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23 Jan 2011

Updated May 30, 2010 - adds Morning Fire, Midnight Rainbows

Last Jungle Frontier: Unexplored "Enchanted Forest"

Jungle at northwest corner of Rainbow Shower finally breached; Tornado#Dance_of_the_Planets__ in Serbia


Last Jungle Frontier: Unexplored "Enchanted Forest"

Jungle at northwest corner of "Rainbow Shower" finally breached

HAIKU, Maui, May 15 - Yesterday, I breached the last jungle frontier at the Rainbow Shower.  After the flood waters from a month ago broke a channel through the jungle thicket, the Namaka creek finally receded to the point I felt comfortable fording it.  Wearing high rubber boots, I felt at times like Tom Sawyer, at other times like a Tarzan character without the jungle ropes.  At all times, I felt like a kid discovering the unexplored.  Take a look...

The area I was exploring was the northwest corner of the Rainbow Shower, between points C and D on the above left map, the back of Otorongo's (puma/jaguar's) head (the blue contours on the map).

Since I did that sort of on a spur of the moment, after doing some heavy duty brush clearing, I did not have my proper camera with me.  So I just used my cell phone to record the above images.

As I was getting deeper in the jungle, I kept hearing the sound of a small waterfall.  When I finally found it, it wasn't more than 3-4 feet tall.  Yet it was making beautiful jungle music.  So I thought you might also enjoy it even if the quality of the videos leaves much to be desired.






I am limited to only 10-second clips for my cell phone camera videos, so that's all you are getting, I am afraid.

Tornado in Serbia

Meanwhile, half way around the world on the other side, a friend of mine from the country in which I was born (Serbia) sent me a video clip about a tornado that touched down in northern Serbian town of Sombor, near the Hungarian border.  This is more unusual.  I have never heard of any tornados anywhere in Central Europe, and certainly never in Serbia.

Tornado in Serbia

I took some still snaps from rgw amateur videos so illustrate a magnificent connection between the heaven and the earth that a tornado represents...

The third shot on the right is a clip from a newscast on Serbian TV which included an amateur video.

Dance of the Planets

HAIKU, Maui, May 15 - This weekend, four planets and the Moon will be out dancing at dawn and at dusk.

When I came home tonight, for example, there was a beautiful thin crescent moon in the west with planet Venus hovering right over it.  It reminded me of a similar planetary configuration Elizabeth and I saw it in Wailea in Dec 2008. The only thing missing was Jupiter.  Jupiter and Venus looked back then like the eyes of a smiley face, with the Moon the smiling mouth.  Guess Jupiter is now keeping Venus and Moon waiting on him for a while.  Or maybe he is just winking so we can't see him?  :-)

I am attaching some photos of this evening's Venus-Moon rendezvous (left) taken by others, along with a schematic of the planetary alignments.  On the right, you can see three planets plus the crescent moon in the eastern sky in the pre-dawn hours.   Not that I expect you to be up at that hour... :-)

Of course, the planetary dance has a special significance here at the Rainbow Shower where all planets are reflected at their own Chakana-Apuchetas as celestial mirrors (see Living a Dream, 5-03-2010).

Breakfast at Rainbow Shower; Fire Ceremony & Divine Blessing

HAIKU. Maui, May 16 - A friend of mine from Dallas, Texas said he was having a banana for breakfast this Sunday morning.  So I decided to take a picture of my 10-fruit breakfast (right) as an enticement for him to maybe come and visit us here.  And it's all locally grown stuff, some of it right here at the Rainbow Shower (guava, for example, also coconuts and bananas).  

As you can see, "Breakfast at Rainbow Shower" may not look as rich as the "Breakfast at Tiffany's," but it is a whole lot more colorful and healthier, too. :-)

Fast-forwarding to 8PM this evening, the Moon and the Venus were still eyeing each other in the western sky as I went down to start my Sunday night fire ceremony.  They've only switched positions, with the Moon on top tonight. 

In fact, the Moon was visible even from the Huaca at the bottom of the gulch.  There was a perfect alignment between the Apucheto (stone altar) where the fire was burning, the Inti Tatai-Pachamama (Father Sun, Mother Earth) kullas (stone symbols) and the reclining Moon in the West.  The line also intersected me right across the chest where I held my Mesa while standing at my usual shaman's spot in the center of the Huaca.

About half an hour later, I was lying down with my back on Haleakala kulla, and my feet on Puu Kukui, looking up at the starry sky, as as I finished the ceremony with incantations to Goddesses Pele and Namaka and God Lono.  At that very moment, I felt the first drops of misty rain hit m face. 

It was just like last week at the end of the ceremony (see Misty Blessing Follows Fire Ceremony, May 11).  Once again, it had been a clear, starry night prior to that.  This time, however. I was not surprised.  I outstretched my arms toward the heavens and thanked the Creator and the spirits for the blessing.  By the time I reached the house, some five minutes later, the sky was again clear and there was no rain, misty or otherwise.

Bonfire of Enmities

HAIKU. Maui, May 18 - For the last week or so, I have been clearing a part of the hill on which thick jungle brush hid some beautiful rocks.  And by now, you know me and my love of rocks and all things beautiful.


