka has helped bring about new life at the Rainbow Shower in most unusual place.  Ever seen a flower grow out of a rock?  Well, there you have it now... some of the impatiens I had planted earlier this year among the big boulders of the Palm Rockery have now sprung an offspring.  And if a flower can jump as high as an NBA player, is there anything that's really impossible at a sanctuary such as this one?  Miracles never seem to cease, do they?

Maui Earthquake: No Damage

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 23 - Just want to let you know that the 4.7 Richter scale earthquake we felt here in Maui this evening around 6:34PM local time caused no damage or casualties.  If you click on the image below, you can see the world seismic map and all the relevant details about the shake.

The earthquake struck as Elizabeth and I were sitting in our office and working on our respective computers.

"What's that?" she said as the room shook, the windows rattles, and my computer screen shook.

"An earthquake," I replied absentmindedly.  I was putting the finishing touches on the report about Hewlett Packard's fourth quarter business results (see HP's "Stealth CEO" Makes First Public Appearance, Sounds Bullish, Nov 23).

"Was it something I said?" I joked. "Maybe that bit about Ann Livermore.  Perhaps she is in cahoots with Goddess Pele and getting back at me for rattling her cage re. the services?" :-)

Elizabeth and I walked out onto the lanai and looked at the Haleakala volcano on whose banks Haiku lies.

"Hey, Apu Haleakala and Goddess Pele," I shouted.  "Is that your way of saying hello to us?"

It was no biggie, though.  Just like the HPS' fourth quarter.  Only 4.7 on Richter scale.  Enough to rattle the windows and dishes but did not cause any damage or alarm (also see "Earthquake Shakes Maui", Maui News, Nov 23, 6:34PM).

So onward and upward...

Beautiful Welcome Home, Full Moon Ceremony

MAUI, Nov 23, 2010 - Last week, we all got to enjoy the gorgeous late fall colors in New York (see New York: Vivid Fall Colors in Westchester, Nov 17).  Check out by contrast the ugliness of the man-made scenes at JFK airport...

.... followed by a beautiful welcome home I got in the Rainbow Shower gulch the following morning:

. When you co-create with nature, all you need to do is plant the seeds (literally in the case of above flowers), water them with love when they look forlorn, and then wait for the wonders of heavenly creations to emerge. 

And sometimes, you can start with the gifts of nature and build upon them.  Such as in the case of that "Sunburst" sculpture (left) that hangs on the wall outside my office, or the "Bamboo Grove" sculpture in our family room (far right). 

Two years ago, they were both plants in the gulch.  The former consists of African Tulip tree petals and a coconut in the middle.  The latter were the actual bamboos from the slope below our house.  I cut them in early-2009.


I also found a wonderful man-made surprise that greeted me in Elizabeth's art studio at home.  Take a look at that painting on the easel (left).  Isn't it great?  While I was away, she was practicing painting various objects in an around the house.  One of them was that Greek scene depicted in a large painting in our bedroom (middle left).

Sometimes art creations can emerge from unlikely places.  The one in middle right shot above came from pieces of wrought iron extracted from my old antique piano during the 2007 renovation.  They were cracked and created weird sound vibrations.  They were originally recast from captured German cannons during World War I, thus a poor quality of the material.  Nevertheless, when I looked at them, they reminded me of the Phrygian Dogs.  Never heard of Phrygia? The kingdom of Phrygia arose in the 8th century BC with its capital at Gordium in Central Anatolia, today’s modern Turkey.  That's where Alexander the Great cut the famous "Gordian knot."

Also, this past weekend was the full moon.  On Saturday night, I did a full moon shamanic fire ceremony at my Huaca (Heiau in Hawaiian) in the gulch.  The fire erupted with full force upon the first match.  Goddess Pele was evidently thirsting for love and recognition after my long absences from the Rainbow Shower.  You can see her flames reflected in the right photo in a crystal sphere that symbolized the sun in my Huaca.

And on Sunday, we went to an "Ebb & Flow" classical music concert at the Castle Theater (right).

New Glass Table Top, "Eskimo Candy"

Ever heard of "Eskimo Candy?"  Well, now you have.  It is a cute fish market/restaurant in Kihei.

We have driven by it many times, but yesterday we actually stopped to check it out after ordering a glass table top at the nearby exotic furniture and Asian art supply place.

And speaking of the glass table top...

... you can see above what we did with it.  I used to cover the sawed-off trunk of an old tree near the Huaca (Heiau) which we had had removed a few weeks ago.  And now we have a beautiful natural-looking table for use in shamanic fire ceremonies and when we grill our fish or steaks afterward.

And with that, we wish you all again a Happy Thanksgiving!

By the way, Elizabeth and I are leaving for our traditional post-Thanksgiving trip to the Big Island on Friday.  I am not planning to take my laptop with me.  I will have my Blackberry, though, for any emergency messages.

Namaka Creek Running Again

HAIKU, Maui, Nov 25 - I thought we were done with November stories.  At least for around here at the Rainbow Shower (we leave for the Big Island tomorrow). Well, Goddess Namaka thought otherwise.  So she paid us a return visit late last night.  Our Namaka Creek is running again.  I heard it rushing through the gulch all the way up from our lanai. Check out these photos I took around midnight last night...

The creek had stopped running about a week ago, and the land had dried out.  I used the respite to build a foot bridge (left) for when the creek returns.  So during the fire ceremony on Sunday and every night thereafter, I have been asking for rain.  It has rained every day since.  And now our creek is back, too.

Pretty amazing how responsive the Creator and the spirits have been to my shamanic prayers.  They even held the rain long enough for us to deliver and install the glass top yesterday (right). We have so much to be thankful for on this and every Thanksgiving.

And now, here are the same scenes this morning...

... and then some more natural beauty...

And now, here's an afternoon rainbow that greeted us on this Thanksgiving Day...

And that's all for now from the Rainbow Shower so far in November.

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