The hill near the lowest part of the Rainbow Shower (left), where what little is left of St. Patrick/Namaka creek meanders out of it and down the gulch toward the ocean (two middle shots).  See that pile of debris in the rightmost picture.  That's the subject of today's story.  Check it out...

  "Bonfire of Enmities" by Bob Djurdjevic (May 18, 2010; 4:01 mins)

Unfortunately, the most exciting part of the video will only be recorded in my own memory.  I did something stupid - "turned on' my video camera without double-checking that it was really on. 

Had it been on, you would have seen a spectacular burst of fire out of the ground that eventually engulfed that pile of debris like an orange poncho.  And you would have seen how quickly and how far I can jump back to avoid being seared by the flames.  That's because the fire would not start at first.  And then as I came closer, "bam"... it went off like a firecracker. 

You would have also seen me actually blow into the fire all of my remaining enmities, animosities and resentments - from this lifetime and past lifetimes.  And how thick smoke enveloped me at that moment, like a vacuum sucking them out of me.

Oh well, guess the Creator and the spirits wanted that part to remain private, just between us.  And so it shall be...

Beautiful Jacaranda Trees

Earlier in the afternoon, I drove through Pukalani and Makawao enroute to Kula.  The entire upcountry area of Maui looked like one giant Jacaranda tree garden. Gorgeous.  Take a look...

Later, Elizabeth told me over the phone that the Jacaranda trees are also blooming all over the Phoenix area.  And as you can see in the right photo, believe it or not, there are also cacti on the dry hillsides of Haleakala (the picture was taken in Kula).  But there is one difference.  The Jacaranda trees have a pungent scent.  Maybe they do in Arizona, too.  But I don't remember it.  In Phoenix, you always have your car A/C on at this time of the year.  Not here, in Maui.  Not ever in upcountry Maui...

Meanwhile, back home, I took two pictures of plants that illustrate how fast everything grows around here, even during a relative drought, like right now.  You can see the growth rate of a bamboo marked on the left shot.  And that little tree in the right picture, was actually a seed of a Jackfruit tree that I buried in the ground there in late August of last year.

White Peacock

No sooner did I create a new wallpaper on my computer thanks to that wonderful rainbow show the other day, I had to change it.  Yes, HAD to.  Because I saw today a photo in the National Geographic that simply took my breath away.  So check out my new MacBook wallpaper...

Every time I look at it, I feel divine presence in front of me.  For, only a higher power can create something as perfect as this.

Morning Fire, Midnight Rainbows

HAIKU, Maui, May 30 - Ever since I saw the Dance of the Planets two weeks ago, I have been asking the spirits to download the music to me that would help mark and celebrate this cosmic splendor.  Well, three days ago, it happened.  I woke up with a tune in my head.   I played it for awhile, then wrote down the basic theme on a piece of sheet music. 

Then, as I started to work on variations on that theme, some pretty fascinating things happened.  I kept hearing this music that I did not know what it was, but felt it was Hungarian.  I am pretty sure it must be either Johannes Brahms' or Franz Liszt's.  Then just as I was about to record it and ask for your input, another theme came to me yesterday while I was hauling water in buckets to the Citronellas at the eight Chakana-Apuchetas strewn around the Rainbow Shower.  As you know, these monuments represent the altars to the planets as well as the Andean mountain spirits.

"You wanted 'Dance of the Planets' music?  Here it is...  Now, dance!", I "heard" the spirits telling me with a smirk on their faces.

For, what started as a gentle and serene Dance of the Planets, has now evolved into (Hungarian/Gypsy) dances full of fire and passion.  So far, the music is still like jelly, or like the spirits' images - fluid, luminescent, evolving while being molded in shape.  When it acquires a firmer form, I will record it for you and then ask you to help me identify the individual pieces.

So take this recording in that spirit - as work-in-progress:

  Dance of Planets, Gypsies - by Bob Djurdjevic (May 31, 2010) [7:22 mins]

Meanwhile, just as the fiery music was spreading across the Steinway keyboard three days ago, another (man-made?) fire started burning outside.  It started small, and then grew into a big cloud.  It was interesting to see how a dark smoke from the bottom rises to become a silvery cloud in higher atmosphere.  After about an hour, the smoke and the cloud were gone.

By now, you know that we live in the rainbow country, and that our property is even called the Rainbow Shower.  During the last 15 months, you've had a chance to see many morning and evening rainbows of various sizes and shapes.  But have you ever heard of a nighttime rainbow?

We have not until the Steinway tuner told us about them back in March, when he arrived from the Big Island for the first tuning and adjustments of the new instrument.  He made it clear that it was not the ring around the moon, that many of us have seen from time to time, both here in Hawaii and elsewhere (such as in Arizona, for example).

"It takes a full moon and some rain," he explained. 

"And being up in the middle of the night," I thought skeptically.  Which is a pretty rare confluence of events.

Well, last night, shortly after midnight, it happened.  I saw my first ever nighttime rainbow.  I called for Elizabeth to witness it, too.  But she was already fast asleep.  I tried taking a picture of it, across the western sky, but all I got is a bunch of orbs and stars (left).  It was too dark for my camera.  So I recreated an approximate image of it in the middle picture.  You can also see two other photos of nighttime rainbows taken by other people (right).

And that's all she wrote from the Rainbow Shower so far in May.  Happy Memorial Day weekend to our American families and friends!

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